Other People’s Podcasts is exactly what it says.

Podcasts that are not mine.

This is how I’m gonna turn you on to other podcasts you should listen to. Hell, some of these podcasts are almost as good as mine. Almost.

This is where I post podcasts I consider worth your time to listen to. This doesn’t mean I always agree with them. Usually these will be podcasts that support my world view but in some cases I’ll be posting things of opposing world view to entertain or illustrate the stupidity of those who deny reality.

Disclaimer for any stupid people who happen upon my website.

My regular readers/listeners (who are the smartest .001% of people on Earth) don’t need to read this:

All podcasts not created by the Cynical Libertarian Society you find on this site or in the CLS RSS feed (such as the podcast attached to this post) have been posted without permission of the creator(s). Said creator(s) do not endorse, support, agree with, care about or even know about the Cynical Libertarian Society or the correct yet offensive world view of The Great One, Himself.

Do not, unless you desire to display how stupid you are, contact the creators of the attached podcast and attack them for agreeing with me. They don’t. Grow the fuck up.

The Great One, Himself may not agree with this podcast, the people who created it, or anything in it. This podcast may be in my feed because I think it’s dead on right or because I think it’s full of shit. You figure it out princess. I’m too busy being right to tell you what to think or care about your stupid opinions.

If I have redistributed your podcast and your ass hurts let me know and I’ll take it down. I will not redistribute anything you have behind a pay wall, only podcasts you have available for free. If I do post something you have behind a pay wall that means I fucked up. Let me know and I’ll unfuck it.

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