Then on the 1st of November, 2004 the Greatness began.

The first episode of Stating The Obvious Podcast was unleashed upon the world.

I said some stupid shit. Yet because I have the ability to learn I have overcome my stupidity.

Not having a liberal arts degree helped.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
-- Winston Churchill

23 DEC 09: (time 54:20): STO #100. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Many of you believe - because you are stupid - that when the government is running health care everything is going to be better.

Diversity in furniture at CSU. CSU college professors, with Ph.D educations, are not allowed to choose their own furniture. CSU is going to tell them what furniture they are allowed to choose from and what furniture is mandatory in order to maintain uniformity. Uniformity, on a college campus? Where is the diversity? Not only that, but they have to accept the new furniture even if they don't want it. CSU is buying new furniture and forcing them to use it. While making budget cuts. Only one size white board allowed. Would you like 3 chairs? Nope, can't have 'em. These professors have years and years and years of experience using furniture. The notion that a government committee can choose their furniture for them shows just how fucked up the government is. Government making choices for people is what "government" is all about, and it's also exactly why government is evil.

Not only that, but the identity of the people on the committee making the furniture decisions is secret. No one is allowed to know who is making this decision. Transparency! Change! Hope! Hope for the change for the change of the hope! The government always knows what is best for you. Just like with health care.

Is it important to attend you classes in college? For the Medicated Generation apparently not. How does this relate to having a job? Some jobs are attendance based, some jobs are accomplishment based. The truth is that most jobs are attendance based. For most jobs you will be expected to show up at a specific time and be there for a certain number of hours. Deal with it.

FDA bans flavoured cigarettes as they are a "gateway" to becoming a "regular tobacco user". This is going to "help" stop 3,600 from starting to smoke daily. First: Where does that number come from? That number is totally made up. There is no way to validate that number. Second, if this ban is going to "help" stop them from smoking what is the rest of the plan? What is going to complete the task of stopping them? Something else must be involved if this is only going to "help" stop them from smoking.

Did you know that being alive is a gateway to smoking? Everyone who has ever or will ever smoked a cigarette is or has been or will be alive.

Meanwhile CSU marketing professors "prove" flavoured cigarettes are more appealing to youth by . . . wait for it . . . exposing children to flavoured cigarettes. If children see a cartoon camel advertising cigarettes they will turn into smokers, yet when scientist expose children to flavour cigarettes it's okay. Isn't seeing cigarettes a gateway?

"Anything that prevents children from smoking is definitely a step forward." Anything? Killing them? Anything? Really, anything? Zeig Heil!

The Hussein Obama the First and the Second Justice Department has determined that black people are too stupid to know who to vote for if people running for office are not labelled as Republican or Democrat. Democrats, specifically black Democrats, are the "candidates of choice" for black people. Additionally, white people will not vote for black people unless those black people are Democrats.

The Justice Department says it's up to them to determine who should win elections and then pass laws to make sure those people win elections. What the fuck!? Over!

The Justice Department says that black people can not be elected to office unless they are identified as Democrats.

Due to low voter turn out black people have not been able to elect their candidates of choice. Well then maybe black people should go out and vote. Or maybe they just don't care. It's not like they don't know there is an election going on. Maybe the choices they have in the election don't impress them.

23 DEC 09: (time 54:20): STO #99. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I didn't hardly use the word fuck in the last edition of STO so I will use fuck extra times in this edition in order to make up for it.

Climate change. We are all gonna die. "The government is using climate change to raise taxes." Really? No shit? Who's been saying that for years? Oh yea, me. "Climates change. They always have and they always will." Wow, who's been saying that for years? Oh yea, me.

When a paper has been "peer reviewed" that doesn't mean it's "true". Your ability to use technology does not mean you understand science.

ClimateGate: There is no warming trend. Look as hard as you like, you can't find any such thing. If you want funding from the government you have to find the conclusions the government wants you to find.

Science requires your data all comes from the same source. You can't compare different data sets collected using different methods and pretend you are doing science.

"Too fat to graduate." Some college students have to take fitness classes in order to graduate if they are too fat. It's time for the free ride that fat people have been getting to end. Fat people are going to cost more to provide their health care, so they need to be punished for being fat.

It's "paternalist and intrusive" to make fat people exercise, but making people piss into bottles while a bureaucrat watches them is just fine because that is part of the War On Drugs which is supported by Republicans, Democrats and The Messiah, Hussein Obama the First and the Second. We can attack smokers, religious people, people who smoke dope but fat people are just untouchable aren't they?

Fashion show in the Middle East. Women would only wear these outfits in "controlled situations" such as when they are drunk out of their minds.

Leonard Pitts Jr. A whiny bitch if I've ever seen one. Man runs over his daughter with his Jeep because he doesn't like her life choices - because that's how they do it in the Middle East. A culture that allows a father to kill his daughter because he doesn't like her life choices and call it an "honour killing" should be exterminated from the face of the Earth.


Forcing morals on people with violence . . . you mean like the War On Drugs?

What do I hate more than Canadians (the French of the Western Hemisphere) - journalist.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We gotta keep people thinking there is a dug and booze problem at CSU so the university and government can continue to treat people like slaves.

23 DEC 09: (time 54:20): STO #98. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: The cruise missile of my intellect carries a nuclear warhead. Global warming is dumping snow on Fort Collins. Propaganda aimed at children is telling them that Christmas may have to be canceled because of global warming.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated. An interesting documentary about how films are rated in the U.S. You should check this out. I'm going to spend this edition of STO talking about this movie and the points it brings to light.

The organization which rates movies operates in a state of secrecy and censorship, which is all the more interesting given that Hollywood is the nexus of political correctness. If liberals care so much about freedom of speech why don't they have something to say about this?

What gets you an NC-17 rating? Showing a sex scene in which the woman experience pleasure and/or orgasm. Why wouldn't the corporations that sell entertainment not want you to see a woman enjoying sex? Why is it okay to show violence, but not sex? I have an answer and it has to do with manipulation of the consumer. I still can't believe you people sit thru commercials in the cinema. You sheep will allow yourselves to be subjected to anything. And you are paying to watch those commercials.

Why do people spend money, specifically on things they don't need for survival such a food, shelter and clothing. The difference between capitalism and consumerism. Consumers are people who buy things they don't need in order to attain emotional satisfaction. Consumers buy things because they are missing emotional fulfillment. Books on marketing are about how to prey on people's emotional gaps in order to get them to buy stuff.

Now, why aren't you getting your emotional fulfillment from the people in your life, in your personal connections, in your activities and your creations? For one reason society and the marketing people don't want you to get your fulfillment from your relationships with other people. If you did so then you wouldn't buy their shit.

What does all this have to do with women having orgasms in movies? I'm getting there. The world is not simplistic. If women and men watching movies got the idea that they could have sexual relationships with other people which resulted in fantastic orgasms and emotional intimacy those men and women might not need to spend money on shit in an effort to become emotionally fulfilled.

Wow, aren't I sounding touchy-feely.

"Dating" is not only consumerism, but it reduces women to whores.

The companies that pimp movies also want you to buy their shit.

Now on to violence. Distinctions between two kinds of violence. Realistic, in which you see the consequences of violence and cartoon violence, in which the consequences are hidden or played down.

If I had children I would much rather they see sex and pubic hair than they see a movie full of cartoon violence.

The levels of evil from most acceptable to the least acceptable as determined by the motion picture association:
cartoon violence
realistic violence
violent sex such as rape, as long as it's directed at/against a woman or women
sex in which people enjoy themselves and care about each other
sex in which the woman enjoys it and/or you see female pubic hair
sex involving "aberrant" behaviour, which includes homosexual sex or positions other than doggie or missionary

It's good for children to see realistic violence so that they understand there are consequence to using violence and will be more intelligent in their application of violence. When people think violence is a game they are more likely to employ it.

Why is it okay for your children to see rape, but evil for them to see pubic hair? Because enough exposure to rape helps to drive a wedge between men and women which will drive the need for more consumerism being as they are not having good sex and intimate relationships.

The the liberals in Hollywood are the friends of homosexuals why does homosexual sex get a NC-17 rating more often than heterosexual sex or rape?

Then there is the power which the military has over any film in which they participate or cooperate.

Politics in rich and settled lands rarely puts at stake fundamental questions. Each side says something big is at stake, but it's usually no more than a slice of subsidized cheese.
-- Bruce Ramsey

19 DEC 09: (time 54:20): STO #97. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: It's amazing how much trouble it is to get a computer to simply record some sound. Grrrr...!

CU Boulder has banned Nerf Guns in Humans vs. Zombies. "Forget What You Can't Remember" is an interesting zombie story available at Also I've been using Adobe Lightroom. I like the catalogue and development parts. The web and sideshow functions are lacking. What other things should we ban to make people safe? The most dangerous thing around us? Air. We must ban it immediately.

That brings me to the Dumbest Generation, the Medicated Generation. The biggest pussies to ever walk the Earth. Here is an example of why civilization and progress will grind to a halt with these idiots in charge. "Words have power." Bullshit, you choose to allow other people to manipulate your power with their words. Let's talk about the use and effect of words like fag and nigger. What does fag really/originally mean anyhow? What about obligations to future generations? What if we had a source of power that could provide unlimited clean power, but in 200 years this source of power would "destroy the world" would you do it? The Medicated Generation says "no". I say "yes" because we have 200 years to avoid the impending disaster.

For the Everybody Gets An Award Generation progress means a smaller cell phone or an ipod with a larger harddrive. They are so scared of being hurt, or hurting someone, that they fear and avoid any kind of real progress.

But they certainly love Change. So do the lobbyist who are writing statements for politicians in favour of socialized health care. Politicians confess they don't know where the information in their statements comes from. It just appears and they say it.

Police hand out tickets for air fresheners. Can any of you extract your head from your ass? No you can't. I already know that. 38,000 people cited this year of windshield obstructions. Hanging anything from the rear-view mirror "could be a dangerous if not deadly error." Lawyers see this as a way to pull drivers over and then initiate a more invasive search. Really? No shit? A 4 inch Tweety Bird air freshener will get you a fine. One girl was pulled over because she had a string, A FUCKING STRING, hanging from her rear-view mirror. A FUCKING STRING! HOW THE FUCK DID THE PIG SEE THE STRING AS THIS GIRL WAS DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD. A FUCKING STRING! ARE YOU FUCKING SHEEP EVER GOING TO WAKE UP? There are nothing but pretext stops.

People in the north are racist? How can that be? Didn't the angelic yankee filth come down to the South to save black people? Northern yankee scum can't be racist. That's absurd.

The woman was "perfectly silhouetted" behind his graduation tassel. Horse shit! Listen as I apply critical thinking to this.

If words have power, why can't we hook a generator up to your mouth and use the power instead of burning coal?

If you are 59 years old and still have a graduation tassel hanging from your rear-view mirror you are a fucking loser. And a wanker. This is just an old person who is pissed off because he's old. He should not have been driving a car. The tassel didn't make him run over a woman, he did it because he wasn't paying attention because he's old.

In Colorado a man was pulled over for having a GPS unit "obscuring his sight" and the cash he had was confiscated because it might have been drug money. I've talked about this before. Any money "could be" drug money.

What a great scam. Mail two light bulbs to all your customers and then bill them for it. Power companies are getting in on the whole green scam. They aren't fools.

Then I just babble and such. Oh wait, how is that different from normal? South Park Season 12 was great.

Human beings are terribly easily talked into following the most absurd and dangerous path for no better reason than that everyone else is doing it. . . . [Many examples illustrate] how easily we can be rendered obedient to the current fashion for no better reason than that it is the current fashion.

[T]here was morality before the Church; trade before the state; exchange before money; social contracts before Hobbes; welfare before the rights of man; culture before Babylon; society before Greece; self-interest before Adam Smith; and greed before capitalism. These things have been expressions of human nature since deep in the hunter-gatherer Pleistocene.
-- Matt Ridley
, The Origins of Virtue

14 DEC 09: (time 54:20): STO #96. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Gotta finish the candy & soda tax discussion. Whoever said technology makes our lives easier should be taken out and shot.

The purpose of the tax code is to manipulate behaviour. Okay, wait - if only poor people buy candy and soda then how poor can they be? If they have money for candy and soda they aren't very poor. What if the poor stop being poor? If they didn't spend so much money on candy and soda they would have more money for other things. This has nothing to do with income, this has to do with priority.

Do people eat junk food because they are poor, or are people poor because they eat junk food?

"The tax wouldn't be so bad in and of itself." Then what the fuck is he whining about?

California raises tuition costs.

CSU police department is searching for alleged toucher. Yes, a man touched a woman - yes, he was a black man (of course) - and the police are now looking for him. Touching people is a criminal act on college campuses. If anyone is in danger it's him. Touching a female college student is a good way to get a venereal disease.

Free wi-fi provider is fined because someone used the public wi-fi to download copyrighted material. This is coming to a coffee shop near you soon.

Hey old people, the dinosaur days are over with. Once something has been digitally stored/reproduced it's out of your hands. Deal with it.

Prediction: Open public access wi-fi will go away. Within 10 years you will have to log on to the internet from any location at all with a unique user name so the government can track your actions.

CSU hurricane prediction team only missed by one hurricane this year. This year only 9 hurricanes formed and none of them hit land, yet the global warming nuts think that global warming is going to cause more hurricanes. So what happened? But remember, global warming doesn't mean it's going to be warmer. It might be colder. I've said this same thing so many times over and over and over until I'm blue in the face. No matter what the weather does, it's global warming. This is a religion.

Saddam TV. Why not, we have Obama TV.

If you don't want to pay more taxes then you hate doctors. More liberal logic. There is no correlation between how much money goes "into" a college and the quality of the education of the students at that school. You selfish people think that students should pay for their own schooling. How dare you. Those students can't afford their own education. They have to buy booze, and ipods, and iphones, and t-shirts. If students have money to go out and get drunk then they have money to pay for their own education.

Then my computer decides to act stupid.

Sprint provides customer's GPS data to the police. I know many of you think that I'm making this up when I say your physical location can be tracked thru your cell phone. But hey, don't believe anything I say. I'm just a nut job. Sprint has filled over 8 million requests from police for customer GPS data. Don't worry - odds are that you aren't one of them.

I'm distracted by hotties.

Canadians. Go fucking back to where you came from. Get the fuck out of my country. I use to like Canadians, but I'v just fucking had it with your fucking asses. Get out of here and stop fucking up our country.

Courts have ruled that the police do not need a warrant in order to request information about your location via cell phone tracking. What happened to all those people who were so upset that W. Bush was spying on them? In fact the police can simply go to a website maintained by Sprint and get your physical location any time they want to.

We Americans are an unprincipled nation, when you come down to it. Not that we're bad or anything. It's just that it's hard for us to pay attention to abstract matters when we have so many concrete matters--cellular phones, ski boats, salad shooters, trail bikes, StairMasters, snow boards, pasta-making machines, four-door sport utility vehicles, palmcorders, rollerblade skates and CD players for our cars--to occupy us.
-- P.J. O'Rourke
, Parliament of Whores

08 DEC 09: (time 54:20): STO #95. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: This is the future of America, and this is one of the most pathetic things I've ever come across. Anyone who uses an initial for their first name is an idiot. "A Thank You To The Government." A member of the Medicated Generation sucks off not just Hussein Obama, but every member (get it, member) of the federal government. "Thank you federal government . . . "

I can't even write this up. You just have to listen to it. This is beyond words in so many ways. He's okay with the federal government raising his taxes. Wait, he's a college student. He doesn't have a fucking job. He doesn't pay taxes. Fuck you!

Women, please stop voting with your vagina. Women vote single issue - abortion. Women are single issue voters and they are fucking things up.

Is economic growth still beneficial. Remember, this is the future of America. Is the increase in alcoholism and divorce really because of the growth in GDP? I don't think so. And if more money causes all this evil, why is the "gap between the rich and the poor" such a big deal. In fact, shouldn't the poor people be happier by his theory? We are not going to run out of resources. Name one resource that we have "run out of". Name one!

If not for the government poison would come out of my water tap. Only the federal government stands between us and total annihilation.

Taxing soda and candy will hurt poor, not solve obesity. Since when has a liberal ever seen a tax he didn't like? I thought "good intentions" are everything to liberals. Hussein Obama the First and the Second has good intentions, that's why he's sending more troops to Afghanistan. Instead of raising taxes, what if the state of Colorado cut spending? Actually, I have to give credit - the Colorado government is making cuts. We can debate is it cutting the right things or wrong things, but cuts are being made. Let me explain why sin taxes don't work or make sense. So taxes on people who are productive, who have jobs, who produce things that make the world a better place - taxes on those people are okay. But taxes on the poor who sit around waiting for a welfare check, we can't have that now can we.

I haven't said it in a while, so I'll say it again: It's about time the poor pay their fair share.

All people on welfare should have a 30% reduction in benefits.

