Watching The Decline 0008 – “Red Pill” is “Love Pink” for Men Who Think They Are High Value Alpha Males. — 5 Comments

  1. I’m willing to bet my left nut that it’s owned by a Jew who read a dozen articles on the incel wiki before coming up with this scheme.

  2. Not only does The Great One have excellent taste in women. He also has great taste in operating systems. Linux Mint has been my go to OS for years now.

  3. Listening to this podcast reminded me of the time when I had a gig writing and translating promotion articles and descriptions for certain supplements and jewellery (unfortunately it was just a temporary gig, otherwise I wouldn’t be fucking up my joints in factories and warehouses at the moment). Now I understand how effeminate those texts are, I would post my translation to English, but don’t want to dox myself. Also, at the moment I’m writing casually, so don’t expect style or spell or grammar check.

    Anyway, if I had to write the same promotional articles today, I would probably write them almost the same. The style is cringe and over inflated, but normies, a specially women, dig it. If I would want to sell a product to you or to listeners of this podcasts, I would write no bullshit shorter article stating facts. But what segment of the population you and I represent? 20% is way too generous, even 10% is too generous. You see where I’m getting? Morons have to go, so that better men could breath more easily.

    You know, TGO, 300 dollars for a gold ring probably isn’t too much to ask for, if its made from real materials, price seems decent, apart that those rings probably are shitty looking despite being made from real gold, silver and stones.

    There is a huge problem in whole of the right wing community, we don’t organise because of petty differences, for example someone is jealous that his right wing fellow is making money or is more popular or some other shit. On the other hand there’s a lot of grifters, who sell the same thing for a ridiculously high price. But you know what, we should have our parallel economy, we should sell MGTOW merchandise, just for a higher price, not ridiculously high and without effeminate bullshit. If I started to sell clothing on the internet for MGTOWs for a reasonably high price, not 50 dollars, but for a little above average, would I also be called a grifter? Cause I know some fans of your show definitely would. That stupid male instinct of getting angry and jealous at someone among your people/your political party, because they are doing better, has to go, it’s no different from bitterness and resentment of leftists. I’ve seen it in my life, when I was a political activist. Also, we should have a secret hand shake ideally. Too bad none of this is going to happen and that’s one of the reasons why we all are fucked.

    Concerning this red pill ring website itself, this is cringe, stupid effeminate and I’d like to see a person behind it. Some fucking low key Andrew Tate.

    • Youre dumb and gay, been meaning to let you know that for awhile now.
      Goodluck with the gay thing, I hear aids isnt the death sentence it used to be. As for being dumb, I suppose you’d make for an ideal leftist plant.

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