About the writing of the Articles of C.L.S.ology:  Like all great artists I steal ideas.  I can claim credit for being the origin of few of the Articles.  I’ve stumbled upon and learned some of these things the hard way.  I’ve reasoned some of them out using philosophy.  I’ve observed some of them.  Much more has been stolen from great thinkers such as Aaron Clarey, Davis Aurini, Stefan Molyneux, Judgy Bitch, Chateau Heartiste, Black Dragon, Larry Winget, Jack Donovan, Adam Piggott, Brett Stevens and others I am forgetting to list.  You don’t wisdom all by yourself.  It takes a village.

An anarcho-capitalist village in which natural selection is not circumvented by statism.

The Articles of C.L.S.ology are not “written in stone”.  They will change.  My worldview is ever shifting.  When new truths are discovered, when flawed thinking is uncovered, when falsehoods are revealed, when I kick over a rock and discover my own stupidity.  Reality does not conform to my worldview – my worldview must conform to reality.

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The Articles of C.L.S.ology

First Revision / December of 2016


I – The Great One, Himself – the founder of the Cynical Libertarian Society, on the interwebz since 1999, podcasting since 2004, in order to distil my wisdom for dissemination to the superior people and in order to piss off the inferior people do hereby release upon the world these, the Articles of C.L.S.ology.

I am right. I am always right. I have always been right. I will always be right. I am never wrong. The Articles of C.L.S.ology are a reflection of my perfection. If you are offended by or disagree with anything you read here that means you are wrong.

If you have complaints about the Articles of C.L.S.ology I would encourage you to make the world a better place by killing yourself.

The Articles of C.L.S.ology are not a safe space. You have been trigger warned.

Article One

Anarcho-Capitalism Philosophy

People own their bodies and anything they create or refine using their bodies. Taking that which a person creates or refines using their body without their deliberate and considered consent is theft. When you attempt theft the person you are stealing from is not doing anything “wrong” if he kills you. Theft, unlike words, is aggression.

The Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) or Non-Aggression Principle (NAP): Do not initiate the use of force against other people. Do not accept the initiation of force against you. Words, written or spoken, are not aggression. Taxes and laws are – when not expressly consented to – aggression.

Your inability to understand a thesis, theory, concept, idea, syllogism, and so forth does not invalidate that thesis, theory, concept, idea, syllogism, etc. Your inability to understand means you need to put more effort into understanding that other people have different world views than you do.

Other people have different world views, philosophies and experiences than you do.

Your inability to understand how another person can have a world view which differs from yours does not invalidate that person’s world view. It only invalidates any claims you might make to intelligence.

When a statist says “Without the government who would educate the children, prevent crime, provide water and electricity, and (of course) build the roads?” what the statist means is that she does not know who would do these things in the absence of the government. Because she doesn’t know who would do these things without government she concludes such things can not be done without government. The statist always imposes her limits of intelligence, imagination, and ability on everyone else. Both theoretically (by assuming everyone else is as incompetent, unimaginative, intellectually retarded and helpless as she is) and in reality (by voting for laws designed to punish accomplishment and success).

Petitioning the government to make X or Y legal means you are asking for permission to do activity X or own property Y. At best you are affirming you are a child. At worst you are affirming you are a slave.

A statist is someone who hates your freedom so much she will sacrifice her own freedom to restrict your freedom.

If you have been a Democrat, Republican, Muslim, Christian, or (insert any ideology, religion or “ism” here) all your life (“I’ve been a Democrat all my life!”) you are telling me you have the same world view you formed as an eight year old child. You are telling me your understanding of the world has not altered since you were a child. You are telling me you are still a child.

Despite what you have seen on TV, killing people who are attempting to kill you does not make you “just like them”. It makes you “still alive”. Self-defence is what separates live animals from dead animals and free men from slaves. The State does not want you to kill people who attempt to kill you because the State wants those people alive to create victims.

Respect the property of other people. Treat it better than you would treat your own property. Don’t steal from others. This is commonly referred to as “property rights.” I avoid the phrase “property rights” because . . .