Right, only "wealthy" people go to Starbucks. No one is forcing "the poor" to avoid buying healthy food. They are making inferior choices because they are inferior people. Liberals are so desperate to turn everything into an issue of class warfare and hatred. You people are such pathetic parasites. All liberals are doing is dragging out society down. Your bullshit needs and traumas and insecurity is fucking our entire society over. Oh thank you federal government for everything you've done! You're so wonderful!

Fuck you.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.

It is bad to be oppressed by a minority, but it is worse to be oppressed by a majority. For there is a reserve of latent power in the masses which, if it is called into play, the minority can seldom resist. But from the absolute will of an entire people there is no appeal, no redemption, no refuge...

There are no public, as distinct from private, objects worthy to be purchased at the expense of souls. Consequently the interest of individuals is above the exclusive interest of the state. The power of the whole is not to be set in the balance for a moment with freedom - that is, the conscience of the subject - and those who act on other principle are the worst of criminals.
-- Lord Acton
- born 1834, MP 1859-65, died 1902

27 NOV 09: (time 54:20): STO #94. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Yay for global warming. 60 degrees on Thanksgiving Day. I got in some trail running. And on the subject of global warming . . . Climategate has struck. Hey, lets actually look at the temperature records. Why are people obsessed with ending civilization and killing off the human population? According to a friend of mine when global warming happens it will kill all the crops and we will no longer be able to grow food. She has a Ph.D. in plant biology. Fuck me twice!

Considering how much the environmentalist hate the human species wouldn't they be happy if humans all died of starvation? So why is this a problem? All hail the Messiah! I'm having a Messiahgassim!

Those of you who are not me should just kill yourself. You will never be as good as I am, so why bother living? Back to the temperature records. Oh look, the temperature has been trending down. How will we lie and cover that up? We are talking about variations in temperature that are so tiny they can only be measured with satellite and computer technology, and you think this is going to destroy all life on Earth? You are so fucking stupid I can't even think. Do you people really think the average temperature on Earth has been exactly the same for the last some-odd million years?

But wait, a recent poll shows that only 36% of people believe the Earth is warming and that the warming is caused by human activity. Only 1 in 3 people are buying the bullshit. Belief that global warming is a serious problem also went down in every demographic except for liberal Democrats and the Dumbest Generation (people 18 to 29). Imagine that.

The Rams beat the Buffs 23 to 17, in Boulder even. Fuck you dirty hippies in Boulder. Fuck CU.

Might as well talk about health care. How 'bout Rose Hospital? Parker claimed she was told she "might" have hepatitis C. Right... The hospital could not restrict her from OR work because of "potential discrimination issues". So they let the stupid cunt spread her disease to patients. Why? Our of fear of being sued for discrimination. How bad is it going to be when the government runs health care? When that happens every decision will be made based on "diversity" instead of intelligence.

I am so fucking sick of "raising awareness". Student to live on $7 a week of food to raise awareness. More like students engage in publicity stunt in order to feed good and avoid doing anything which actually makes the world a better place. Most of these students could probably use a diet anyhow... Is Oprah still fat or is she skinny again?

"Raising awareness" is about feeling good about yourself and nothing more. You aren't doing anything. You aren't making a difference.

Sexual discrimination - ending "Ladies Night". If women want to be equal they have to give up their privileged status. Women are not equal. Deal with it.

To say you want to legalize gay marriage is to say you want to have to get permission from the government in order to live your life the way you want. What we need to do is get the government out of marriage and let people run their own lives. The government denies a marriage license to an inter-racial couple, and this is not the first time. "I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way." Do you really think people like this should run health care? Yes you do. Because you are stupid.

This Justice of The Peace asks everyone who calls him about their skin colour. Wow! Where are the fucking civil rights leaders on this? Where are the fucking diversity ass-holes?

CSU's Diversity Conference. Are they really interested in "diversity of thoughts"? Is so, can I come speak? How many times can they use the word diversity in a sentence? Diversity is ideological conformity hidden behind diversity of skin colour. These people all have exactly the same thoughts and beliefs. There is no diversity.

A corrupt people will not see themselves as corrupt but will view the uncorrupt as abnormal and extremist.
-- unknown

20 OCT 09: (time 54:20): STO #93. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: This is my house where I launch the cruise missile of my intellect. I think I might actually be allergic to bullshit.

I got my first digital camera. A Canon EOS 7D. Look for reports on how I like it.

Gotta plug some stuff. I love audio books. Check out these sites which podcast short stories. Sci-fi: Fantasy: Horror:

A man is accused of indecent exposure while being naked in his own home.

Women who take care of each others children are in trouble with the government for providing "illegal childcare". What the fuck over? The government is researching the meaning of the word "reward".

Teabaggers and Tenthers. I'm being called names again by the left. You know, the left. The people who believe in tolerance and diversity are engaging in name-calling. If you believe the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution actually exists and has meaning you are evil.

What's the difference between the Tenth Amendment and Hussein Obama's birth certificate? The Tenth Amendment actually exists.

If you believe the Tenth Amendment exists you are "dangerous". And of course the race card gets played as well. As I've said, if you disagree with Hussein Obama the First and the Second you are a racist.

Your precious First Amendment is only 26 fucking words and how much bullshit do you liberals manage to extract from that Amendment? Separation of church and state? It's not fucking in there. It should be, but it isn't. Hey, did you know that only 32 words prohibit slavery? My, we sure extract a lot of meaning from those words don't we.

Shit! Tranquillize me! I'm going insane.

Oh yea, if you have non-partisan elections "black people will not know who to vote for" say the Hussein Obama Justice Department. Who's racist? I think it's Hussein.

This liberal fucker is talking about how Tenthers want to prevent much of the "progress of the last century". What progress? The religion of liberal Democrats is that there hasn't been any progress. Oh, the "economic downturn" is over. We are emerging. Has anyone told Hussein Obama First/Second. The Tenth Amendment is a "fringe constitutional theory". It's not a fucking theory, the Tenth Amendment (unlike Hussein's birth certificate) actually exists! IT'S NOT A FUCKING THEORY! HOW CAN LIBERALS BE SO FUCKING STUPID!

These views [Tenther views] do not reflect the consensus of the Founding Fathers generation. What the fuck? Liberals can not differentiate between consensus and reality. The Founding Fathers did not debate the meaning of the Constitution, they wrote it. They knew exactly what it means.

How dare evil Tenthers like me try to prevent the government from enacting laws which are "popular". Liberals think that restricting the power of the government is authoritarian. What? The? Fuck? Over? Why are these people allowed to vote? Why are they even allowed to live? They have no sense or right or wrong, good or bad - only of popular or unpopular.

The Republicans have suddenly discovered the Constitution, the Tenth Amendment and realized that government is too big. Where the fuck were you idiots for the last 8 years?

Only one thing can save Colorado State University: Raise taxes! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being threatened by . . . wait for it . . . the impending doom of CSU. Yes folks, if CSU ceases to exist you will no longer have access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If CSU goes "extinct" all American citizens will instantly die as they will no longer have access to "life". Oh FUCK are you kids stupid. If we don't raise taxes the dream is going to die!


Men have been taught that the highest virtue is not to achieve, but to give. Yet one cannot give that which has not been created. Creation comes before distribution - or there will be nothing to distribute. The need of the creator comes before the need of any possible beneficiary.
-- Any Rand
, The Fountainhead

11 OCT 09: (time 54:20): STO #92. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Snow & ice on the ground. Must be global warming. Taking a class this semester - Seminar in Animal Rights. We have a PETA chyck and a Christian. Should be fun.

Students limit calories to compensate for drinking. I'm going to learn to talk any time now. Drunkorexia. If college students are the future of America doesn't their stupidity worry any of you? I stayed on topic for almost 30 seconds. If veganism is so healthy, why are all the vegans and vegitarians I know sick? They are all on medication either for their personality problems, or their diseases or both.

Any why is it always women with eating disorders, if they are so "equal". Oh that's right, it's all the fault of men. People don't eat as much so as to not get fat from the calories in booze.

The student government of CSU has declared "emergency status" in response to people smoking within 20 feet of the doors, windows and ventilation inlets on buildings. College students need to be "educated" to not burn down buildings.

Women are more likely to be kicked out of the military for being homosexual. What, I thought Hussein Obama the First and the Second was going to allow gays to openly serve in the military. Oh hey, didn't King William Klinton make the same promise? Question: How many more times are homosexuals going to fall for this lie? Where do bisexuals fit under the policy? Are they considered gay? If that is true, then all women are "gay" as all women are bisexual.

Women should not be in the military. Nor should most of the men currently in the military. The military is not a place to get free college, nor is it a welfare system for the unemployed. The purpose of the military is to kill people. Women are only good at killing their children. In fact, most women can't even kill themselves. I know one woman who tried to kill herself three times. Three. Fucking three times, and couldn't get it right. How are women going to kill enemy soldiers when they can't kill themselves?

How can there be sexual discrimination in the military? Hussein Obama the First and the Second is president. How can this happen when the Messiah has been elected. For over 100 days the Messiah has been president.

Having black skin and looking in the window of your own home is "suspicious" to the police. Remember the magic phrase: "I do not consent to a search." Then shut the fuck up unless you are repeating the phrase "I do not consent to a search." Police look for "anything that suggest a drug deal." Fuck, that can include any fucking thing.

The editorial board of the Collegian has been replaced by aliens. They have come out in favour of concealed weapons on campus.

Poli-sci majors are so fucking stupid. I had one in my Animal Rights class. She only made it one day in class before dropping. Stories about how dumb she is follow.

Health care "reform" and who is really on the side of the insurance companies. What war in Iraq? I thought the Messiah was going to end the war. The war is over.

CSU receives C+ for green initiatives. First, horse shit. Second, who cares. Being green requires a $700 entry fee. CSU to their credit did not pay the $700. CSU is not lacking on "green initiatives". CSU shoves green down everyone's throat every fucking day.

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.
-- Thomas Jefferson

13 SEP 09: (time 54:20): STO #91. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I'd really like to record this today. I hate computers. Is this fucking thing going to actually work or must I drop-kick $1200 of technology out the window? Outside the studio there are a load of mostly naked college kids playing slip and slide. CLS has a new i7 computer running Gentoo Linux. It's awesome. I'm being distracted by the college girls. Especially the girl in the purple shirt. And I'm spilling my drink. We are recording today on the backup system because the i7 audio input is not working yet. And I biked 80 miles this weekend. Fort Collins to Greeley. Good times and sunburn.

Now, the Medicated Generation! Vegan PETA members piss me off. So here is a question, how is it that the Everybody Gets An Award Generation is so healthy, vegan, organic, all this shit - and they are all sick. They are all on medication. They have diseases and mental problems. Eat some fucking meat! Go outside in the sun! Get a fucking life! Turn the fuck off the fucking facebook!

If I lived on carbonated sugar water and looked at a computer screen all day I'd be depressed too. Medicated Generation, go out-fucking-side and get some exercise. Eat some healthy food.

Parents of the Medicated Generation, wake the fuck up and try parenting you children. Ultimately it's your fault they are so fucked up. Stop doping your children and spend time with them.

Dexter resigns again. Remember, "Women want the dick. Even when they say no, they want the dick." He got a new job and then "resigned" in less than one month. He right in there and started sexually harassing women right away.

Sometimes you have to deal with ass-holes.

Senator Kennedy is dead. Oh happy happy day. How can you die of brain cancer when you have no brain?

Sorority booted for hazing. More evidence that the world would not be a wonderful place if women ran everything. And not just a sorority, but a black sorority. People were forced to "run, eat animal food and perform boot camp like training." They had to drink "kitty milk". What is kitty milk? Hazing people who are on dialysis? Who is more stupid, the person who hazes someone on dialysis or the person on dialysis who submits to the hazing? Hey, Medicated Generationers, find you spine.

The future of college graduates. A. "Would you like fries with that?" B. Wearing a tie, in a cubical, with your soul destroyed by some corporation.

If you can't go 3 days without food something is wrong with you. Especially when you are 20 years old. Doing push-ups causes "risk of bodily injury" for 22 year old girls.

White House, Congress project record high deficit. Really? No shit? Must be Bush's fault. $11.7 trillion of Hope and Change.

We are all gonna die from the Swine Flu!

Polygamy primer created to overcome stereotypes. Women don't belong to their husband.... Women belong to the church. Fucking kill me now.

And how 'bout that economy. Social Security payments "can not go down" by law. Retirement plans are crashing. PERA in Colorado is spending $3.40 for every $1.04 of income. You can't keep going with that cash flow. PERA took a $13 billion loss in one year. $43 billion to $30 billion in assets - in one year. One way PERA can save itself is by lowering payments to people who retire. They are considering doing this and if they do the old people (who should all be killed off anyhow) are going to go crazy. You don't fuck with an old persons retirement fund. I think many people do not realize just how little money they are going to get from their retirement plan. You need to ask yourself "Do I want to spend 40 years of my life at a shitty job with people who I hate in return for $20,000 a year in 2050?" You really need to think about this.

I am under the impression, and could be wrong about this, that all - as in ALL - pension plans are guaranteed by the federal government. The fed already has $11.7 trillion of debt. If the pension plans collapse, it's over. The economy of this country will be radically altered. The government in an effort to appease the retired people will force this country into a micro-managed socialist economy. There will be price controls, rent controls, wage controls, everything will be controlled by the feds in order to pay out those retirement benefits. I believe this is the worst threat to our freedom and economic freedom.

When buying & selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought & sold are legislators.
-- P. J. O'Rourke

13 JUN 09: (time 54:20): STO #90. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama! Messiah! Change! Change for the hope for the hope of the change! Corporate welfare! For the 90th time, you are wrong and I am right.

Back to the Prius article. "Green technology" is just a marketing scam. It's wonderful to see tree-huggers get screwed out of their money. The Prius allows people to feel good about themselves while still polluting the environment. Every time you exhale you are destroying the Earth. If you really believe in global warming you should kill yourself.

If you car is going out of control why don't you turn off the engine and pull over. It's not the floor mat that is the problem, it's the driver. My car tried to kill me. Twice. "All Weather Floor Mat." What kind of weather occurs inside an automobile? People who buy a Prius are so stupid they need instruction on how to use a floor mat.

"Affirmative Action for Boys." Is having more chycks in colleges than boys really a problem? Not for the boys it isn't.

Everyone should pay income taxes? No shit. How long have I been saying this? I've been saying the poor need to pay their fair share since day one. There should be a minimum income tax. Just because the "rich" are paying less in taxes this does not by necessity mean the "poor" are paying more taxes. "Making the wealthy pay their fair share isn't just good economics, it's the moral thing to do as well." Bull shit. And fuck you. If every dollar received should represent a dollar earned, how do you explain welfare?

No tolerance for drunk drivers? Why not? I thought tolerance is a wonderful thing? "Drunk driving just isn't cool." Wow, you make your decisions about right and wrong based on what is "cool". Ignition interlock devices are one of the stupidest ideas ever. The bullshit of statistics.

Air Force One causes panic in Manhattan. Publicity photos? How much destruction to the environment was done flying these aircraft around just to take pictures?

A woman in my philosophy discussion group said you can't have morals if you don't believe in god. How fucked up are you honey? I suggest you don't have morals if you believe in god.

Man sexually assaults girl he met on MySpace, when the met up for the second time. The second time? There are no details but the police believe a crime was committed. How can meeting someone from online not be consensual? If you send your address, phone number, or arrange to meet someone in person on the internet how can that not be consensual? How can she talk to him on the phone without consenting to talk to him on the phone? How did he get her phone number? Why can't she hang up the phone or not answer it to start with?

CSU closes children's lemonade stand. The lemonade was not approved by the environmental health department! WHAT THE FUCK! AND YOU WONDER WHY CHILDREN ARE SO FUCKED UP!

The ultimate in victimhood! Japanese internment camps. Let me remind you that the Japanese people were put in those camps by a Democrat president. Now Japanese-American's are trying to get a piece of the discrimination pie. All children get teased in school. Fucking deal with it. You are not special! Why can't you fucking assholes in the Medicated Generation get this? All children get made fun of by other children in school.

It's one thing for a person who was actually in an interment camp to have related psychological problems, but this bitch was never in an interment camp, here grandparents were - but she is feeling the "shame". Victimhood now crosses the generations. If you go back far enough in time everyone was "victimized" by someone. Get the fuck over it. Just whine more and that will help you get over it.

"The greatest enemies of free enterprise in the U.S. are intellectuals and businessmen."
-- Milton Friedman

25 MAY 09: (time 54:20): STO #89. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Fort Collins is so quiet when the Medicated Generation is out of town. The local throw-away newspaper has published its last issue. Am I suppose to be sad? Granted I'll miss making fun of them. According to the Canadian government the polar bear population has more than doubled, even though we are all dying from global warming and the ice caps are melting. Is there a problem with Florida and California flooding when the ice caps melt? I don't think so.

I've been too busy to do an STO for awhile. I've been working in order to support the economy. Not everyone can sit at home waiting for a welfare check to show up.

Freddie Mac official found dead. Not even the "change" of government bailouts could save him. The CEOs of all the companies Hussein has bailed out should kill themselves. All of them.

