CLS5The Cult Of Personality (COP) is dedicated to Hussein Obama.

Hit the “play the podcast” button to hear Living Color perform Cult Of Personality the Hussein Obama mix.

His Lord and Saviour King Hussein Obama is the first half white President, the first affirmative action President and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  He brought “hope” and “change” and took us “forward” ending all the problems in the United States.

The ability of huge masses of people to be blind to any faults Hussein has illustrates the the Cult Of Personality lives in the the 99%.  Not all the 99% see Obama as their Saviour Messiah.  But all the 99% clamour for a Saviour Messiah.

It can be Ron Paul.  Hillary Clinton,  Donald Trump.  Jesus.  God.  The flag.  Mom.  Apple pie.

The name matters not.  What matters is that the 99% will die without someone to tell them to eat.

“The American people, rather than being infused with an understanding of what individual freedom means, are indoctrinated from childhood to the grave to pledge allegiance to a flag – the ultimate golden calf, the false idol.”  Andy von Sonn

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