“Rights” do not exist. The only rights you have are the ones you can defend. Rights are supposed to exist as either something granted by the government or something everyone naturally has which can’t be taken away. If the government grants rights, the government can take them away. Your rights are only a transient manifestation of the current government. If you naturally have a right to freedom then you couldn’t be put in a cage. You can be put in a cage. Thus you have no inalienable right to freedom.

Anarcho-capitalism does not require tolerance, diversity or multiculturalism. The Zero Aggression Principle doesn’t say you have to approve of, tolerate or like other people. The ZAP only says you shouldn’t initiate aggression against them. Unless you are willing to accept the consequences of initiating aggression against them. Because . . .

Anarcho-capitalism also says you can do anything you want to do. Including initiate aggression. You need only accept the consequences of your actions. Initiate all the aggression you want. Don’t be surprised when you get a bullet in the brain.

If you do not need the State, the State does not need you. Inferior people need the State to provide for them. Superior people do not need the State as they can provide for themselves. If there are no inferior people there will be no need for the State. If natural selection were allowed to take place the inferior would die. Thus . . .

The State must circumvent natural selection to keep the inferior people alive. The inferior people are not the ends of the State. They are the means. Inferior people are required for democracy, welfare systems and wars to exist. Democracy, welfare and wars are the things which give the State power.

The State, by the very nature of what it is, breeds inferior people. Welfare and religion are the two most common breeding colonies of the State.

The State further embeds inferiority in people by eliminating the consequences of being inferior.

Inferior people must be removed from a society for superior people to achieve freedom in that society.

Removing the inferior people doesn’t require killing them. It only requires removing the welfare and protection from natural selection which currently protects them. The inferior people will then die.

Progress of any kind – social, technical, economic, biological, intellectual – is the antithesis of statism. Progress makes life better for people. Making life better for people means less need for the State.

The only people who fear natural selection are the people who wouldn’t survive natural selection.

The only people who fear guns are people who know others would kill them if the State wasn’t there to protect them from the consequences of their actions.

The anarchist roots for the underdog to win. The statist wants to provide the underdog with affirmative action.

There are two species of Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens Statist and Homo Sapiens Anarchist. Anarchists are born. Not created. People who are genetically incapable of being free can not be convinced, persuaded or educated to the effect that they should be free.

These people are natural slaves and can not be anything greater than slaves. For elaboration on this idea read The Politics by Aristotle, Carnes Lord translation, Book 1, Chapters 4 through 7.

If you are neither victim nor victimizer you serve no purpose from the perspective of the State. Victims serve the State by needing protection and care. Victimizers serve the State by creating victims.

Why do people choose to be victims? Why do people choose statism? Statists are driven by fear. Fear of failure. Fear of consequences. Fear of responsibility. Fear of thinking. Fear of providing for themselves. And because . . .

Victim status is power.

The greater the victimization the greater the power. The most victimized group in a given society is the apex victim.

There will always be competition for the position of apex victim.

The State can only exist in the minds of Statists. It has no physical manifestation. The State is not a living organism, it is an idea, yet like a living organism it seeks to survive and expand. The State desires to survive and expand because the statist desires for the State to survive and expand.

The State survives and expands by breeding inferior people while allowing the existence of only enough superior people to provide the resources and technology required by the State to maintain the welfare systems and wars. The inferior people, via democracy, provide the power and justification the State needs to take resources from the superior.

The superior provide the State with resources via creation. The inferior provide the State with validity via democracy. Remove either group and the State will collapse.

Democracy is the problem not the solution. Calling for “more democracy” is Battered Wife Syndrome. Democracy is how the United States got where it is. Democracy is what gives the State validity. What if they held an election and no one voted?

Democracy is the idea the people are too stupid to make their own choices but are smart enough to choose other people to make choices for them and for everyone else. Democracy requires a population of mostly inferior people.

Democracy requires each party in the competition for power acquire more voters. They can do this in three different ways. Breeding new voters. Indoctrinating new voters. Importing new voters.

If the State has created special laws that exist only to create advantage for a specific demographic of people the members of that demographic are not equal to me. They are inferior to me.

If there are restrictions on the words I can say to or about you that means you are not my equal. You are my inferior.

If the government provides you with money, services or objects so you can remain alive this means natural selection says you should be dead. You are a parasite. This applies not only to individuals receiving welfare in all forms, but to organizations such as corporations as well. Corporate welfare is still welfare. Corporations that have been bailed out are corporations that should have failed.