Racism in not about "black and white". Racism has to be kept alive. Colleges, the media, politicians, activist and others all need racism. Racism is what gives them power and that is why so many people and organizations need racism. It will never go away. It's "mixed race week" at CSU. Teaching people how to choose which race to identify with. How about you don't identify with any race except the human race? What if people were people instead of members of some minority group? Racial identity is a "psychological process that unfolds differently in people". What the fuck? Racial identity is a category created by the government in order to divide people up into groups and get them to hate each other.

Yes I said "before the civil rights area" instead of era. So I can't talk. Here are five strategies to determine and define your racial identity. What if you are half white, half black and half asian? What if you are half man, half bear and half pig? What if you are half white, half black and half Jewish? You can invent your own heritage. Yes, that's right - just "invent" one. Just make it up. Why not, the government and the activist do. I have a sixth option for you: Get a life.

The one quasi-governmental agency in Colorado which was saving money so they could operate during down turns in the economy is having the money it saved taken away from it to support parts of the government which can not turn a profit. Only as a government agency are you punished for saving money and looking ahead while the agencies that spent money and have nothing are rewarded and bailed out.

It's that time again to "take back the night". Barf. "This event is empowerment in a single word. Empowerment." Wow, the Dumbest Generation is so smart. And there is is, the "1 in 4" lie about how many women get raped.

What is the number one killer of children is death. We must save the children from death by killing them. We must kill the children to save the children.

The Prius automobile is trying to kill people who are trying to save the Earth. Ok, the bitch is driving in the rain at 60 mph in congested traffic which frightens her and she is "constantly looking at the console to manage her fuel consumption". She needs to be looking at the road. She is dangerous to public safety. Why does she still have a drivers license? The Prius "accelerated on its own". Oh bullshit. It's not the car's fault, it's yours. Toyota said that "faulty floor mats" are causing the cars to accelerate out of control. Right . . . Driving his Prius is a "full time hobby" and driving it is "like playing a video game". Wow, what a fucking loser. He's a "hyper-miler" aka a loser.

Is turning you engine off and coasting down the road really safe? Should these people be allowed to drive? I think not.

When people write books about terrible tragedies of the past, they often say they're doing it so it will never happen again. While reading the history of the gulag and the way the Soviets spread it to other countries, I thought, "I'm not writing this so it won't happen again; I'm writing because it will." The alacity with which other countries took up the ideas is remarkable.
-- Anna Applebaum
author of Gulag: A History

02 MAY 09: (time 54:20): STO #88. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. I upgraded Xorg to version 1.5 on my Gentoo Linux box and it took me 5 days to fix the fuck up. I had to restore my filesystem from backups, and the backups were old. I am a racist. Why? I think all people should be treated the same. How dare I? Columbine wasn't everything you thought it was. The poor need to pay their fair share. Eliminate the IRS and implement a national sales tax. There are some downsides to such an idea, but the pluses of such a system would be worth it. We are a nation "drunk on its own prosperity." Wait, I thought this was the worst depression since the great depression. No one calls him on this bullshit - because he's black. Water in the wetlands is not "pure". It's outside. It's laying on the ground. Birds and animals shit in it. Wetland water is not pure. The myth has been dispelled: not all Caucasians are racist. On the subject of bullshit - 1 out of every 4 college women are raped. I am so tired of seeing this bullshit lie perpetuated. The 60% or rapes are unreported lie. And we wonder why children in 3rd world countries are smarter than our kids. Banking executives gave themselves performance based bonuses just before the company died. How can you liberals see with your heads shoved up the Messiah's ass? Hey look, members of King Husseins cabinet & staff use to be executives in big corporations, just like members of King George II's cabinet and staff. What a shock! I'm shocked! A list of major corporation which donated money to Obama, and oddly enough those same companies all received bailout money. Change? Corruption? Same thing in the world of King Hussein. In this oped piece Hussein is actually called "our political Messiah" by a liberal. Denver wants to tax food sold from vending machines. A judge says the right to bear arms is protection not only against foreign invasion, but also against our own government. Yes, not making this us. A real judge said this, in California at that. The People's Republic of California. The 14th Amendment incorporates the 2nd Amendment. Wow, from a judge in California. King Hussein wants people who own handguns to submit to mental evaluation. Politicians however do not have to submit to metal evaluation. How 'bout that Civilian National Security Force? The over-reaction people have to teenagers taking naked pictures of themselves. Should you video your hot roommate when she is naked/fucking. Dan Savage lays smackdown on the stupid people. How do you dumb fucks think you are going to prevent teenagers from taking naked photos of themselves. You are so fucking stupid. Teenagers and sex - you aren't going to stop them. Further more, the only reason these 74 year old blue-haired bitches are pissed off about all this is because when they were young this technology wasn't available. "A disabled transgendered gay man." What the fuck? Strippers are "modern day freaks"? What? The left is trying so hard to come up with more and new ways to label people as "racist".

Extreme egalitarianism attracts the guilt-ridden because it promises to relieve their guilt . . . It is not poverty itself that causes guilt for those who view it from a position of comfort; it is their own complacency, contrasted with the poverty of others.
-- Allan Epstein

17 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #87. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. Total number of troops withdrawn from Iraq? Zero! Racism and voting for the jOker (aka King Hussein, the first affirmative action president). Fuck all hyphenated-Americans. Either you are American or you need to leave. Hyphenatedness is what is perpetuating racism, not fixing it. Can EVERY black person in the U.S. trace their origins back to slavery? I doubt it. Need I remind you that the slaves brought over from Africa were people that purchased from other black people in Africa. Take responsibility for your own life and stop your fucking whining. Students in high school can no longer wear hat or hoods during the day because the security cameras can not see their faces. Eight year old guitar player can not perform in clubs due to child labour laws. Ah the smell of freedom. Yet again a man shown by DNA testing to not be the father is forced to pay child support, even tho the mother says he isn't the father. If women are so independent, and if being a single mother is such a wonderful and empowered state of being, why do they need the man's money so badly? Getting an abortion lets you be in touch with the Constitution. Abortion clinics are going green. Women choose to keep the baby, then they want the man to pay for it. High school students are only allowed to wear brown or black belts with "standard" belt buckles. And we wonder why our kids are so fucked up. Do police departments really need a M113 APC (armoured personnel carrier) with a 50 calibre mounted machine gun? "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be the children of god." My fucking ass. Not only are police departments getting these 113s, they are getting them for "free". What that means is that those of us who pay taxes are paying for them. In Portland Maine the police are going to equip one of their 113s with a battering ram so they can knock down doors. Hope! Change! Hope for the change of the change of the hope. King George II says "The market is not functioning normally." Damn right it isn't, because the government has fucked it up by bailing out the companies that should have been allowed to fail. Hanna Montana says "fuck you" to dumb ass parents. A 16 year old girl makes "slanty eyes" and she is racist? Do you fucking people have a life? Get the fuck over it. Grow up. Get a job. Pay some taxes so the jOker can send some more troops to Afghanistan. I am so far ahead of the curve that you people can't keep up with me. I was talking about "sexting" before it had a cute name. Yet again people who are under 18 years old are convicted of child pornography for taking naked pictures of themselves - and this is done to save them from themselves. In Waco they had to burn the children to save the children. A 14 year old girls is changed with distributing child porn because she posted photos of herself on myspace. The incense is so thick I can't even breath. We need more ventilation in the studio of the CLS. According to liberals sex is wonderful, as is sexual liberation, but when young men look at naked women they are required to take classes on sexual violence, sexual harassment and gender roles. However, two 13 year old girls are fighting back. Millions of "adults" across the United States don't have the balls to fight back, but two 13 year old girls who have bigger nuts than you do are fighting back. "Nudity meant to titillate" as if nudity isn't going to titillate? If you have a naked photo of yourself, taken prior to your 18th birthday, you possess child pornography. If you send that photo to someone else, you have distributed child porn. If a 17 year old girl wants to take a photo of her naked body and give that photo to her boyfriend or girlfriend isn't that her right? Doesn't she own her body? I thought the government can't tell her what to do with her body? Now, if she wanted an abortion the government would pay for it, but a picture of her naked body? This is a crisis. Shouldn't teenage masturbation be child molesting? How does any of this make any fucking sense? Yet again we get the lie - "60% of rapes go unreported." It is impossible to arrive at this figure mathematically. Why do the femi-Nazis have to lie about it? What is the real agenda.

"When citizens fear their government, you have tyranny; when the government fears its citizens, you have freedom."
-- Thomas Jefferson

12 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #86. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. I hope the Hussein Obama bought you dinner, because he sure as hell fucked you. Obama saves the ski industry. Back to the "wish list" that ski resort owners have for The Messiah. They want him to allow more immigrants into the States so they can hire them. Why don't they hire citizens? Citizens who would otherwise be unemployed? Citizens who would be on welfare and don't have jobs? Oh wait, they do have jobs. They vote Democrat every 4 years and in return the government pays them off with my tax money. Why don't you just ask for some fucking bailout funds! Assholes. Oh look the sun is coming out. Global warming is taking effect right before my eyes. "Ski resorts make global warming their peak priority." Oh hahaha, slap your knees kids. "Peak priority", get it?? Then they ask not to be hampered with regulations. How stupid are you people? Meanwhile, science yet again figures out what we already knew. Artistic people are more insane than normal people. I knew this. Anyone who does theatre knows this. Actors are some of the most mentally fucked up people on earth. The more creative, the more insane. The government should consider suing AIG to get their money back say Barney Frank. Fucking hold it! We could have simply not given AIG bailout funds. No, instead we give them money, then sue them to get the money back, which will cost even more money. How fucking stupid is the government? Pretty fucking stupid. But it's okay, soon these people will run health care, you'll all be dead, and it will not matter. King Hussein, first affirmative action president of the United States, saves the economy. King Hussein is taking credit for the economy doing what it would have done anyway. "AIG threatened to bring down the entire economy." Bull-Fucking-Shit. I am so awesome that being in the room with myself makes me cum. Modern day slavery? Modern day slavery is impossible. Slavery was invented by white people in the Confederate States of America. It has never existed before, after nor outside of that context. Furthermore, the Saviour, Abraham Lincoln, ended slavery. How can there be slavery in the world? "The World Wide Crime of Human Trafficking." Last time I checked we are all property of the US government on the plantation of Federal Debt. Criminals make money on prostitution because prostitution is illegal, just like drug dealers make money on drugs because drugs are illegal. The average American would die is he had to walk "miles" a day. Hey, if you people could walk farther than the fridge you might not be so fucking fat. You'll still be ugly - but not fat. Make sure you are sitting down, because I as so awesome you are going to shit yourself when you hear this. I just busted a nut I'm so good. I need a cigarette now. "More than 300 thousand." How many more? Is there a census of slaves? Where does this data come from? How is it gathered. "More than 30 wars around the world." How many more than 30? The CIA doesn't know how many wars are taking place in the world? What are they doing with all that money they take from taxpayers? And what is the Messiah going to do about all this? Slavery happens in the US as well, even in Colorado! "The intersection of I-27 and I-70 is a major crossroads of human trafficking." FUCKING KILL ME NOW. I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. YES I-27 AND I-70 IS WHERE I BUY MY SLAVES. "A sex trafficking situation." What does that mean? The Everybody Gets An Award Generation raises awareness about homeless, but they don't lift a fucking finger to help a homeless person. They are too busy looking at pictures on facebook. "Sleep In Someone Else's Box." This is one of the top 10 stupidest things I have ever heard about in my life. HEY STUPID FUCKING COLLEGE KIDS! HOMELESS PEOPLE DON'T HAVE SLEEPING BAGS, THEY DON'T HAVE FOOT-WARMERS AND THEY DON'T GET TO GO HOME WHEN IT GETS TOO COLD OUTSIDE. THE FACEBOOK GENERATION NEEDS TO DIE! YOU CHILDREN, THE "FUTURE OF AMERICA", ARE TOO STUPID TO LIVE. Students can help prevent homelessness. Really? How? "We need to be more active in our legislation about fixing the problem." In other words, taxing rich people. That is to say taking money from people who work for a living and giving it to the government. The Medicated Generation is so fucking obsessed with alleviating their own guilt. Total number of homeless people who now have a home? Zero. How you fucking change ass-hole?

"The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty."
-- Eugene McCarthy

12 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #85. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. You can shove a dildo up your ass and pleasure youself while imaging you are being butt fucked by Hussein Obama. You can't "bail out the economy" by borrowing money from China. The government & military lie about the number of civilians killed into Afghanistan. I thought we had "change"? What the fuck? The military is manipulated and used by one Afghan to get revenge on other Afghans. Our military is used to settle a personal grudge. Government official suggests that airport only be used for incoming flights. If you commit an "ethics violation" while you are an elected office you can use government funds to pay the fines. The Republicans suddenly discover the Constitution. For the last eight years no Republican understood free market economics or the Constitution, suddenly now that they have no power they are figuring these things out. I evidently need more coffee. Corporate welfare for "green companies". Of course, if those companies ever become successful the government will tax the shit out of them. Terracycle and the retote: It cost $20 per bag to make them but they sell them for $5.99. Does anyone besides me see the problem here? The US government withdraws funding for heart pumps because terrorist might target them to get the plutonium which fuels their heart pump. Jackson Browne - once a great musician who wrote fantastic lyrics - now just a prostitute for the Democrat party. Let's read some lyrics from his latest album. Liberals today thing they can write protest songs. They can't. You idiots are not Bob Dylan. Stop trying. All we need is love. "The Drums of War." Yes this song is a bad as you think it is with that title. "Who do you trust to identify the enemy?" Not King Hussein for certain. Total number of troops withdrawn from Iraq? Zero! "Where Were You" when evil George Bush wiped out New Orleans with the huricane he created with his weather control machine. Where were you going to evacuate to "if you owned a car"? Liberals are the ones who want to take cars away from everyone. Liberals are the ones who would take away the ability of people to evacuate when a disaster level storm is approaching. Liberals also believe that rich people are somehow exempted from the weather. Jackson Browne has lots of money, how come he isn't helping out? Some people live their lives "in harms way" and that's how the government likes it. If people were not in danger of being killed at any given moment the government would have no power. That's why King George and King Hussein turn everything into a crisis. Is this a song or a novel? "Where were you . . . when they built the ladder to heaven." The country singers write songs about 9/11, the hippie singers write songs about the weather. Both camps are a bunch of fucking idiots. If only King George II had not shaved that morning everything would be alright. People who believe that the President of the United States can control the weather are the natural slaves that Aristotle writes about in The Politics. And what the fuck was King George II suppose to do about the huricane? Liberals need someone to tell them how to live and to provide for them. They can't do it for themselves. Going Down to Cuba. What is it with you liberals and you obsession with Cuba. A 5th grader can write better lyrics than Jackson Browne does in this song. "No problem is too difficult to solve" in Cuba - except for food, medication, health care, electricity, clean water, freedom of speech, an economy. "They might not know all the freedoms you and I know, but they do know what to do in a huricane". Are you fucking kidding me? No you aren't, this asshole is serious. In Cuba they don't have freedom, but that's okay with Jackson Browne. Jesse Helms? Is he still alive? Is he relevant to anything? Who gives a shit abouty Jesse Helms? People are willing to wait for tax cuts. Don't worry idiots, King Hussein will not be cutting taxes anytime soon. The media is already making excuses for King Hussein failing to follow thru on his promises. How long do you think it will be before the media starts publishing polls that show the American public supports the war in Iraq & Afghanistan? It will happen. AIG, one of the corporations which was bailed out by King Hussein using money he borrowed from China, is a corporation which purchases bad debts. How fucking stupid are you people. AIG purchases debts which will never be repaid, and Hussein bailed them out. This is your messiah? This is change? This is hope? Ski areas voice their wishlist for The Messiah. Get more people going on vacation. Liberals actually thing the President of the United States controls when people go on vacation. Fuck you people are stupid. Fucking fuck! You are so fucking stupid.

