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“When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.” – Confucius

Actions. When you do these things you are on the path to ZFG.

Meditate. Control your thoughts. Thus will you control your emotions and your responses.

Mindfulness. Learn to live in the moment. Pay attention to your actions as often as possible. Do not run on autopilot or instinct. This moment and all the things that make it up will never happen again. Be with yourself in the moment, not some place else.

Cultivate internal validation. Actively seek to shift your focus from external validation to internal validation. The desire for external validation can never be eliminated, nor should it be as a certain level is healthy and desired.

Call things what they truly are. Calling things what they are not ties up thought process which could be used for enjoying your finite life. Lying to yourself about what is truth and what is not truth is the path to delusion, mental illness, and bad choices.

Accept the truth. You don’t have to like it but you do have to accept it. Accepting the truth is the path to sanity and sound decision making. Differentiate between reality and what you wish for.

Lose the need to have the last word. The need to have the last word is a manifestation of investment in convincing others and needing external validation.

Lose the need to react to everything. Some problems, many things, and most people can be ignored.

Detach from current events. You should ignore most of them. You can comment on them, analyse them, seek to understand them, but remain uninvested from current events you cannot control.

Cultivate self-awareness. Why are you doing what you are doing? What are your flaws? What are you good at? What are your resources? What is the real cause of your problems? The cause of your problems is some aspect of your behaviour. Change the behaviour and you eliminate, or at least change, the problem.

Have missions in your life. Do things and solve problems which you can control and will improve your circumstances. Make sure you missions matter. Activity is not the same as progress.

Separate yourself from NPCs to the greatest extent you practically can.

Know what will set you off and either get over it or avoid it.

Find something to be grateful for every day. Everything isn’t bad. You are better off than 99% of the humans that have ever lived.

Understandings. When you accept these truths you are on the path to ZFG.

Everything you have may vanish at any moment. Enjoy what you have while you have it. Don’t make your possessions and means the nexus of your identity. Be your own nexus, your own point of origin.

You will be mostly alone for most of your life. Humans are ephemeral. Enjoy the company and companionship of others when you can. Don’t take it for granted and don’t expect it to last forever.

You don’t have to form an opinion on everything or take a side. It doesn’t matter what you think. Anyone attempting to force you into an opinion is either seeking external validation from you (not your place to provide) or seeking to destroy you (eliminate this person from your life if possible).

Hope is not a process. Hope is fear of the present. If you don’t have a process you will fail.

People often do get what they deserve. As do civilizations. Don’t rely on this, yet don’t be surprised when it happens.

You will survive or you will die trying. Either way all things will pass.

Problems are something you solve or ignore. They are not something you get emotional about.

Even though it seems like it, The Decline is not personal. It’s real, but don’t take it personally.

The NPCs want The Decline. They want to live in a dystopia. They want to be slaves. You can’t stop this.

One man cannot make a difference. There was a time when this was true. In the current year the momentum of the State, the media, social media, pop culture, virtue signalling, the power of the narrative, and the overwhelming numbers of NPCs make it impossible for one person to shift the momentum of society.

Your life is finite. Shatter the illusion of infinity. Once you die all your interactions with this world and who you are today are over and done forever. How important is agonizing over The Decline compared to that?

You can point to the moon but most people will simply look at your finger. You cannot fix, heal, convince, persuade, or convert other people. You can present your information and logic. You can make your world view known and present evidence to support it, but have zero expectations of other people embracing your world view. You can point at the moon but do not invest in the understanding of onlookers.

Expectations are an appointment with disappointment. Have no expectations of other people. None. I don’t mean low expectations. I mean zero expectations.

Ninety-nine percent of people are NPCs. They wake up every morning and look for someone to tell them what to think.

You are not a victim. Making yourself into a victim is a form of validating externally.

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