The crime rate will always go up because every year government makes more things against the law. The crime rate is a statistical invention of the State. Without the State crime in all forms would vanish almost entirely. Crime is that which is illegal and that which is illegal is that which the government opposes.

“Tolerance” as imposed by the State is a methodology to force people to accept inferior concepts. Tolerance is the protection of inferior ideas from the threat of superior ideas.

The more “tolerant, diverse and multicultural” a person claims to be the more hatred for and fear of anyone with a differing world view she will have.

Any organization which is not explicitly anarchist will become statist. Most likely left wing statist.

Because it can’t be said often enough. Taxation is theft.

Laws can not create freedom. Laws can only restrict freedom. Laws either declare you can not do X or own Y, or that you must do X or own Y.

Power resides where men believe it resides.

Being offended is the first step on the journey to Enlightenment. If you are offended you are awake.

Being confused is the second step on the journey to Enlightenment. If you are confused you are thinking.

Article Two


If you want it done right you have to do it yourself. If you want it done you have to do it yourself. If you want it you have to do it yourself. You have to do it yourself.

Shared responsibility is the single greatest opportunity for failure.

Your results are created by your actions. Not by your expectations.

It is better to fail than to suck.

There are three sorts of people who will never hear the truth. The rich. The powerful. The beautiful.

There are three sorts of people who can never grok the truth. The statist. The 99%. The inferior.

Never judge people by what they say. Only judge people by what they do. Actions are all that matter.

If people hate you that means you are making them uncomfortable. When people are uncomfortable that means progress is happening.

You don’t have to like everyone. Everyone doesn’t have to like you. If you don’t have good friends and powerful enemies you aren’t doing enough with your life.

High quality enemies are equally important to high quality friends. If no one hates you that means you aren’t doing anything.

If a person tells you “I am X” that means he is not X. If a person tells you “I am not Z” that means she is Z. What a person is or is not will be obvious based on that persons actions. The very first thing a person tells you about herself is always a lie. It’s not who she is. It’s who she wants to be.

Finding a person to spend your life with isn’t about finding a “perfect” person. It’s about finding a person who has faults you can live with.

Life is not fair.

No one is equal.

You are not a snowflake.

Your feelings don’t matter.

Stupid people have money so smart people can take it away from them.

That which you reward is that which you will get more of. Do not reward bad behaviour. Ever. Especially from women.

Poverty is a result of behaviour. If all the money in the United States were redistributed equally amongst all people within thirty days there would be rich people and poor people.

If you don’t take full responsibility for everything that happens to you; you can never change what happens to you.

You can not be safe and achieve greatness. Everything you want is outside your comfort zone and sphere of control.

If you do not cultivate self-awareness, and if you don’t examine criticism of you and your actions for validity, and if you don’t apply what you learn from these processes – you can never, and will never, improve.

Science is the new religion. Do not let the word “science” prevent you from applying critical thinking.

What you “believe” has nothing to do with reality. To “believe” in something is to have no objective empirical evidence and to reach conclusions based on emotion. I don’t “believe” 2 + 2 = 4. It simply does. My emotional response, my belief, means nothing. I can believe 2 + 2 = 5 all day long. Reality is what reality is.

What is reality? Imagine if all humans die and are gone from the cosmos. Everything which remains is reality.

Believing is easier than than thinking.

Evidence which invalidates a counter-thesis does not validate the original thesis.

The internet makes dissemination of new information more difficult, not easier. The first link on Google informs 99% of the population. That first link is selected by a corporation via an algorithm you aren’t allowed to access. The internet feeds confirmation bias. The internet allows for selective association – especially by people who claim to value diversity. The internet allows for the instant changing, editing, removal and suppression of information.

Education, wisdom, intelligence and common sense are different concepts and are not dependent upon or related to each other. You can have one, some or none of those attributes. Do not believe educated people when they attempt to equate education with intelligence.

Knowledge is not power. Action is power. It doesn’t matter what you know if you don’t use that knowledge to inform your actions.

Inferior people will always define justice as that which benefits them.