"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."
-- George Bernard Shaw

05 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #84. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. Yep, that is me bumping the microphone. We have such professional standards here at STO. Did I mention that you are wrong and I am right? If not, I'm mentioning it now. I am still talking about the Dumbest Generation. Diploma to Nowhere - you can find this report on the internet if you Google for it. Watched two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica. You should listen to every episode of Stating The Obvious. Many people think public education is a failure. The government runs public education. So the obvious answer is to give the government more control over education. In fact the education system is an amazing success. People don't understand the true purpose of the public education system. The purpose of the public education system is to create a group of sheep-like citizens who will never question the actions of the government. It's to make sure people don't have critical thinking skills. It's to create people smart enough to keep the economy going, to earn money, buy products and pay taxes. The other purpose of public education is to provide daycare for the spawn of white trash who didn't use condoms. Teachers in high school always say the students are learning because teachers don't want anyone to know they are poor teachers. Teachers (like all people) love to take credit when things go well, but avoid responsibility when things go bad. 50% of high school students don't know anything about science, yet they believe in global warming. High school does not challenge the minds of students. I was one of those students. High school was boring as hell and never pushed me to achieve anything. "If there were a warranty for a high school diploma" . . . maybe there should be. How much money does remedial education cost students, families and tax payers? How does taking remedial classes in college affect graduation statistics? It's simple, the Medicated Generation can not read and they do not read. They can't think, they can't process information. The only hope they have to make in in life is to get a union jobs. Unions love public education as well. Colleges love remedial classes, because they make money on them. You have to take the remedial class in addition to the required classes. That's extra money for the college. Colleges announce that if more people don't get college educations - that means "buy our product" - America is going to collapse. A report from the DNC in Denver. Nanny State gone wild. The protesters assist the police in arresting them. Back to Dumbest Generation, teacher unions and CHANGE! Charter schools must be held accountable. No work yet regarding the accountability of public schools. Teachers who are doing "a poor job" need "extra support". No, they need unemployment. Hussein Obama will never take on the teacher's unions. Never. This pussy registered as a Libertarian, but says he is a "strong, strong socialist". He also wanted to hurry up and register before he forgot. How important can registering to vote be if you are in danger of forgetting to do it. Another idiot likes Hussein's ideas of change, but confesses she doesn't know any of the details of that change. I've been very calm up until now, but I might need the tranquilizers soon. Radical Honesty is a great book, I recommend it to everyone. Now I'm going to go off. Major rant on the stupidity of the Medicated Generation. The Everyone Gets An Award Generation can not even rebel against their parents they are such needy pussies. I have time left to make fun of one more fucking ass hole. Many, many people voted for Hussein Obama only because he is black. Deal with it. "400 years of oppression." White people did not invent racism or slavery. Hussein Obama touched W. Monkey-Boy Bush and this is a new event. Maybe it's because anything King Hussein does is news. "Today Hussein Obama, the first affirmative action president of the United States, farted." King Hussein is driving around in his limo and has a haz-mat team following him around. And we are sending more troops to Afghanistan. More than the 17,000 that have already been announced. The media is anti-war, but pro-deployment. What the fuck?

"We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."
-- Winston Churchill

04 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #83. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. My Cruise Missile of Intellect has a stupidity sensor on it. It homes in on the stupidest person in range. Working on season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. Lot's of lose ends to tie up. What constituents a "green job" and why does no one in the media have the balls to ask this question? Lithium becomes our new foreign dependency. But at least it's not oil, because oil is evil and bad. Eliminating bias in your workplace. You can eliminate bias in your workplace, even if you are not involved. You too can be a busybody. Is racism "unacceptable" or is it "discouraged"? Those mean two different things. Mandatory training sessions can wipe away hundreds, even thousands of years, or racial hatred. What is a "climate assessment"? Racism can be blatant or subtle. You can "unintentionally" be a racist. You might not be smart enough to know you are racist because you haven't attended the correct mandatory diversity training. "Experience diversity in new ways." What? Breaking people in to groups based on skin colour and getting them to hate each other is how liberals get their power. Diversity has nothing to do with getting work done. Make a list of things about your culture? Here is my list, in my culture people who want me to make a list of things about my culture get told to fuck off. What is sexual harassment? Having an intern suck your dick in the Oval Office is not sexual harassment apparently. "Your hair looks nice today" is sexual harassment. Notice how "he/she" is not used, only "he" is used to convey the message that only men can engage in sexual harassment. Looking at a women "in a way that made her feel uncomfortable" is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is anything that a woman with low self-esteem says it is. Sexual harassment is defined by the woman with the weakest ego. Why do people open mail that isn't theirs? I have a theory. It's based on the fact that stupid people believe the government can not make mistakes. You can see a person's philosophy towards life in the small things. Shape Magazine reader polls show yet again that the American people hate freedom. Instead of forcing employers to provide healthy snacks, why don't you just bring your own fucking food to work. Take responsibility for your own fucking life. Oh yea, and total number of troops withdrawn from Iraq? Zero! Instead of making it illegal to advertise junk food to children why don't you turn of the TV? Try applying some parenting skills. The solution to fat children is not the government, the solution to fat children is parenting. But parenting is beyond your fat, worthless, white-trash capabilities isn't it? Yet again The Great One, Himself goes of on dog shit. There is a democratically passed law which says when your dog shits in public you have to pick it up. Yet liberals will not pick up their dog shit. Dog DNA testing. You can trace the shit to the dog. I love this idea. In California citizens are cited for not wasting water by watering their lawns. Pubs are closing in the UK after smoking was banded in them. "A Nation of Wimps" from Psychology Today. Back to the Medicated Generation, aka Pussies. College freshmen drink booze. "They have been controlled for so long they just go crazy." Really? No shit? The Medicated Generation lacks social skills and they have no interest outside of their peer group. Perpetual access to parents keeps the Medicated Generation in perpetual childhood. I see this when I do interviews for job openings. People constantly say "I would go to my supervisor" or "I would tell a supervisor". They don't have the ability to take initiative and problem solve on their own. The supervisor becomes the parent. Cell phones undermine the ability of people to think and plan ahead of time. If you have a cell phone you can always be late because you can call people and tell them you are going to be late. My dick only fits in pussy that comes with a brain. With cell phones people can be flaky and indecisive, then they come into the workplace and find they can't plan ahead and can't keep commitments. Young people can't get jobs because they are irresponsible. In school and college everybody gets an award. In life, only winners get awards. The Everybody Gets an Award Generation can not problem solve. The cost of remedial education for the Medicated Generation. 60% need help in English, math, or both. More than half described themselves as "good students". The government has an interest in keeping people stupid, this is why the government runs education.

"Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."
-- P.J. O'Rourke

04 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #82. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. If I were the Messiah you would be trying to suck my dick, but I am The Great One, Himself. If it's on television, it must be true. Just started season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. Baltar is worshipped by a cult just like Hussein Obama. Baltar's cult is composed mostly of hot little chycks and he is trying to escape them? I don't think so. The trial of Baltar episodes took the low road. I use the word "really" way to fucking much. The advantage of reading magazines months after the have been published. "New money." What the fuck is new money? What is federal money? The federal government doesn't have any money except the money it takes away from people who generate wealth. Yes, more police officers are the answer. That will fix everything. Governments do not cuts spending. You can not show me one time when a government in the US has spent less money one year than it did the year before. You notice how the federal government comes up with a cute name for everything? I'm yet again growing disgruntled with the intelligence level of the American public. You people are so fucking stupid. If you want to reduce crime, reduce the number of things that are illegal. Thousands call for an end to war. What war? I thought the Messiah had ended the war. W. Monkey-boy Bush is not the president any more. It's not his fault the troops are in Iraq. It's the fault of Hussein Obama. "I love my home. I really want people to help me." Fuck you cunt. It doesn't matter what you want. AIG is now 80% federal owned. And Hussein isn't a socialist? The federal government will run AIG right. The federal government has done so many things so well. Coming soon, socialized health care. The Messiah is going to purchase toxic assets from banks to ease borrowing for consumers. When Bush said "spend money" he was an idiot, but when Hussein wants to make it easy to get credit so people can spend more money he is a genius! Giving credit to people who can't pay it back is how we got here. Back to the Everybody Gets An Award Generation. "I went through four years of college . . ." You can't get a job because you don't have any skills anyone is willing to pay for. They have be raised to believe they can "be anything". In real life you have to earn your rewards, you don't get them just by showing up. "I'm not finding much answers." Maybe that is why you can't get a job, you can't speak english. He thinks he is educated. Posting on facebook is not a skill people are willing to pay for. Employers are holding on to older workers who have knowledge and experience and better work habits - because these things are worth money to them. Budgeting is a "new skill" for the Medicated Generation. Hussein Obama is going to impose limits on the business practices of companies that did not take bailout money. What if we were to tie the pay of politicians to their performance? What "shadow banking system"? Why are we "regulating bad debt"? Why aren't we letting bad debt fail. Hussein doesn't want to "discourage more lending". Wow, you people are so fucking stupid. Hillary Klinton has a blackberry. I wonder if she downloads porn on it? Hillary has a facebook account. Fuck me. The Medicated Generation has be placated. Follow up on Dexter "women want the dick" Yarbough. Tony Frank lies in the first sentence. If I, a single, heterosexual, white man with a job, were to say "women want the dick, even when they say "no" they want the dick" I would be assaulted. When you are standing in front of a classroom as a teacher you have a certain level of responsibility. Yes, I think the world would be a better place if pigs were not allowed to break the law.

"Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries."
-- Douglas Casey

04 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #81. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. Global warming continues to fall from the sky in the form of snow. Soon we will all be dead. The cruise missile of my intellect is ready for launch. It will seek out and destroy stupidity. Watched the movie Taken this morning with Randi. It was a good movie. You know how liberal Democrats love Europe so much, but they hate rich people - what about rich Euro-trash. Why don't liberals hate rich Euro-trash and rich Europeans? Boomerang Kids: You can go home again. Nothing brings a family together like a recession. This guy is 29 years old and lives at home with mom & dad. He has an English degree and worked as a journalist - now he is unemployed and lives with mommy. College students spend more time drinking than studying according to some study. No shit? Really? The average college freshman spends 10 hours a week drinking and 2 hours a week working for pay. So where do they get the money for booze?? Naturally the old people who did this study were surprised by the results. 70% of college students admit they drink, the other 30% are liars. Hussein Obama sucks dick in South America, in return he gets a nice hand job. Here we go again: You can't make a direct correlation between socialized medicine and life span. You can't simplify things down that far. I know the stupid people want things simple - that is why the stupid people should not be allowed to vote. Outstanding public debt: $10,955,231,285,600.64. HOW'S YOUR FUCKING CHANGE!? You voted for change. A member of the Medicated Generation sees thru Hussein's bullshit. It's the Everyone Gets An Award Generation and they apply for volunteer government jobs in droves. Why? They don't have any skills that people are willing to pay them for. People with skills and the ability to create value either get paid for those skills or create jobs. Hussein, the Messiah, creates another crisis: Food Safety. Our food supply is killing us. It is a "hazard to public health." No, the FDA is a hazard to public health. Let's try applying some fucking logic here in regards to "fixing" this. Protecting our food and drug supply is not a "fundamental responsibility of the government" no matter how much the Messiah thinks so. - check it out. Does it bother anyone that a judge can issue a warrant for arrest and the police don't know why the warrant is issued? It bothers me, but then again I don't hate freedom like you fuck-heads do. AIG: Yet again let me say, the problem isn't the CEOs, the problem is the bailouts. People were shocked to discover that CEOs give themselves bonuses. Why do you think these corporations don't have any money? Because they are fiscally irresponsible. This is all just part of the path to socializing the economy. At some point there will be laws determining how much money you can make. By the end of King Hussein's rule there will be a maximum-wage law. You heard it here first. Corporate welfare = good. Bonuses = bad. Back to how we are all dying from the food supply crisis. "Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized." Oh bullshit. "5000 a year die." Oh bullshit, besides there are lots of things that kill more than 5000 people a year, and what about all the people who don't die? And what about all the people who are healthy and alive because of our food system? And what about all the fat poor people? And why aren't the poor paying their fair share? How much of the problem is a matter of people being too stupid to wash their food before preparing it, and washing their hands before preparing/eating food? With the rise of King Hussein, the Messiah, we have also seen the rise of the Religious Left. The Messiah has made a big deal out of his religions conviction and normally this has been the domain of the Republicans. I think it's going to be interesting to see where this goes.

"I'm not saying not to drink; I drank a lot in this school."
-- Olympic gold medalist Jimmy Shea
to students at Conard High School in West Hartford

"What kind of message does it send when a gold medalist says something like that?"
-- social studies teacher Christopher Islaub

"The truth maybe? King William I smoked pot, King George II did cocaine, so we should tell kids that if they drink a beer they can never amount to anything in their life?"
-- The Great One, Himself

04 APR 09: (time 54:20): STO #80. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. I am not PC. Fuck you. If you disagree with me you are wrong. Fucking deal with it. It's still cold outside. Global warming has brought snow to Fort Collins in April. You can send me an email if you have the spine to do so. Let's talk a bit more about the conclusions arrived at in the book The Dumbest Generation. Are there some exceptions? Yes, some people under 30 have achieved things, some of them can think. Most of them can not. The centre of their existence is their own ego, their friends and pop culture. Why are books important? Availability is not the same as access. There is lots of information available on the internet but that doesn't mean anyone is accessing. The Medicated Generation uses the internet to access their friends, peer group and pop culture. You can't find an example of where a nation has taxed itself into prosperity. When you don't have access to history you can't find the flaw in that. Hussein Obama was smart in seeking the vote of the Dumbest Generation, they have no experience or knowledge base they can use to filter what Hussein says. The Medicated Generation doesn't even talk to each other in person any more. It's all text messages. "No scientific data will be distorted or concealed to preserve a political agenda." Oh bullshit, how about global warming? Hussein is looking for "sound science" except of course when it comes to global warming. The CLS supports stem-cell research. The CLS does not support the federal government paying for stem-cell research. Any time some starts talking about how much they value "free speech" that means they are about to come out against free speech. Women are not attracted to men who are pussies. You can stop now. CSU is the green university! Green as in money. How much money CSU has spent being the green university, and how much paper has been wasted in the process. "Green" is an advertising gimmick, nothing more. Newspapers are dead. How many times do I have to say this? Dexter is selling his homes, yes homes. When you are the highest paid police office in Colorado and you advocate raping women while teaching class at a college you get to have two homes. And the state of Colorado has a budget crisis? And we paid this asshole how much to sexually harass women? Yet the government wants to regulate free market businesses. Hussein spends $410 billion and says this is "an end to the old way of doing business." Where is your fucking change now? Hussein signed the bill in private. This is the first thing he has done, other than shit and jack off, without having a camera pointed at him. Bush is not the president any more, we have change, fucking get over it. "Next time" earmarks are going to have to have a legitimate purpose. Next time - this is like saying "I'm going on a diet. Tomorrow." The spending bill is 1132 pages long - what the hell, over? Does anyone really think all that spending can be Constitutional? And this is not all government spends, this is only part of it. CSU offers sexual assault resources. So if you need help sexually assaulting people, CSU is there for you. 1 in 4 women on a college campus have been sexually assaulted. How can you people believe this shit? There is no critical thinking applied here at all. Resource after you have been sexually assaulted? Women don't know their resources? How to defend yourself against sexual assault: Kick him in the nuts and run away. If you can't do that, you are not equal to a man, so shut your bitch ass up and get into the kitchen. Women could defend themselves with guns, but the Feminazi movement has worked to make sure women are unarmed and defenceless so they can be raped. Liberals want you women to be helpless, they want you to be raped. Yes, you read that right, liberal Democrats, the police and the Feminazi/feminist want you to be raped because that - your weakness, your victimhood - is the source of their power. Then we have to get alcohol involved. Girls get drunk, then get raped, so we must get rid of booze. No, we must teach people how to drink and allow them to be responsible. We need to eliminate the drinking age, like they do in Europe. Yes, you do have a level of responsibility for what happens to you. Deal with it. You don't have a right to go where you want and do what you want. Facebook is not real.

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with a result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependency; from dependency back into bondage."
-- Alexander Fraser Tytler
The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Democracy

28 MAR 09: (time 54:20): STO #79. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. Back to "The Dumbest Generation" and how stupid the under 30 kids are. I will read a number of passages from this book. Global warming is dumping snow on Fort Collins. High self-esteem, but low intelligence. We need to stop repeating "you're special" to them. When kids are young they find disappointment in the world and they can't handle it. They believe they are the centre of the universe, but then they go out into the world and encounter real diversity, when they encounter people who disagree with them, they can't handle it. All through school parents, peers and teachers tell them how wonderful and precious they are, but when they get to the real world they find out it isn't so. They, like the people I work for at CSU, are not capable of assessing their own skill levels. When they make mistakes they don't see the mistakes. They are infatuated by their own perfection. They think they know everything and therefore will not try to learn anything new. Below you see a resignation letter written by a college student about to graduate with a 4 year degree. This person has been told that he is special, believes that he is special and thinks that he deserves a well paying job. Once you get into the real world you will find that things like math, reading, writing, history, comprehension skills - all of these things actually matter. And yet, students believe they will complete 4 years of college and many think they will go on to complete even more college - yet they don't have the skills to be successful. This is why the media doesn't get Hussein Obama, they don't understand math. How well are high school students prepared for college? Not well according to college professors, but very well according to high school teachers. Most people are incapable of admitting they have fucked up. This is why they are failures. If you can't realize you fucked up, you can't learn from your mistakes. The Medicated Generation gets it's reference point not from the great thinkers of the past, but from it's peer group. Their thinking is social and short-sighted. Their world consists of facebook, twitter, cell phones and ipods. They are isolated from the past, the great ideas and the ability to assess and understand current events. Yet these people believe they should be allowed to vote, and we let them vote, and we got Hussein Obama. They don't talk with their friends about books, they don't read books, they probably don't know what a book looks like. Our society has become so youth driven that "cool" is now defined as what young people are doing. The activities of mature people are looked down upon and the mature now strive to join the youth in their adolescent behaviour. Instead of being afraid the Medicated Generation will not find them "cool" the adults of the world need to grow up, pull their pants up, and kick the Dumbest Generation in it's ass. This generation lives in a world where everything is done for them. They have it so easy there is no need for them to think. Everything is given to them or provided free of charge. You can find a computer for free almost any place. They don't even need the skills to earn money to buy a computer. AND THEY ALL HAVE "ADD" AND "ADHD"! NO THEY DON'T, THEY HAVE TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME. TURN OFF THE COMPUTER AND TV. THEY WERE RAISED ON TV, THEY STAIR AT RAPIDLY MOVING PICTURES FOR HOURS OUT OF EVERY DAY. Turn off the electronic devices and put a book in their hand. "I would never read something I disagree with." So said to me a member of the Dumbest Generation. They clump together in small groups of people who all agree with each other. They never encounter new or different ideas. The Medicated Generation lives to satisfy their friends and peer group. Outside of that, nothing else matters. These kids decided our last election, and they are going to decide the next one. We are fucked.

