Yes friends (and enemies?) you can get every podcast from The Great One, Himself. The good ones. The shitty ones. The boring ones. The offensive ones. The only episodes of the podcasts you will get are the future episodes because despite what fat white girls with blue hair think Doctor Who is not real and there is no such thing as a TARDIS.

But other than the future episodes you get every damn podcast.

How many episodes is that? As of June 2020:

  • Anarchy Moment – 267 episodes
  • College Kid ‘Cast – 13 episodes
  • Cult Of Personality – 13 episodes
  • Meditations and Motivations – 9 episodes
  • Stating The Obvious – 647 episodes
  • The Greasy Pole – 13 episodes
  • The Superstition Podcast – 2 episodes
  • Yes, All Women Are Like That – 33 episodes

But wait, there is more.

  • I’ll also toss in photos of the Volleyball Chycks, Red Heads, Supergirl, and Hotties.
  • Plus assorted research papers and science studies.
  • Plus the original “Diversity + Proximity = War” zip file from Chateau Heartiste.
  • Plus memes, some of which are pretty spicy.
  • Plus whatever the hell else I decide to send you.

Send me money. Include a mailing address. I will send you everything on either a 128G USB Flash Drive or a 128G Micro SDXC card.

You can get the episodes and data on whichever device you prefer. USB flash drive or Micro SDXC card.

128G USB Flash Drive: $74.00 total.

$19.00 for flash drive plus $55 for The Great One’s time, materials and postage cost.

128G Micro SDXC Card: $79.00 total.

$24.00 for card plus $55 for The Great One’s time, materials and postage cost.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Having now assembled the CLS Archive and dropped in all the extra crap – I mean totally awesome bonus audio/video/image/information – I was going to include I discovered that it’s too much to fit on a 128G device. Yes, you read that correctly.

Thus, if you enjoy punishment I’m providing a second option. Buy the CLS Archive on a 256G device and get even more. Yes, more! More of what you want? I can’t promise you that you’ll want any of it. But you’ll get it.

Get the Expanded CLS Archive on whichever device you prefer. USB flash drive or Micro SDXC card.

256G USB Flash Drive: $85.00 total.

$30.00 for the 256G flash drive plus $55 for The Great One’s time, materials and postage cost.

256G Micro SDXC Card: $93.00 total.

$38.00 for the 256G card plus $55 for The Great One’s time, materials and postage cost.

Use this link to send me your federal reserve cuck bucks. I’ll know which device you want your files on based on which amount you pay. Be sure to use the notes to send me your mailing address. If you don’t I’ll contact you at your email address to get a mailing address from you.

Questions. You have questions for The Great One. I have answers. Or I’ll make up something.

1. If I trade you some cuck bucks for the podcast archive can you ship it to countries other than the United States?

I don’t know any reason why not. Postage might cost a bit more, but it would be a small box so how much more could it cost? If the shipping cost to you is higher than the profit margin I’ve built in we’ll figure out a solution. Worse case scenario maybe I ask you for some more cuck bucks. But I really don’t think shipping should cost all that much for slow boat shipping.

If you want it extra fast overnight delivery, that you’ll likely have to pay extra for.

Update on overseas shipping: I priced sending the Archive to Australia and that’s an additional $20. For right now I’m gonna say if you are overseas add $20 to the cost of whichever media you want the archive on.

2. Are the podcasts organized so I can listen to them in the correct order?

Have you heard my rants about podcasters who can’t name their files consistently and use tags? Yes. My files are named intelligently and have tags with track numbers. Thus you can listen to them in order. Mostly.

Here is the catch. All the episodes of each podcast and numbered in order with track numbers sequential to that podcast. You know where each episode of a specific podcast goes in relation to the other episodes of that podcast.

There is no easy way to know where the episodes of different podcasts go in relation to each other. Was Stating The Obvious 0427 before or after Anarchy Moment 0212? You can figure it out from the file name, but the files can not be easily sorted to put all the different podcasts in the correct sequence.

To put it another way: Each podcast (Stating The Obvious, Yes All Women, so forth) is an album. Each podcast on the album is a track. Each podcast episode has a track number designated in the mp3 tags (those things other podcasters can’t figure out how to use). Thus you sort by track number and the episodes are in the correct order.

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