Any time someone (including you) says “I don’t have time” what that really means is they (and you) have higher priorities. It has nothing to do with time. There is nothing wrong with having higher priorities because . . .

You need to say “no” to unimportant things so you have the time to say “yes” to important things. Because . . .

You are going to die. You will never exist again. You have only one life. You are not a cat.

You only have so much time to live and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Forever.

There is no tomorrow. There is only now.

The needs of the many can never outweigh the needs of the few. There is no such thing as “the many”. There is only the individual. If you take away individual people there is no “many” or “society” or “community”. If you take away trees there is no forest.

To be independent (to not be a parasite) you must be interdependent. Being able to create value for and coexist with other people is how you become self-sufficient. If you regard this as a paradox that’s an indicator you are inferior and will be a parasite for all of your existence.

All the money you will ever get in the rest of your life currently belongs to someone else. There are only two ways you can acquire money. Create value for other people so they voluntarily give you money. Or steal money.

Other people decide what you are worth to them based on how much value you create for them. You do not get to decide what you are worth. You can make claims about your value to others but those claims are not binding on others.

If you think money doesn’t buy happiness you don’t know where to shop.

People who say “money doesn’t matter to me” are actually saying “I’m not interested in earning my way through life by creating value for other people. I would rather be a parasite on other people than engage in a symbiotic relationship with other people.”

Stupid people have money so smart people can take it away from them.

People should not serve laws. Laws should serve people. Better yet laws in the conventional sense should not exist.

Hate is not the opposite of love. Love and hate are the same thing. Strong emotions aimed at someone or something specific. Indifference is the opposite of both love and hate.

Low cost. High quality. Fast production. You can have any two but you can’t have all three.

There is no problem which can not be solved by the adequate application of high explosives. Or by natural selection.

Millennials are The Dumbest Generation Ever. Millennials are The Medicated Generation. Millennials are the biggest failures in the history of the United States. Millennials didn’t get this way all by themselves. Their parents failed them.

Millennials do not do work or put forth effort. Millennials receive awards and are entitled.

When the Millennials attain power in the United States freedom of speech and freedom of association will end.

Millennial generation males are simply girls with penises. Treat them accordingly.

Political correctness keeps the inferior people from having to think. Hate speech laws keep the inferior people from being offended. Wealth redistribution keeps the inferior people alive.

If white men are not superior how exactly have and do white men oppress everyone else on Earth. The white man’s ability to oppress everyone else is the indicator that white men are superior.

If you can not X because of Y you will never be able to X unless Y is something you can control. If you can not get a job because of racism, sexism or homophobia you will never get a job because you can’t control racism, sexism or homophobia. That which you can not control is that which you can not change. That which you can not change is that which you can not overcome, surpass, and conquer.

The memory you are about to forget might be important to someone else.

Article Three


The prime directive of society in the United States is “No white woman must ever experience discomfort.”

Femistatists are women who haven’t been spanked enough.

You can not understand girls. There is nothing to “understand”. They are emotion driven and completely chaotic.

Women are like Schrödinger’s Cat. If they are not being observed, not receiving attention, they don’t exist. Thus they constantly seek attention. Thus selfies, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Attractive. Intelligent. Sane. You can find a woman who has any two of those traits but there is no woman who has all three.

Do not reward a woman’s bad behaviour. Ever. No matter how much you want to have sex with her. Never reward a woman’s bad behaviour.

Many women have a world view in which men exist only for the purpose of provisioning women. Identify and avoid them.

A woman is not capable of admitting she is wrong.

Women expect men to never critique or judge women. Women also expect men to always provide for women and protect women.

Men decide what makes women attractive. Not women. Likewise women decide what makes men attractive. Not men.

Never give a woman a direct compliment. Only compliment them indirectly, if at all.

Women are objects. Women are not agents. Fire burns without thought. So to do women live without thought. Fire goes where it finds fuel and oxygen. It has no control over itself. Women go where their emotions push them. Women go where they find drama and free provisions. They have no control over themselves.

Women are like fire. Women consume resources as fire consumes fuel and oxygen. It’s what they do. They are no more “bad” or “evil” than fire is. It’s up to men to control women just as it’s up to men to control fire.