"Filthy story-teller, despot, liar, thief, braggart, buffoon, usurper, monster, ignoramus Abe, old scoundrel, perjurer, robber, swindler, tyrant, field-butcher, land-pirate."
-- Harper's Weekly magazine, 1852, on Abraham Lincoln

26 MAR 09: (time 54:20): STO #78. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. It's snowing in Fort Collins. Global Warming is destroying the world. Total number of contracts with Halliburton Corporation cancelled by Hussein Obama? Zero! "Women want the dick. Even when they say no, they want the dick." Newspapers are full of idiocy. "Momshells?" How fucking sad are you people? Sarah Palin is not hot. What is wrong with you people? I wouldn't do Sarah Palin with Bill Clinton's dick. I don't rely on emotions to make my point usually - or at least so I claim . . . Let me be clear right up front: I don't like children. I support leash laws for children. I support child-free zones. We don't need to "save the children" all the time. Children die, just like adults. Fuck the children. Keep your children away from me and spank their asses when they fuck up. The 'Baby Grace' incident & trial. The torture, beating and murder of a child by her white-trash, welfare collecting, Democrat voting parents. "We need to break her." She's a 2 year old girl, not a fucking terrorist. Her parents held her head under water in order to teach her to say "please". Where was the mother during this torture session? Mom was right there watching and helping. Yet the Femi-Nazis maintain that the world would be such a wonderful place is only women ran things. Really? When she was unable to stand on her own her white trash parents realized that "something is wrong". No shit? These parents are so stupid they couldn't dig a hole in the ground to bury their murdered daughter. WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE GETTING A FUCKING TRIAL? KILL THEM. TORTURE THEM IN PUBLIC. STICK NEEDLES IN THEIR EYES. THEY DON'T DESERVE A TRIAL, THEY DON'T HAVE RIGHTS. KILL THEM. This is a case of "rights" going way to far. What scumbag lawyer would defend these people? He should be killed also. They murdered a 2 year old girl. Are the details of how they murdered a 2 year old girl really that important? If they only hit her with the belt 90 times instead of 100 does that make a difference? "The death penalty is not appropriate in the case of a parent killing their child" says the dick head from the government. Are you fucking serious? WHEN A PARENT KILLS HER CHILD THE DEATH PENALTY SHOULD BE MANDITORY! FUCKING HELL! Neither of the parents "intended or foresaw" that Reilly would die. You have got to be fucking kidding me. I am so pissed off about this that we are going to pause the recording so I can calm down. "The Dumbest Generation" - a great book about how stupid the under 30 gang is. Young people can find information, but they can't understand, sort, evaluate or organize the information. They can find it, but don't know how to use it. If this is the future of America we are fucked. The iphone now has 'cut and paste'. Wow, now we can feed all those starving children. They are suppose to be so much smarter because they are Web 2.0. They aren't smarter, they are more self-centred. The young people most familiar with technology are also the ones who most want to keep it out of the classroom. Makes you wonder, don't it? Old people think that young people are so smart because they are on the internet all the time. The kids are on the internet playing games and talking to their friends, not becoming educated. Fucking around on facebook does not translate into any valuable skills. Some schools are now getting rid of laptop computers for students as a requirement and/or entitlement. The amount of money spent on laptops could be spent on real educational material, like books. Rare word count/ranking of different media. A comic book has more complex language than children's books. Give your kids comic books to read. Now there is twitter. What's with the homo-erotic naming system. These kids lives are composed on nothing other than themselves and their peer group.

Fucking hold everything!

I've figured out how Hussein Obama, the first affirmative action president of the United States, is going to fix the economy.

By selling merchandise which follows from his cult of personality. With all the manufacturing jobs created in the process we'll all be saved.

The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain.
-- Colin Wilson

17 MAR 09: (time 48:13): STO #77. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. Back for number 3 in a row. We watched another 30 minutes of 'Day of Darkness' - which turned out to be a terrible movie. It's totally not a zombie movie. Plus Hussein Obama's stimulus is not big enough. Crap, there is another election in less than 4 years. Hussein has taken elections to a new level. It's all about internet and pop stars and logos. There is no substance to his presidency just as there was no substance to his campaign. If the Republicans want to have even a chance in hell of wining in 4 years they are going to have to find a marketing person who can match Obama's marketing. It's all about being young, pretty and talking nice without saying anything. I hate when my brain doesn't function. I was going to say something profound. or whatever it is. A future marketing tool for Hussein after he is no longer president. Hussein is a communist and a marketing genius. He has his own fucking logo for fuck's sake! But he's got some mad marketing skills. The Rocky Mountain News in Denver has gone out of business. As if anyone gives a shit. Print media is dead. How fucking many times must I say this? Most of the information in the newspaper are AP articles which you can get on the internet. Let if go. Plus, Hussein Obama passed a stimulus package that would create 60,000 jobs in Colorado - so what is the problem. The Messiah is going to save them. $1.75 trillion deficit (this year) - passes for "responsibility" according to the Messiah. "Boosting the deficit" will fix our economic "crisis". How fucking stupid are you people? Oh yea, really, really stupid. Total federal debt = $10 trillion. There is your change. This has reached the point that I can't even make fun of it any more. This is a "new era of responsibility" for the Messiah. He is giving out corporate welfare. This is the polar opposite of responsibility. All these corporations must be allowed to fail. It's that time of year when we must be reminded that Hitler killed Jews and Jews are the only people in the history of the world who have ever died. Ever notice that when communist kill people it's okay? Communist leaders are still worshipped on college campuses. Does awareness prevent genocide? No it doesn't. Molly is stupid to think that it does. They are the dumbest generation. "Secret Bush Anti-Terror Memos" to distract people from Hussein's fuck ups. Justice Department says the President can ignore the Constitution. And you dumb fucks want to give the government control over health care. D.C. gets a house in the House. D.C. is not a fucking state. They are not entitled to representation in Congress. This is just another attempt by liberals to stack the deck. Monkey Boy Bush added $4 trillion to the deficit in 8 years. Notice how the media never points out that budgets are suppose to created by the House, not the President. Hussein added $1.7 trillion in his first 2 months. New homeless centre provides "one stop shopping". Do the homeless have busy schedules? How pressed for time can they be? "We have everything from AIDS testing to dental care to domestic violence councilling." Wow! Domestic violence amongst homeless people? If you spouse is abusing you - leave. It's not like there is a home you both live in together. My brain hurts from the stupidity. I am serious - I have physical pain, in my brain cells, due to the stupidity level. How do you determine that someone is "facing homelessness". Anything that helps homeless people get jobs is great - but notice that when people like me say that homeless people should get jobs we are labelled as "insensitive". Why are the homeless advocates lying so much? What is the real agenda here? "Women want the dick. Even when they say no, they want the dick." CSU PD Chief resigns. CSU didn't fire him for advocating rape and committing sexual harassment. No, because this is the change for the hope for the hope for the change. While he was being investigated Dexter was paid $33,0000. What the fuck! And CSU has a budget problem? He obviously did something illegal - otherwise he wouldn't be "resigning". The Repeat/Delete comic strip pisses off another Femi-Nazi. Words do not shape reality.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.
-- George Bernard Shaw

17 MAR 09: (time 54:20): STO #76. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. Days of Darkness is a terrible movie. Do not watch this movie. T.R. Reid - a journalist - thinks he can find the solution to the healthcare "problem". He also thinks, like most stupid people, that healthcare is "free". "Everyone deserves health care." Really? Bullshit. If you really want to protect your "right to abortion" the last thing you should do is give control of health care to the government. There is no "free" - someone has to pay for it. If every country on Earth except for the U.S. has free health care, and you want free health care, why don't you go to one of those other countries. Go to where the free health care is. Things funded by the government are funded by the government because no one will pay for them given the choice. Hussein is cheered in Canada. The Canadians were "delighted" to watch Hussein Obama spending money in a store. Canadians are easy to entertain. Total number of troops withdrawn from Iraq = zero. Canada is pulling out of Afghanistan while Hussein is sending more troops. We have a black President, but America is still racist. So many people cling to the belief that all white people are racist. Black people put on events to remind white people that white people are racist, then when white people don't show up to participate black people say this is evidence of racism. You constant attempts to shove racism down our throats is getting old. You can't keep riding the race bus forever. Sooner or later it's gonna stop and you'll have to get off. "Racism is everywhere." You know, if you have to look so very hard for racism, that means there probably isn't any racism. Let's talk yet again about why Hussein Obama is the first affirmative action president. Supposedly "education" is the key to defeating racism, yet according to black organizations, college campuses are rampet with racism. So either there isn't racism on college campuses, or education isn't the key, or colleges are not educating people. Take your pick. Only 1% of tenured professors at CSU are black, so we need to hire more black people. That is a quote, and that is racism. Deal with it. Hussein Obama urges spending curbs as he hands out $15 billion. Can you stupid fucking people not see Hussein Obama standing there lying to you. He pledged to dramatically slash the sky-rocketing federal deficit. There is a $10 trillion deficit and Hussein is going to bring back "pay as you go" government spending. Oh, and we are going to do it "for the children". Ya know what we need for the children? We need people who have children (aka breeders) should pay more taxes, not fewer. Hussein is already performing his next re-election race. Hell, he hasn't stopped campaigning from the first election race. "We will rebuild. We will recover." Have we just been bombed? What the fuck is this fool talking about? BHO wants to be FDR so bad he can't stand it. This man has mental problems. "More money will be needed" to rescue the banks that are going under. Here is BHO's plan: Borrow money from China, give the money to banks, so citizens can borrow money, which they can't pay back because there taxes have to be raised so the government can pay the loan back to China. How fucking stupid are you people? Is this the fucking hope for the change for the change of the hope that you voted for? The obligatory article regarding eating disorders. The "Barbie vs. 'Real Women' comparison". If you are attempting to model your physical shape after that of a doll, you are too stupid to be allowed to vote, or even to live for that matter.

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.
-- Malcolm X
Malcolm X Speaks

17 MAR 09: (time 54:20): STO #75. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. Damn, so much going on, so little time. Go to and check out their awesome role playing games. Weather is wonderful, trail running is great. The greatest movie ever filmed: Poultrygeist, Night of the Chicken Dead. This movie is totally fucking awesome. You must see it. It's a zombie satire & social satire movie all in one. Lawmakers work to remove state spending cap - because yes, we need to allow the state to spend more money! That's how you fix the economy, by spending more money. "Signing the stimulus." Stimulus is not a noun and it can't have hope. I am reading The Dumbest Generation and it's so true. The under 30 crowd is so fucking stupid. How much did it cost for Hussein to fly in Air Force One to Denver just to sign this bill and get his photo taken? Hussein, you won the election, you are the president, you can stop campaigning now. We have this "crisis" because people took out loans they could't pay back, so the government is going to fix it by taking out loans which it can't possibly pay back. The jobs the government is going to create/stimulate are the jobs that no one is willing to pay others to do. Hussein's package . . . it's huge, and stimulating! His package is going to save X number of jobs. How does he support this? How can anyone disprove it? Neither is possible. Thus Hussein will get credit no matter what happens. Shades of CSU works to keep racism alive and kicking. "Mixed races are just beginning to be identified." Racist perpetuate racism so that they can have government jobs. Tracking the actions of students and controlling their movements. More corporate welfare as Hussein bails out the auto industry. The American Dream = giving welfare to corporations. 59,000 jobs will be created across Colorado. How do you prove/support this? You can't. It's pure bullshit. More troops sent to Afghanistan and Pakistan. I've fucking told you ass candy fans that Hussein is not a peacenik. Sending more troops to Afghanistan puts the US on a path to getting out of the war. Send more troops in order to end the war. So shouldn't we be sending more troops to Iraq? The media is anti-war and pro-deployment. Send more troops off to the war we are opposed to. "A crisis unlike any we have ever known." With Hussein everything is a crisis. It's "just and fair" to bail out people who took out loans they can not pay off. "All of us must learn to live within our means again." Except for the government which is taking out billions of dollars in loans in order to bail out all the people who made poor financial decisions. If you buy a home to sell the home and make money you are fucked. The economic crisis in the US could effect a "global collapse". Who gives a fuck. Hussein Obama's stimulus is too small . . . for the job.

Meetings are an addictive, highly self-indulgent activity that corporations and other organizations habitually engage in only because they cannot actually masturbate.
-- Dave Barry

18 FEB 09: (time 54:20): STO #74. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Obama Watch is operational. The messia himself, King Hussein Obama, is in Denver signing his stimulus. Journalists think that "stimulus" is a noun. King Hussein is going to give more power to the National Security Council. Expanding its membership and increasing its authority. Nation building, climate change and infrastructure are now under the authority of the NSC. How 'bout them civil liberties now assholes? King Hussein seeks permission from the sissy Europeans and the drunk Russians to put a missile shield in Europe. I told you people Hussein wouldn't fart without permission from the French. The problem with the bailout money going to CEO bonuses isn't where the money is going, the problem is that Hussein is giving away the corporate welfare to begin with. You can not create "artificial demand" in a free market economy. The fact that it is artificial means it's not really a demand. How fucking stupid can you people be. If you are unemployed what are you doing going to Starbucks to buy coffee? I don't feel sorry for you bitch. If you can afford Starbucks you can't be hurting that bad. The whining and self-pity of the unemployed. If you are looking for a job here is a news flash: All the people who are hiring are busy creating wealth, stop bugging them and getting in their faces. They are busy, not unemployed like you. Drop off your resume and go the fuck away. King Hussein kisses union ass in order to get votes in the next election. Hussein has already signed four "union friendly" executive orders. California state offices shut down as workers take a day off without pay. King Hussein admits the stimulus is a spending bill. King Hussein believes that things which have already happened in the past may or may not happen. Video coming soon. Failure to raise taxes could turn a "crisis" into a "catastrophe". The recession is "long"? It just fucking started when Hussein took office. I never even noticed we were in a "recession" until King Hussein told me. The federal government is "the only power" that can save us. I'm gonna fucking puke. The government is the power which is destroying our economy. It's King Hussein's "artificial demands" which are going to bring the system down. The things which have weakened the private sector are taxes, regulations and government. The Repeat/Delete comic is getting the feminazis all upset. Outraged feminazi declares "I am not a sex object!" Yea, no shit you aren't. King Hussein may inject $3 trillion dollars into the economy. The government is going to "create jobs". How? What jobs? Explain this. What fucking jobs are you going to create? The government can't "create" jobs because it can only finance those jobs by taking money away from people who work or by borrowing it. King Hussein is going to give a tax break to people who don't pay income taxes. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! HUSSEIN HAS SUCKED OFF THE UNIONS AND SWALLOWED THEIR LOAD, NOW HE'S GIVING A RIM JOB TO THE POOR. WHO DOESN'T PAY TAXES, WHY DON'T THEY PAY TAXES AND WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE A TAX BREAK? EVERYONE SHOULD PAY INCOME TAX. THERE SHOULD BE A MINIMUM FUCKING INCOME TAX. YOU WANNA BE PART OF SOCIETY THEN PAY YOUR FUCKING FAIR SHARE!!!! FUCK POOR PEOPLE! PAY YOUR FUCKING FAIR SHARE! I'VE FUCKING HAD IT WITH YOU PARASITES. PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE OR DIE. If you child ever fucking bites me, I'm gonna kill it. I fully advocate a leash law for children - not joking, at all. You children are a burden on society as it is. Control them, or I'll control them for you. In addition to taxing the poor, it's time to tax the church. If you have a hyphenated last name nobody gives a fuck what you think.

Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away.
-- Antoine De Saint-Exupery

01 FEB 09: (time 33:19): STO #73. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: One thing that will never change: I am right and you are wrong. Obama Watch is operational. Check it out. King Hussein and ethics. How is he holding up to what he promised in the Blueprint for Change? He isn't. Let's examine the change for the hope of the hope for the change. Obama gives a wavier for his own ethics standards to a rich white man who works for a defence contractor. HOWS YOUR FUCKING CHANGE ASSHOLES?!? He lied to you in order to get elected and now King Hussein is pissing in your face. What the fuck is an ethic wavier? A list of the rich people King Hussein is appointing to his cabinet. After appointing all these rich people, King Hussein attacks rich people. Now is not the time for making profit. The problem is not corporations buying jets, the problem is the government giving corporations money. The days of printing newspapers are about over. And what about all those dead trees?

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
-- George Bernard Shaw
Maxims for Revolutions

01 FEB 09: (time 54:20): STO #72. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: King Hussein is not pulling the troops out of Afghanistan. He has told you he isn't going to do this, yet the dirty fucking hippies can't accept that. Global warming, there is no "scientific consensus" - get over it. Liberals, please keep purchasing ads in newspapers, because that kills trees, uses electricity and contributes to global warming. That's how we get 60 degree weather in Colorado in January. Fuck Yea! There is a porn version of Netflix, which pisses me off, because I wanted to start that business. It's called - not that I've used it, I've just heard about it, that's all. Obama pitches . . . is he a switch hitter? How does King Hussein know what the "full capacity of the economy" is? This is a nonsense term. The real purpose of the stimulus plan is to create public works projects which will employee people who will vote Democrat. Why is WW2 the base line for measuring job loss? Meanwhile, the Republicans have discovered free market economics. Wow, where the fuck have the Republicans been for the last FUCKING EIGHT YEARS WHEN THEY WERE IN POWER?!? The Republicans gave us a trillion dollar war and bailed out multiple corporations and now they are pretending to believe in free markets? Get the fuck out . . . A list of the things King Hussein's stimulus is going to achieve. I simplify the entire tax code into one paragraph. I can also solve the health insurance "crisis". King Hussein cautions against expecting instant results, as opposed to what he said during the campaign. Suddenly "change" takes time. We can not replace all the energy used in the U.S. with power generated from windmills, solar power and hippies smoking dope. It's simply not possible given the current technology level and our levels of energy use. Technology doesn't improve on command and if we reduce levels on energy use that will be accompanied by further economic problems and unemployment. "My administration will not deny the facts." Oh bullshit! Get this, building a parking garage and putting a Starbucks in it will "lower the carbon footprint" of CSU. I'm not fucking making this up. This is what CSU is telling people. HOW THE FUCK DOES BUILDING A STARBUCKS LOWER CARBON FOOTPRINTS? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? WHY ARE YOU ALLOWED TO LIVE? This is the "future of America"? FUCK! Global warming and carbon footprints will justify anything. We could kill Jews and say "we are lowering the carbon footprint" and college kids would turn in their Jewish friends. King Hussein want's a depression so badly because he wants to be FDR. The U.S. is paying families for killing their relatives in Afghanistan and apologizing to them. We are fucking saying we are sorry to the enemy. "We are going to double our troop presence in Afghanistan." You people are so fucking snowed by the cult of personality that you can't see the truth. If you voted for Obama you should be killed. King Hussein is not a peacenik. How many fucking times do I have to tell you this. A human life is worth $2500 to the U.S. government. This is the hope and the change that King Hussein Obama, the first affirmative action president of the U.S., has brought to the world. The U.S. needs to stop sending troops to other countries, killing people and then saying "we are here to help". We are not here to help, we are here to fucking things up. How would we respond if Canada and China sent troop to major cities in the U.S. in order to "help"? I suggest most people wouldn't like it at all, so why should others welcome our troops to their streets? Going to other countries and killing people is not helping them, but that's what King Hussein thinks. "Obama prods." What? He's a switch hitter and he prods? Is he Klinton now? Saving jobs - how do you know what jobs have been "saved"? This is pure bullshit. You can't evaluate this or measure this in any way. MLK, JFK, FDR and BHO. So much of this is driven by the guild people feel from living in a first world country. I don't feel guilt like you stupid people. This is why I don't fall for the bullshit and believe that building a parking garage will lower my carbon footprint.

Hey, get that out of your mouth! - Aqua Dot toys have been pulled off retailers' shelves nationwide, after news reports claimed that the toys contained gamma hydroxy butyrate - also known as GHB or the "date rape drug." (Actually, the toys contained a different chemical that, when eaten and metabolized, converts into GHB.) These reports put regulators and parents in a tizzy. I've always been suspicious of the media label "Date Rape Drug." It's like calling duct tape "Abduction Wrap." Also, I don't want to dismiss the scare felt by the parents of the two children who were hospitalized after eating Aqua Dots - but, when I grew up, you were taught not to eat your toys. There has to be some recognition that it's dangerous for children to put non-food items in their mouths and start chewing. Perhaps we need more data. We can outsource the research - set up a laboratory in a developing country where we feed kids toys to make certain they're edible. "Poor Wang Phat. Last week, he was testing army men. Not so bad eating them - but the next day, ouch! Especially the guy lying down with the bayonet."
-- Tim Slagle (in Liberty magazine)

25 JAN 09: (time 1:08:30):STO #71. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Thank you liberals for driving cars and contributing to global warming. It's been nice and warm in Colorado this winter. How corrupt is the police chief of CSU, and why does he have four stars on his collar? You are not a fucking admiral. Do police really have to choose between enforcing the law and obeying the law? Why are they not capable of doing both? "Didn't I tell you the police lie?" Of course the police lie, and they break the law. Police are criminals. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity exist for two reason: 1. Get jobs for minorities even when they are not qualified. 2. Make sure minorities keep their jobs regardless of performance or behaviour (to include sexual harassment). Why is the CSU Pig Chief the highest paid police officer in Colorado? How does this make sense? Dexter advocates paying criminals for information with drugs. If the police play fair crime rates will go up says Dexter. What makes crime rates go up? The government does - the government makes things illegal and that makes crime rates go up. There isn't more crime, there are more actions which are illegal. The CSU Pig Chief states that he supports beating suspected criminals and criminals. Where is the ACLU at? They are sucking Hussein Obama's dick, that's where. "Women want the dick. Even when they say no, they want the dick." If a white man said this, you'd never hear the end of it. Since a black man who is a police officer said it CSU looks the other way. Dexter damaged his police car by hitting a rock and lied about it, saying some hit him. Why? Why would you lie about this? How tiny is this faggot's dick? Dexter issues orders protecting CSU athletes from police authority. Dexter says he was not being sexist on purpose. So if you are sexist on accident it's okay? Does that include for white men with jobs or just black men? I'm very calm today . . . how odd. I haven't yelled or banged anything yet (other than banging you bitch that is). An analysis of police anti-drug activities and why they are encouraged. Police don't need evidence of a crime, they only need to "believe" a crime "might" have taken place. All cash & coin in the U.S. has traces of drugs on it. And then the hard drive crashed. My brilliance was not lost however. Lucky you. X-Files: I Want To Believe is just fucking terrible. Do not watch this movie. Ever. It is painful. The drug war goes on because it provides the government & pigs both power and money. The police find cocaine in the car they are driving. The police can seize money because it "might be derived from a criminal activity" - yet can't that be said about any money? How can you "prove" any amount of money you have was not derived from a criminal activity? I foresee a time when the possession of cash and coin will actually be illegal because it's so hard to trace. If you think King Hussein is going to shut down the drug war you are a fucking retard. Rachel Hoffman, killed by the pigs for having a joint. England isn't doing much better with their pigs either.... Abuse of Power, CSU police chief, corrupt, sexist and stupid.

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."
-- President Bill Clinton

24 JAN 09: (time 54:20):STO #70. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: The first STO since King Hussein has taken the Oath of Office. No, I haven't watched television. That's why I'm not stupid. You say change, I say bullshit. You say progressive, I say communist. You say hope, I say shut the fuck up. It was good to see however that the KKK or Nazis didn't take a shot at him, or if they did try something they were silenced and we don't know about it. Maybe racism is less visible because there is less of it. Ever thought of that? You can't use your skin colour as an excuse for failure forever. Eventually you must grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. Obama says "we are going to make government work". Oh bullshit. Does King Hussein smoke? What do the anti-tobacco Nazis have to say about that? Just because King Hussein got elected for his skin colour doesn't mean he can't overcome that and become a good president. I don't think it's likely he will be a good president, but it is possible. A 12 year old from South Korea weighs in on racism. In 3rd grade his classmates "made fun of him for being Chinese" in spite of his being from Korea. 3rd graders make fun of each other? Really? No shit? Liberalism is simply a reaction to the normal trials of childhood. Most of us simply survive it. Liberals are traumatized by this stuff and fucked up for life. If your classmates make fun of you, make fun of them back you little fucking pussy. If government works, and since the government runs the education system, how is it that jr. high students don't know the difference between China and Korea. This is the future of America? Some people need direction from an outside source and those people should not have power. If your sense of self-worth can only come from outside you are a worthless person. Millions of people in the U.S. are waiting for King Hussein to tell them what to do. Those people are dangerous to freedom. Joesph Biden strapped on a tool belt. Everything is better now. The economy is fixed. Change has arrived. Yet again let me remind you stupid fuckers that the president does not control the economy. How can Kennedy have brain cancer? He has no brain. King Hussein talks about personal responsibility? The entire liberal agenda is centred upon avoiding personal responsibility. For the next 2 years the Democrats are in control, let's see how they deal with the problems when they can't blame the Republicans. The economy is in a "long and deepening recession"? Long?? What?? The government does not have money of its own, only money it takes from other people. King Hussein has no clue about economics. Republicans panic: The Democrats are going to release terrorist into small towns across the United States! Panic and fear! Panic and fear! King Hussein - please get Israel's dick out of your mouth. King Hussein is not a peacnik.

"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."
-- Chief Justice John Roberts

18 JAN 09: (time 47:19): STO #69. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Only two days until the Messiah takes office and saves us from the evil rich people. I made the mistake of picking up a newspaper this morning. There is a reason I stay away from the media. MLK day and how cold it is outside. Liberals want diversity, but they don't want to be cold. Change we need. The entire newspaper is nothing but Obama. How is Hussein going to fix the economy? By selling merchandise with his face. You can buy a copy of the front page of the newspaper, for $94. Or, you could buy the newspaper for 50 cents. There is a fucking Obama mouse pad! The entire newspaper today is all Black-bama. How many times will Black-bama's skin colour be mentioned? How many times will he be compared to JFK, FDR, MLK and Lincoln? The excuse for all of Hussein's failures is going to be "the Bush administration didn't do anything and the problem got out of control." It "kind of"? It either does or doesn't. What the fuck is this "kind of" shit? I will not be getting on board with "change". I am not "ready, willing and able". Obama is not MLK. MLK said "judge people by the content of their character, not the colour of their skin". Black-bama said "if we hate rich people all problems will go away". Obama is not saying that "all people have value". Obama is saying that people can be divided up into categories based on gender, skin colour, religion and economic status. Children write in about their favourite president. Some children nominated Obama. He isn't the president yet. How fucking stupid are you Adam, and you are 15 years old. These children are the "future of America" and we are fucked. Lincoln did not "pass" the Emancipation Proclamation or the 15th Amendment. Buy hey, you are only 15 years old. Looks like that public education is working really well. And some people want 16 year old kids to vote. This is why. They are stupid. Another "future of America" dumb fuck says "my favorite president is G. W. Bush. Many people don't like him. You have to like him or else our country would go wild. He provided us food, money, shelter and other stuff." FUCKING KILL ME NOW!!!!! HOW FUCKING STUPID IS THIS CHILD? WHY IS THIS CHILD ALLOWED TO LIVE? This fucking 10 year old child, this future voter, thinks that food, money, shelter and "other stuff" comes from the President. These kids are absolutely stupid. "One thing Obama hasn't done yet is start making decisions." In every article in the paper, except one, Hussein Black-bama's skin colour is mentioned within the first 3 sentences. Don't tell me it's not about race. "Managed expectations. He can't fix this mess over night." Really? That's not what I heard during the campaign. "American's must do their part." We do our part. It's called paying taxes. Just as FDR prolonged the Great Depression, so is King Hussein going to prolong our current financial downturn. This is the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression? Then we are doing pretty good. "His stimulus hopes to create . . ." How fucking illiterate are journalists? Obama might have to "scale back". The media is already making excuses for his failure. Federal loans to automobile corporations run by rich white men. This is the change you voted for. Obama is "open to off-shore drilling". Wow, change!

There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And, with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.
-- P.J. O'Rourke

28 DEC 08: (time 54:20): STO #68. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: The question is, can Hussein Obama walk on water? We continue with men fighting gender violence. Since most sexual perpetrators are men, it's okay to single out men. Yet since most terrorist are Muslims we can not single out Muslims. Checking out girls "devalues" them. To a femi-nazi looking at a women is sexual assault. If you women are really so fragile that someone looking at you is harmful to your ego how dare you think you are equal to me? Are women really helpless when confronted with issues such as being looked at? And if she is so traumatized by being looked at, why is she dressed like a whore? Of course government, liberals and religious people want women to be helpless & fragile - that way women need government, liberals and religious people. "The government, via legislation, can heal fear." This is what liberals believe. The CSU Green Man. How much paper is that wasting? Save the Earth with nuclear power. But no, instead you can pay $20 extra when living in the dorms in order to get wind power. The only green CSU is interested in is money. CSU imported fake snow in October so students could snowboard in the plaza of the student centre. CSU, LOCATED IN COLORADO!!! FUCKING IMPORTED FAKE SNOW!!!!! FAKE SNOW, IN WINTER, IN COLORADO!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU FUCKING DUMB FUCKS!!!!! Reduce carbon emissions by 80%? Really, and which 80% of the economy are you eliminating to achieve this? Back to killing the poor. Freeloading of a union is "wrong" but freeloading off society is "right". Free-riders, people who collect benefits without paying. Like welfare parasite you mean? How the fuck to welfare recipients have plasma TVs and ipods? How about if the fucking poor people pay their fair share? Then there is corporate welfare. For sports teams no less. Sports teams are just corporations. I know you want to suck John Elway's dick, but the Denver Broncos are just another corporation. Plus, the Superbowel is rigged. The football team owners (CEOs) already know who is going to win each Superbowel before it's played. Taking money from the taxpayers to build a stadium is a benefit? The Personhood Amendment in Colorado. There is no evidence for evolution, but we can scientifically prove life begins at conception. Of course . . . There is a difference between "life" and a "human". She believes there would be no immigration debate in the U.S. if we didn't have abortion. The problem with democracy is that people are stupid. Affirmative actions is a "special advantage". So says the supporters of affirmative action. No one who is black can be allowed to be successful without help from affirmative action, because if one person can do it, others can do it - then suddenly you have some people who are capable and others who are not capable. Equality will not be allowed. If people are not smart enough to understand the amendment, should those people be allowed to vote at all? Not just no, but fuck no.

America wasn't founded so we could all be better. America was founded so we could all be anything we damn well pleased.
-- P.J. O'Rourke

28 DEC 08: (time 54:20): STO #67. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I must apologize for the previous STO. Why don't we send all the unemployed people to France? Corporate bailouts: Why do we (the taxpayers via the government) just hand them the money. Make them work for it. GM needs my tax money in order to stay in business? GM is threatening the United States. The only reason Democrats are going to bail out GM is so the UAW will continue to vote Democrat. If GM can't stay in the black then GM should collapse. Why must the tax payers float $12 million of "loans" to save GM from their poor management? GM going under would not be a bad thing. GM should be allowed to fail, that is capitalism working. What if GM simply made a product people would purchase? How about generating revenue that way? Oh but they are going to fix things by 2012. In other words, current management will have secured their golden parachutes and bailed out by then. Government "oversight board" - yea, that will fix everything. The government is going to "protect taxpayers". How fucking stupid are you people? Back to AIDS. The "World AIDS Day". "Fewer people are aware of AIDS." Bullshit. Bring to me a human being in the U.S. who has not heard of AIDS. You can't do it. These people do not exist. The government provides "oversight" for the education system, look how well that is working. Lighting a candle does not cure AIDS. You fuck heads are doing nothing to help anyone who has AIDS, you only do this shit to feel good about yourself. Why isn't the public school system educating people about AIDS? Can they not squeeze that in between global warming and hating capitalism? The People's Republic of California passed a ban against gay marriage. How's that democracy working for you liberals now? What does a liberal mean by "democracy"? Let's talk about silencing the will of the people. I'll tell you why we (heterosexuals) get to vote on your (homosexual) marriage. We get to vote on your marriage because you have given the government power over your life because you are weak and stupid. The Men's Project: Turning boys into pussies to make America more sensitive. Femi-nazi definition of sexual assault: "A boy looked at me." Increasing awareness! The solution to everything. Increasing awareness so that more people are aware. I feel a paradigm shifting. Informing the perpetrator instead of the victim . . . yes, that is going to help. You have to tell me how to not rape a woman? Guys, being a pussy will not get you laid.