Women are objects. Women are not agents. Women are never responsible for anything that happens to them. “That man got me pregnant.” “I was passed over for the job.” “I was raped.” “The patriarchy is oppressing me.” “I can’t rise above the glass ceiling.” “Math is hard.” Nothing that happens in a woman’s life is every her fault or under her control.

Women are not reliable. Their word means nothing. This has been solidified in our society with the mantra “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.”

Women have no loyalty to anyone other than themselves. Not to nation, culture, community, family, children, parents, men or a man. Only to their own survival. This has been solidified in our society with the mantra “Women and children first.” Notice that women come before children. Have you ever heard of a woman giving her life for a child, another woman or especially a man?

Men survive by mastering survival skills. Women survive by attracting a man with survival skills and having sex with him until a man with better survival skills becomes available to her.

Men get what they want by finding a bigger hammer and taking action. Women get what they want by using emotional manipulation to get men to bring it to them.

Men seek to avoid pain by controlling themselves and their environment. Women seek to avoid pain by controlling other people.

A woman who says “it’s hard to be a woman” is a woman who isn’t good at being a woman. Being a woman is the easiest thing a human can ever do.

Men create. Women consume.

Understand this about women. It’s not evil. It’s biology.

Women can not be evil because women are not capable of moral agency. Women can not distinguish right from wrong in the sense men can. For a woman right is always that which perpetuates her survival and comfort. Wrong is always that which endangers her survival or causes her discomfort.

The rule of 2.5: When a man tells you how many women he’s had sex with – divide that number by 2.5 to get the truth. When a woman tells you how many men she’s had sex with – multiply that number by 2.5 to get the truth.

Women do not understand the concept of earning things. Be those things money, respect, equality, privilege or anything else. This is because women are given free things by everyone around them. The society we live in is entirely constructed for the purpose of providing free resources to women.

The human female is the most environmentally destructive animal on Earth.

All women are bisexual. All of them. Yes all women.

Women are more sexually promiscuous and adverse to monogamy than men are. They have performed admirably at hiding this in plain sight.

Men and women are biologically and mentally different and they are born that way. Biology is real, not a social construct.

For men a job is a place where you go to make money so you can leave your job and do things you enjoy with people you like. For women a job is a place where you go to do things you enjoy with people you like.

Men view co-workers as people you get along with to accomplish a goal, the corporation as a means to an end (money), a job as something you do in exchange for money, and the government as the enemy. Women view co-workers as friends, the corporation as their boyfriend, a job as their hobby, and the government as their husband/father.

Women are attracted to jobs which involve drama. They work for emotional stimulation, not to accomplish or create.

Women are attracted to jobs where they will encounter “bad boy” alpha male type men. Such as prison guard, politics, law or social work. Those are the sort of men they want to have sex with and gear their lives towards being in the presence of such men.

When a man sees a superior man he seeks to elevate himself to the superior man’s level. When a woman sees a superior woman she seeks to drag the superior woman down to her level.

Women need to be provided for and dominated. If men do not provide and dominate women will seek both elsewhere. That elsewhere is the State. If the State can provide women with money and control their lives they will happily accept this. A man has standards and expectations. The State does not. Thus it is easier for women to serve the State than to serve a man when it comes to standards it is more beneficial for a woman to serve the State than a man when it comes to rewards. Thus welfare and excessively intrusive laws. Allowing women to have political power will always lead to expansion of the State.

Women will always vote for more government. More government means more free stuff. Again: Men create. Women consume. Women will always vote for more access to resources for their consupmtion.

Women seek to portray themselves as victims, children or victimised children. Likewise they will view all men as victimizers, providers or victimizing providers. If a man is not providing for a woman or victimizing a woman she will be completely unaware of his existence.

Women view fathers as “provider in youth”, husbands as “providers in middle-age” and children as “providers in old age”. Neither father nor husband nor child has any meaning for a woman outside of providing resources for her to consume.

Women are masters of manipulation. Women have reframed being parasites into being oppressed.

Women want resources and attention. Both are primarily provided by men. Women have only two ways to get these from men. 1. Be feminine. Thus men will voluntarily give resources and attention to women. 2. Be victims. Thus government will give resources taken from men women.