Men have been taught that the highest virtue is not to achieve, but to give. Yet one cannot give that which has not been created. Creation comes before distribution -- or there will be nothing to distribute. The need of the creator comes before the need of any possible beneficiary.
-- Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead)

27 DEC 08: (time 54:20): STO #66. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Every day Obama thanks god for white guilt. I'm pissed today. May of you are offended . . . But many of you offend me because all you can do is go through life looking for things to be offended by. You are total fucking losers. You are sheep. You are stupid. Your existence offends me. Fuck you and fuck your god. Why do I refer to Hussein Obama as our first affirmative action president? I'll explain. You want to find people who hate freedom? Go to congress. That's where you will find them. Then there are the Jews. If you disagree with one they bring up the holocaust. Then there are liberals. If you disagree with one you are a racist. Then there are Christians. If you disagree with one they quote the bible. All of you fuck off. Here in Fort Collins the government regulates the ground cover in your yard. Specifically what percentage of your yard must have grass on it. But wait, it gets better. The government will provide financial assistance to poor people in order to get grass on at least 20% of their yard. The government will take money away from people who work and give it to people who don't work so they can have grass in their yards. And why do poor people have yards? If they are too poor to afford a box of grass seeds how the fuck can they have a yard? Everyone I know who has a yard has a house. If you have a house how fucking poor can you be? How terrible can it be to be poor or handicapped in the United States? In many other countries poor people are dying of starvation. Doesn't happen here. In many other countries handicapped people would be left in the forest to die. Doesn't happen here. Shut the fuck up poor people & handicapped people. In the United States the government takes money away from people who work for a living and give it to you so you can sit at home and eat. You want to save the Earth, you want to save the environment? Let's kill all the parasites. Let's kill all the people who don't contribute to society or the economy. Animal rights laws in Switzerland. And who the fuck are you people who own dogs?! Why do you put your dog shit in plastic bags and then leave the bags by the trail? Do you expect someone to come behind you and pick that up? Do we need a fucking government program to solve this? Do you think the plastic bag will bio-degrade? How fucking stupid are you people? Maybe we could hire the fucking poor people to pick up your dog shit and pay them with grass seeds! Fuck you dog owners. Fuck you! MLK day march, yet again. I do this every year. It's important every year to reinforce the white guilt. Then there is HIV/AIDS - listen as I totally fucking lose it. Minorities are totally helpless and white men are Gods. "Younger populations, women and minorities are at increased risk." Does this not imply that white men are superior? Yes it does. Inadequate education regarding AIDS? What the fuck is going on during those 12 years of public education? What are they being taught? Poverty does not cause AIDS dumb-fucks! Behaviour and a virus causes AIDS. You people are stupid! CSU Campus AIDS Memorial - 10 people showed up. Pick up your dog shit. Poor people don't have yards. Use a condom when you fuck. All white people are racist.

A man's not finished when he's defeated: He's finished when he quits.

Those who hate you don't win, unless you hate them - and then you destroy yourself.
-- Richard M. Nixon

20 DEC 08: (time 32:49): STO #65. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Liberal believe in freedom - for themselves, not for you. I think anybody who makes a profit of movies should be arrested. Now, it's time to compare the U.S. to the French again. I think liberals love the French so much because the French women are ugly, hairy and smell bad. Like hippie girls. Like David Crosby. The French pay higher taxes, but they get more from the government. I don't want more from the government. I want the government to fuck off and leave me alone. Once again, Fat Ass Moore is actually right about something. In the U.S. we have lots of taxes which we don't call taxes. A list of what the French get for their taxes. The French get "unlimited sick days at work". Can you imagine that being applied in the States? The ultimate welfare. Get a job, then never show up - but still get paid. Free child care? I'm fucking sick of supporting other people's children as it is. If you want to reproduce you need to take responsibility for providing for your children. If you don't want to take that responsibility get a fucking abortion. The reason the French are not a colonial power is because they are pussies. France does have two things we need in the States: Over 80% of their power comes from nuclear power and the age of sexual consent is 15. You give me nuclear power and allow me to legally fuck 15 year old girls, and I will support your effort to be like France. Fat Ass Moore says that we pay lots of taxes but "can't get a pothole fixed" - he says the government doesn't work - and what is the solution? More taxes and expanded government. Next on the agenda, ban commercials in movie theatres. Yes, that's the solution. Or people could choose not to go to theatres that show commercials. Building wells in the Middle East. Dig your own fucking well. Enough said. Have the rich pay their "fair share". Change the pledge of allegiance to remove God (which I'm okay with) and pledge allegiance to the world instead of the United States (a concept for which I will suggest Fat Ass Moore go fuck himself). Free HBO for everyone. Not funny, just pathetic. Another example of how much he hates profit - except for his profit of course.

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.
-- P.J. O'Rourke

20 DEC 08: (time 33:19): STO #64. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Come January 20th the wealth will be spread! It is I, The Great One, Himself - and I am launching the cruise missile of my intellect. When people disagree with me it is exclusively because they are stupid. Soon King Hussein will be destroying the economy FDR style. Back to Mike's Election Guide, as Fat Ass Michael Moore tells King Hussein what his agenda should be. "Anyone who tries to make a profit from health care will be arrested." This is why I hate liberals. If someone makes money, arrest them. This is a liberal, a person who is for the "little people", a person who supports freedom. Being able to see a doctor is a human right? How the hell do you figure that? There is no such thing as "free". Is there really such a thing as "free and universal fire and police protection" as Fat Ass Moore claims. Fat Ass says poor health is a matter of "national defense". Fat Ass Moore doesn't just thing government health care should be an option, he says it should be your ONLY option. There should be no private source of health care. How's that for freedom? Private hospitals "should not be allowed to exist". This fat fucker speaks for "millions and millions" of you. And if you work in the health care field, your only option should be working for the government. You should not be allowed to choose your employer or start your own business. It fucking change we need! "Less Choice = More Freedom" How wonderful is health care in Canada? Read "Waiting Your Turn" from the Fraser Institute. Flawed logic also helps in the quest for free health care. Why is the solution always to make things illegal? More things illegal means more crime. More crime means citizens need more protection. More protection means more police and less freedom. This is all about more power for the government. "What better leader to get us all healthy and fit again." Fat Ass Moore wants to see Obama with his shirt off. Homo-erotic thoughts Michael? Shit, my gin & tonic is finished and so is this edition of STO.

Capitalism is what people do if you leave them alone.
-- Kenneth Minogue

06 DEC 08: (time 33:19): STO #63. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: "Yes we can!" and yes they did. But I am still right, you are still wrong & you can still kiss my ass. If you claim to be writing a "voters guide" shouldn't you make some attempt to be even-handed towards each candidate? The voters guide doesn't mention you must do community service to get the $4000 tax credit. Obama supports gay "unions" but not "marriage". Hmmm... I wonder... He's playing his cards pretty close. Just where does Hussein Obama come down on gay marriage? With liberals who favour it, or with black people - who tend to be religious & oppose it? Obama is going to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Really? How? Buy not talking any more? Mike's Election Guide 2008. When King William sent troops off to war, you never heard about it. When King Hussein sends troops off to war, you will never hear any criticism in the mainstream media. Michael Moore, big fat fucking liberal, points out in his book that Obama is willing to go to war to protect Israel. Obama says this himself in a speech. Jews act like they are the only people who have ever died. It's not up to the U.S. to defend Israel. Michael Moore thinks that if Obama denounces him (Michael Moore) then he (Obama) will lose the election. Yes, Moore thinks that Obama's chances at being elected hing on Michael Moore and the "millions and millions" of people who feel the same way he does. Fucking please. Obama could shit in your face and it would only increase the number of people who vote for Obama. Fat Ass Moore sets the agenda for the first 10 days of Obama's presidency. Good thing Obama has Fat Ass Moore to set his agenda. And what should Obama do, according to Fat Ass Moore: Make more laws & regulations, destroy the economy, reduce personal freedom and raise taxes. You people should not be allowed to live. Seriously...

Congress is continually appointing fact-finding committees, when what we really need are some fact-facing committees.
-- Roger Allen

30 NOV 08: (time 32:52): STO #62. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Star Wars Battlefront II is evil. Totally evil. I have no life anymore. Picking up where we left off in STO 061, talking about voting guides and how stupid liberals are. Democrats want to "slightly" raise taxes in order to spend your money on causes they support. "Tricks" do work on voters - the U.S. just elected Obama. Also note that while the voter guide tells you to vote against Amendment 52, did you notice that the "guide" doesn't actually provide any information about what the amendment is about? Yet again we see that the problem is too many ignorant people voting, it isn't a matter of not enough people voting. Oh look, a transfer of wealth from oil companies to college students. Vote yes on anything which transfers money from those who earn it to college students. It's nothing other than buying votes. Obama is going to give college students a $4000 tax credit. What is that really worth? What does this even really mean? Mike's Election Guide - a 260 page book by Michael Moore which will tell you how to vote in the 2008 election, and it illustrates the problem perfectly. But first, a voters guide from Rock The Vote. "You decide. You vote." Everything about Obama is positive, everything about McCain is negative. Is it really likely that Obama has *only* good ideas and McCain has *only* bad ideas? The government can not invest money, the government doesn't have money. Jobs will be created by the free market if those jobs are needed. If jobs don't exist you can't create them by government hand waving. It sounds great to say "we are going to tax the richest 5%" but what do you do when the richest 5% run out of money. Minimum wage = price fixing. It's doesn't work. You can't price control labour and expect it to work. Need I say again that Hussein Obama is not a peacenik? Even Michael Moore sees this and says so in his book. Obama says "Immediately upon taking office" Obama will begin ending the war. Wanna bet it doesn't come out that way? McCain did not actually say it "would be fine with me if America is in Iraq for 100 years." Not that he's a peacenik either. Obama's other transfer of wealth: From healthy people to sick people. All of Black-Bama's policies reduce down to transferring wealth. College students leaching off their own parents and how Obama will help perpetuate this. As long as young people are parasites they will continue to vote Democrat. The elderly are one of the richest groups of people in the U.S. Old people need to pay their "fair share". Do you think the old people in Florida are eating cat food? I had to listen to an old person bitch because a can of beans & bacon went up 25 cents in price. Why don't you just die? Then you can save the 25 cents. In the voting guide it mentions the $4000 tax credit for college students, but does not mention you have to do 100 hours of community service (free labour) in order to get that $4000 tax credit. Why should people even get tax credits for going to college? By going to college instead of feeding homeless people are you being selfish? What about change? What about hope? What about the hope for the change for the the change of the hope?

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.
-- Thomas Jefferson

29 NOV 08: (time 33:19): STO #61. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Star Wars Battlefront II totally kicks ass. Why do people think they become experts on medical conditions and policies just because they have been sick or injured. I've driven across a bridge, that doesn't make me an engineer. What experience does Hussein Obama have in politics? He was born black and he was elected senator once. I stand in awe. Democrat core values: Hate rich people, raise taxes, discriminate against white people, transfer wealth from productive people to non-productive people. Governments don't have money to invest. For the government to invest it must take money away from people who earn it and give it to the companies - corporate welfare. If we don't have quotas for hiring black people the effects could be "devastating". A black man (yes, he is black) is president of the U.S. but black people still can't find a job without racial quotas. The Vision of The Anointed by Thomas Sowell is must reading. You can not live without reading this book. Sowell is a fucking genius. Are women really paid less than men for doing the same work? Sowell proves it not true. If women can do the same job men do, for less money, why does anyone hire men? Wouldn't you hire women and save money? Liberals have no understanding of how capitalism & business work. Democrats are people who have never had jobs, never produced wealth, never been anything other than parasites on society. Liberals think you have a right to have union dues taken out of your paycheck against your wishes. You have a right to spend you money the way you like - except of course for what you pay in taxes. There is no right to that money.

Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want bread.
-- Thomas Jefferson

29 NOV 08: (time 33:19): STO #60. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Soon we will crown the next King of the United States, King Hussein I. And yes, he is black. I said it. Go ahead a call me a racist. Fuck you. I'm feeling like Darth Vader today. As soon as Black-bama got elected he started to back out of all the promises he made while running for King, and I'm gonna remind you about this all the time, every chance I get. King Hussein says there will be an "immediate" withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. Bullshit! I one year, and even in four years, the DEA will still be busting people for medical marijuana. Someone said to me "I hope that's not true." As I have been saying all along, hope is not a process. The politicians do not run things, the bureaucrats run things. Watch "Yes Minister" or "Yes Prime Minister". This TV show is much closer to the truth than your realize. The president does not control the economy, he doesn't even really control the government. An inside look at what will happen on Obama's first morning as King of the United States. I've figured out how Black-bama, soon to be King Hussein, is going to save the economy. By selling merchandise celebrating his cult of personality. Notice how Joseph Biden changed his name to Joe when running for vice-president? Smooth marketing. The problem with being me is that my brain works faster than I can communicate. Black-bama sending text messages to his sheep . . . I mean supporters . . . is just a scam to raise tax money. I'll explain how. Cell phones are already a scam, but Black-bama takes it up a notch. Hussein would be a great capitalist pig if he were not a socialist. Every voter guide I came across was written for Democrats, by Democrats. Why? Are Democrats not smart enough to figure out who to vote for and what they believe? Of course, you can't be a Democrat and have core beliefs. I will now begin an in-depth evaluation of some voter guides. Public service was not intended to be a career.

* * * * * *

There is something obscene about people holding protest rallies in order to try to keep getting money that someone else worked for.

Of all the children I have known who continued to live with their parents after becoming adults, none has turned out well.

Much of what is called "public service" is make-work for people who have degrees but no skill that would get them the kind of money and importance they feel entitled to in the marketplace.

People who pride themselves on their "complexity" and deride others for being "simplistic" should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.

They say that those who can, do -- and those who can't teach. Those who can't teach, indoctrinate.

Nothing is less diverse than the "diversity" on college campuses, where ideological conformity hades behind physical differences.

If there weren't so much media hype about it, would you have noticed that the government had shut down?

Although "political correctness" is a phrase of our time, intolerance among the educated is nothing new. Burning women at the stake as witches was not something done by ignorant people, but by some of the most educated communities in colonial America.

One of the best things about going to Harvard is that, for the rest of your life, you are neither intimidated nor impressed by people who went to Harvard.

I am prepared to admit that the death penalty does not deter if the opponents of the death penalty can show me just one case where a murdered who was executed then committed another murder.

It's amazing how often a refusal to be brainwashed, or to allow your children to be brainwashed, is called "censorship" -- even when the material that is said to be "censored" is in fact openly available in stores across the country.

Amid all the hoopla about "roots" and race, a professor of anthropology at Rutgers pointed out that "all human beings are from Africa", since that is where the species originated. So the next time someone makes a big deal out of being an "African American", just say "me too".

People who insist that they have a right to their own opinions usually mean that they have a right to inflict those opinions on unwilling listeners. They also usually don't want to be confused with the facts.

When I think of all the genuine suffering in this world, I am offended by the fad of calling the ordinary vicissitudes of life "traumas".

The real estate agent who sold my home on the Stanford University campus said that, despite her many years in the business, dealing with academics was a new experience. She had never encountered so many immature and irresponsible people.

One of the most amazing examples of the childishness of our times is that so many individuals and groups think that they have a right to other people's favorable opinion -- and that institutions or the government should punish or "re-educate" other who don't have a favorable opinion of them.

I have never understood why it is "greed" to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else's money.

-- Thomas Sowell (Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene . . . )

* * * * * *

08 NOV 08: (time 54:20): STO #59. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Black-bama has not even taken office yet and he is already backing out of his campaign promises and he is already running for his second term. But on the good side, we know that he is going to take all the money away from the rich people and cure all diseases. Did you notice the the Dow-Jones dropped 500 points the day after Black-bama was elected? I bet you didn't because the media isn't mentioning that to you. Regardless of the outcome I'm thrilled that the election is over because if one more mother fucking hippie with a clipboard asked me if I'm registered to vote . . . I would seriously kill the bitch. Unless she's cute. But if she's cute she wouldn't be a hippie. Now that "yes we can" has come thru, are you ready to work for free to help Black-bama achieve his vision of a socialist America? You will see him play the race card anytime someone disagrees with him. Obama's success is based upon his cult of personality. I would have rather seen McSame win the election rather than Black-bama because Black-bama's cult of personality is going to allow him to get away with things that McSame would never have gotten away with. The media is going to give Black-bama a free ride. I don't care who is the president, I want that person watched close by the public and the media. PETA suggests "human milk ice cream", the dirty hippies at Ben & Jerry's say "thanks, but no thanks". The Rosenbergs were Soviet agents. NO FUCKING SHIT! This is an example of why the media is useless when it comes to locating the truth. This is not a "stunning admission". Everyone except liberals and the media has known this for year and years. The KGB fucking said the Rosenbergs were Soviet agents when the USSR collapsed (thank you Ronald Reagan). What planet has the media been living on? If the media can not see the situation with the Rosenbergs, do you think they will notice anything that Black-bama does. Black-bama has told the President of Poland that the US is going to build a missile shield in Europe. What the fuck? Russia is pissed off about it and Black-bama is saying he never said that. And he not even President yet! I feel the peace already. I've tried to tell you fuckers that Black-bama is not a peacenik. Did conservatism lose to liberalism? Not really if you look at elections overall. An analysis of the exit polls. Looking at exit polls by age reveals some interesting things. Amongst the people in the US who actually have value to society the vote is split almost right in the middle for Obama vs McCain. If you look at the people who are parasites on society they either went overwhelming for Obama (the young) or McCain (the old). Why should "we" (those who didn't vote for him) work with Obama? Why should we work with him to implement socialism? Every Republican who "works with" Obama is a fool. Let's look at the outcomes of ballot measures and see what that tells us. "We" elected a black man president, but the people are still terrified of gay marriage. You are not as enlightened and liberal and open minded as you think you are. Obama is the first affirmative action president. Call me a racist, but it's still true. Deal with it. Let's talk about how dumb Democrat voters are. Obama sends text messages in order to make more money via taxes - I explain how. If Obama goes into marketing he will become rich. I hate Obama, but I have to admire his ability to manipulate the stupid people.