Women identify with their problems. When a woman tells you about her problems she doesn’t want you to solve them. She wants attention. If you solve a woman’s problem this is the same as taking away part of her identity. The result will be that she must find a new problem to replace the one you solved and it must be a bigger problem so you don’t solve that one as well.

If women were so empathic and had such powerful bullshit detectors they would not continue to date, fuck, marry and breed with men who, by women’s own testimony, are “assholes”. Unless of course “assholes” is what they are attracted to.

If women cared about their children they would not fuck, date and marry men who emotionally and physically abuse their children.

Women have have no concept of what it’s like to be rejected. From their perspective they have never been rejected.

Hyphenation is an indicator of insanity. Greater insanity than is normal for a woman. If she is a hyphenated American – African-American, Mexican-American, Spanish-American – she is insane. If she has a hyphenated last name she is insane. If she has a hyphenated first name she is insane. If she has a hyphenated first name and last name (yes I actually know a woman who has both) she is twice as insane.

A woman with a dog is compensating for lacking either a man or a child. A woman with two dogs is compensating for lacking a man and a child. A woman with three or more dogs is insane. A woman with any number of rescue dogs is insane. A woman with any number of horses is probably a good fuck but insane.

The smaller a woman’s dog, the larger her problems. The more dogs a woman has, the more problems she has. If she has a rescue dog she has no empathy for humans.

If a woman refers to her dog or dogs as her furbaby or furbabies – or if she calls herself a dog mom – run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. This is a strong indicator of mental problems related to her childhood, desire to have children, inability to have children, fear of having or not having children, or something. Run, do not walk, to the nearest exit.

Feminists (Femistatists) are women who are not good at being women. They either want to be men because they can’t be women or they want other women to be men so they will have less competition.

All feminists are statists. Thus the more accurate term femistatist. There is no such thing as an anarcho-feminist.

The Prime Directive: No white woman must ever experience discomfort. As a result of the Prime Directive no white woman ever suffers the consequences of her mistakes. Men (the tax payers) or a man (father, husband, brother, son, boyfriend, beta male orbital) always bails them out. This is why women are incapable of learning.

The femistatist asserts: Women are better than men. Women are equal to men. Women are oppressed by men. Men are the focal point of femistatism. Without men femistatists would have no existence, identity or purpose.

The Biggest Lies You Have Ever Been Told

“I want a man who is honest.”

“I support freedom of speech.”

“The child is yours.”

Every word anyone says in a sentence before they use the word “but”.

“I’m not looking for a hookup.”

“People who earn this degree go on to get jobs in . . .”

“I accidentally got pregnant.”

“It’s for your own good.”

“I will love you forever.”

“Money doesn’t matter to me.”

You Go Girl!

Women can do anything.

Except . . .

Make their marriage work.



Avoid being raped.

Successfully use birth control.

Achieve equality without men doing it for them. #HeForShe




Be reliable.

Exercise agency.

Understand supply and demand.

Lose weight.

Make “the first move”. Or the second, or third, or fourth.


Stop fucking bad boys.

Survive in a society without speech codes and laws.

Survive in an environment without wealth redistribution.

Survive in an environment without men to do all the work.

Spend less money.

Lift heavy objects.

Stop being a victim.

Stop being afraid.

Make up their mind. (It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.)

Stick with a decision. (It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.)

Stop being flaky. (It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.)

Show up on time. (It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.)

Show up. (It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.)

Manage her emotions.

Cope with people who disagree with her.

Stop using tears to manipulate people.

Make as much money as a man.

Stop majoring in liberal arts, hyphenated studies and other worthless fields.

Get jobs that are not subsidized with tax money.

Stop taking selfies.

Stop making duck lips.

How I Like My Women

I like my women like I like my Martinis. Cold, dirty and shaken.

I like my women like I like my coffee. Dark, strong, and bitter.


Quotes from The Empire Strikes Back

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

“Do. Or do not. There is not try.”

“A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defence. Never attack.”

Luke: “I don’t believe it.”
Yoda: “That is why you fail.”

“Always with you it can not be done.”

“Wars not make one great.”

“Never his mind on where he was. What he was doing.”

Luke: “I’m not afraid.”
Yoda: “You will be. You will be.”

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