Government acts only by the intervention of force; hence, its action is legitimate only where the intervention of force is itself legitimate . . . that being the case of legitimate defense.
-- Frederic Bastiat

02 NOV 08: (time 54:20): STO #58. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Change we need! 3 days until the election, who do I think is going to win? Neither of them will "win". Either way, I will win. If Black-bama wins vs. if McSame wins. "Hope", "Change" and "Audacity" are not plans or ideas. Black-bama's "plans" are essentially 2. The first is to take money from people with jobs and give it to people without jobs. The second is to take money from people who are healthy and give it to people who are not healthy. The Soviet Union tired this. It didn't work then. "To each according to his hyphen." Racism and divisiveness on the Obama website. You can not have diversity without ethnic groups who are in conflict. When Obama takes office will we have to wear our ethnic symbol on our arm like Jews and Homosexuals did in Nazi Germany? "Create your own My BO account!" Black-bama speaks in Fort Collins and cost the city $75,000. Change! Obama says we should not be divided, but unified - however on his website he divides people into categories based on location, gender, sexual orientation, belief systems and skin colour. Black-bama says the fundamental of our economy are failing. Wrong, our economy would be fine if the government left things alone. Stop bailing out every company which fails. Capitalism can't work when you keep bailing out companies which fail. Failure is part of capitalism you fucking socialist moron! Now Black-bama thinks he's FDR. Watch, here comes the Great Society II. Just as FDR prolonged the depression so will Black-bama with his government programs. Black-bama talks a lot about getting out of Iraq, buy have you fucking peaceniks noticed he wants to send more troops to Afghanistan and invade Pakistan? Why is it that when the government murdered civilians and King William was president no one even noticed, but not that King George II is president suddenly the media and the people are paying attention when the government murders people? Once King Hussein takes office the government will have a free ride again. Had a Democrat been president when 9/11 happened there would be not one suggestion of a "conspiracy". Black-bama could put Jews in concentration camps and kill them and the media will not see a thing. Remember how scared you fucking liberals are of nuclear weapons? Black-bama is going to invade Pakistan. How stupid are you people? Obama sending out text messages "excludes the poor". Show me a poor person who doesn't have a cell phone. "It's good to let people OD on illegal drugs because it teaches them a lesson" says the Office of National Drug Control Policy. I can't wait until these people run the health care system.

A republican society based on liberty and equality under the law simply cannot coexist with an egalitarian society based on an artificially produced "fraternity" or equality of condition.

In other words, no person has any rights besides those that he possesses naturally. No one ca acquire a right to wealth, since such a rich could be secured only by taking wealth from other individuals.
-- Alex Binz in "Liberte and Egalite Against Fraternite" from the July 2007 issue of Liberty

05 OCT 08: (time 55:24): STO #57. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: check out the Shook Twins at - hot chycks & cool music. Back to racism. Many black people need racism because that is the only way they can be successful, and the excuse they use when they fail. Racism will never go away because if it does black people will have to be responsible for their own failure or success instead of blaming failure or crediting success with white people. We need "unity"? The Nazi's had unity. CSU had a "Unity Fair" to prepare students for the different cultures they will encounter in the work place. I bet they left out a number of cultures: The black man who sexually harasses women but can't be fired because he is also old, crippled and an alcoholic - this filling 4 quota slots. The old person who doesn't work, just walks around talking about how things were 40 years ago, but can't be fired because he's old. The fact that these young people entering the workforce will have to do all their work plus the work of the worthless people. Try telling them the truth about how their careers are going to happen. The government needs racism so that black people will continue to need the government. If you can take care of yourself then you don't need the government. Uncle Ben's rice is racist. I think I'll go off, yet again, on the term "African-American". Do you fucking morons think black people are only born in Africa? Why can't they be American's like the rest of us? Why do you expect me to treat an "African-American" as equal to me when your (not my, but your) label for them indicates that are not my equal? Fucking liberals claim to want "unity" but spend all their time dividing people into groups based on skin colour. Fuck you! No really. Fuck you. They are people, they are Americans. The sooner "African-Americans" figure that out and start to live their lives that way that's the sooner they can get off the plantation of government, welfare and liberalism. People, your language reviles your real intentions - finding racism, and if you can't find it, you create it. "CSU Falls Below Diversity Average" is the headline. CSU is 13.2% "ethnically diverse" but we should be 32% "diverse". How many times have you heard that "diversity is not a quota"? Sounds like a fucking quota to me. Hey black people, how does it feel to be used by CSU for your skin colour? Damn, I said Black-bama was going to lose the election. Well, mark your calendars kids, I was actually wrong about something. What I can't figure out is, why didn't the Republicans steal the election like they did the last 2 times. Reasons it would be good for Obama to win, reasons it would be good for McCain to win. What Africans (real Africans, in Africa, not black people in America) think about Obama. Let's get this down first, if you are not an American you can certainly have an opinion regarding who should be president of the United States, but I don't give a fuck about that opinion. Why don't you drop dead. Democrat thinking: "We can elect either the first woman president or the first black president." Democrats have no idea what these people think, only that one has a vagina and the other is black. That's all they know. There is tribalism in Africa? An African said "People are different"!! Maybe they need some FUCKING DIVERSITY TRAINING! MAYBE WE COULD SEND THE FUCKING LIBERALS FROM AMERICAN COLLEGES TO AFRICA TO BRAINWASH THEM TOO! "I was like, Oh my God, he should run for president!" "I feel like he's the only one I can look in the eye and trust with my future." You Black-bama supporters are total fucking helpless morons. Grow up, learn to speak english and get a job. The criteria for selecting the President of the U.S. has come down to the colour of his skin and "he talk pretty". Reading a book about defeating racism is racist if you do it on a college campus. Are black people really so fragile that you can't read a book without offending them? Or could it be that white people have to keep black people and white people hating each other because that is their source of power?

I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals.
-- Matt Stone

How many times have I said the same thing. And I really, really fucking hate hippies.

28 SEP 08: (time 58:38): STO #56. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I am right, you are all wrong, that is the way it fucking is. I am the Great One, Himself and this is Stating The Obvious. Today, Black-bama is in the cross-hairs of the cruise missile of my intellect. I've been told Rush Limbaugh thinks he is "the great one". Whatever, Rush Limbaugh is a pimple on my ass. David Gilmour does the theme song for STO, "You Know I'm Right", a song he wrote about me. It's on his 1984 album "About Face". He's got a new live album coming out. Be sure you get that puppy 'cause it's gonna jam. An except from "The Tail That Wags The God" by Jame Blish. As I read this quote think about Bush, Iraq, Global Warming, Obama and reality TV. Government bailouts: I'm going to tell you everything you need to know. No corporation or business should ever be bailed out. When they fail that is not an indicator that capitalism doesn't work, that is capitalism working exactly as it's suppose to. In capitalism incompetence leads to failure. Only in socialism & communism does failure lead to success or a bailout. Black-bama leading us towards an invasion of Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons, because we really need troops in yet another country. Black-bama says he would use nukes. News flash dumb-fucks, Black-bama is not a peacenik. I'm pretty sure Black-bama is going to lose the election. You'll note that he spends a lot of time bringing up his race. This is the setup for when he loses, that way he can say "I lost the election because America is racist." There is always an excuse. January 2007 MLK day march was forced indoors due to cold weather. What happened to global warming? Fewer people showed up for the event due to the cold. That is quite the commitment you have to ending racism. You can't even go outside in the cold for an hour? Those are the people who support Black-bama. "Yes we can." What the fuck are you talking about? Is there a mouse in your pocket. "We" ain't doing shit. My only part in Black-bama's plans is to give up my tax money which will be taken from me by force. He has managed to get people working for free tho. Hate crimes jump in Fort Collins, by 500%. Wow, sounds bad huh? Let's talk about how to manipulate people with statistics. You might think that only 5 "hate crimes" in a year would be something to be happy about. You would be wrong according to the liberal hate mongers. Hate crimes create groups of people who are either less capable or more privileged than others. On top of that, you shouldn't punish people for their thoughts. You punish people for their acts. People perpetuate the idea of hate crimes in order to keep people in fear, since fear is the source of power for the special interest groups out to "protect" minorities. Isaiah Kelley gets him 15 minutes of fame. An op-ed cartoon in the Collegian was racist. I will scan this cartoon and post it. You decide if it's racist or not. "Blackface cartoons are only used in hate speech." That is quite a statement to make. Some students had no idea why the cartoon was racist, but lucky for them CSU was there to explain why it was racist. On top of that, N*W*C* came to town. That stands for Niggar, Wetback, Chink. Three boys from UCLA on a mission to keep racism alive. Without racism you people would be nobody. Racism is your source of power. If it wasn't for racism you would all be failures. You've been told so many times that racism is keeping you down that you believe it. You use racism to keep others down. Black people who are failures (and this does not mean all black people are failures, just to be clear for the stupid people) need racism to be successful. Just like women who are failures need breast enhancement to be successful. Just like white guys who are failures need the Good Ol' Boy Network to be successful. Racism must be kept alive, otherwise thousands and thousands of people would have to succeed on their individual merit. Racism is still alive because CSU and Isaiah Kelley keep it alive. Racism is everywhere, the newspaper is racist because it's printed in black and white. Isaish, you are a fucking failure and you need racism to feel good about yourself. "Call me sushi, for I am raw." Wow, that is fucking deep!

Below is the editorial cartoon which Isaiah Kelley used to achieve his 15 minutes of fame.

Equality in itself signifies nothing, implies no values; two zeros are equal. Liberty attaches value to it.

When racial groups are recognized in law, they can be discriminated against by law.

If the primary objective of the philanthropist, his justification for living, is to help others, his ultimate goal requires that other shall be in want."
-- Isabel Paterson

06 AUG 08: (time 54:20): STO #55. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: The tears are coming. The tears are gonna start soon. Yes, it's true, you ARE wrong and I AM right! I am The Great One, Himself. I will devastate the fuck-headness of those who oppose me. It's that time of year in the People's Republic of Fort Collins when everyone moves. I didn't get any hot chycks in my neighborhood, and there are dogs all around me. They whine and bark all fucking day & night. Let's talk about you dog for a moment. What kind of psychological problems do you have that cause you to own dogs? Dogs are animals that have been inbred, crossbred, outbred and forth for so long that they have become totally helpless. Dogs can not even shit without a human standing there saying "good dog, oh good girl". This is why cats are superior. You come home, the cats tells you to feed it, then goes about it's business. The cat doesn't care if you live or die, other than feeding time. Once cats learn to use can openers they will kill us all off. Dogs have no existence outside of humans. People have transformed wolfs into helpless animals that can't even shit by themselves. Dogs are the only animal on Earth that requires a human to be nearby in order to shit. And dog owners think dogs are intelligent. Dog owners are also tree huggers. You dog food is dead animals. How 'bout them animal rights? How do you think that dog food got to the store? It was driven across the country in a truck burning fossil fuels. How can you own a dog & be a tree hugger? Simple, you are stupid. "Unborn in the USA" is an excellent documentary about the anti-abortion group. I *highly* recommend this film. Cancer "expert" warns that cell phones cause cancer. Could it instead be that people who use cell phones the most are stupid and make other choices in life which lead to higher cancer rates? We must do it for the children. You don't . . . hate children . . . do you? Environmental oncology . . . what the fuck is that? School is fucking up our kids. The medicated generation is not the future of our country, they are the end of our country. A school in Colorado Springs has banned playing tag because students have complained about being chased. Children are being transformed into pussies by the school system. More stories of the police arresting the wrong person. Not only do the police have too much power, they also have too much free time. As an example, I give you the Colorado State University Police Department. Most colleges have renta-cops for their police force. CSU has full-fledged, real life pigs (police officers). So we have two police forces in Fort Collins. The real police, and the CSU pigs. There are 95 CSU pigs with way too much free time. In California they have banned smoking in private residences. It was only a matter of time. It is also illegal to smoke in a car if someone under 18 is in the car. Wow, do the police in California have too much free time or what? Date rape drugs found in toys? Universal health care should also include illegal immigrants? No one is preventing anyone in the United States from getting health care, you are simply expected to pay for the health care you get. Let me rant, yet again, about how there is no such thing as "free" health care. Did you notice how the media & Democrats turned on Hillary Clinton? What the fuck was that? She went from being a darling of the left to being the wicked witch. 102 Billion dollars is the estimated cost of Black-bama's health care scam. To Democrats that is "free". A politician who, if elected, will not serve. Now that is what we need more of in this country. A Vatican official says he was only pretending to be gay when he was trying to pick up young men for sex. Video cops breaking the law and go to jail. What a deal. Pigs hate cameras.

So What? People are the causes of all the problems; we have too many of them. We need to get rid of some of them, and this is as good a way as any.
-- Dr. Charles Wurster
of the Environmental Defense Fund on being asked if people would die if DDT were banned.

05 JUN 08: (time 54:20): STO #54. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: The idiots. Oh yes, the idiots. This is about my opinions and my opinions are right. I am always right. I am never wrong. The stack starts with stupid people. Now that I've taken a Poli-Sci class I understand why you people are so stupid. A "personal witnessing" of racism. People take meaningless incidents and "find" racism there. Especially ugly people who are trying to compensate for being ugly. Here at STO we do not make fun of how people look. Well, okay, actually I do. If you speak to someone in Spanish you are a racist, so says the logic of a fucking Democrat. Ever notice that "minorities" (defined as anyone is who not a white man with a job) out number the rest of us? Let's go over some examples of why so many of you out there should be euthanized. If you are drunk on an Amtrack train the federal policy is to stop the train (where ever it happens to be) and put you off. When Black-Bama socializes health care will you have to take a drug test prior to receiving health care. You can go to jail for not having grass (not the kind you smoke) in your yard. Police have charged strippers with "excessive nudity". How the fuck can a stripper be excessively nude? The Great One, Himself (that is me) says that you have every moral right to kill someone who is engaged in perpetrating: rape (real rape, not "date rape" or getting raped by your boss), murder, arson, major theft, breaking and entering or voting Democrat. Not having a green lawn is not on the list. Weird art like Piss Christ. I agree with his opinion, but it still isn't art. Some dumb bitch claims (turns out she lied) that she induced miscarriages as a form of performance art. Seems college students are unclear on the function of a woman's body. Looking into a vagina is art. God sent his son to die on the cross for our sins and we don't deserve it? Really? I fucking deserve that and more. Again I have to wonder why liberals and Christians don't get along better. They are exactly alike save that one worships an imaginary man in the sky, the other worships politicians. If Jesus was all that, and god is all powerful, why did Jesus get nailed to a tree? A normal person would have left town. The Jesus people are trying to put the key-bosh on abortion. Here in Colorado we will be voting on a constitutional amendment which would make a fertilized egg a human being. The sperm lovers are calling themselves "Colorado for Equal Rights". What a great tactic. A lot of stupid people (Democrats & liberals) will vote for this because they will see "equal rights" and the stupid people have been conditioned to always support "equal rights". The Jesus freaks have co-opted the phrase "equal rights" in their attempt to make an egg into a person. This brings us to the question: Should people who are not smart enough to see thru this be allowed to vote? Of course not. Just because you have metabolized oxygen into carbon dioxide for 18 years does not mean you should be allowed to vote. What about fertilized zygotes which are flushed from the body in vaginal discharge? Will that be murder? When the government controls health care will women be tested for expelled zygotes? When the government controls health care your right to killing babies is gonna go bye-bye. If you want to keep your right to abortion you better keep the government away from health care. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The state is a human institution, not a superhuman being. He who says 'state' means coercion and compulsion. He who says: There should be a law concerning this matter, means: The armed men of the government should force people to do what they do not want to do, or not to do what they like. He who says: This law should be better enforced, means: The police should force people to obey this law. He who says: the state is God, deifies arms and prisons. The worship of the state is the worship of force. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. The worst evils which mankind ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.
-- Ludwig von Mises

05 JUN 08: (time 47:21): STO #53. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: You are wrong AND I am right! Fucking deal with it. I launch the cruise missile of my intellect. The throat is shitty today, but I must go on. School dress codes and my long hair. Chycks can not wear skimpy clothing to school. How miserable must that be for the boys in high school? TK got sent home from school for wearing socks with Tiger on them. Fucking Tiger!!!! What the fuck is wrong with you people? A mother was put in jail for serving alcohol to here son and other teenagers in her own home. What the fuck is wrong with you people? The kids were under the supervision of the adults and on private property. A woman killed her husband by giving him a sheri enema. A medical condition made it painful for him to drink. He was addicted to enemas. Talking about asses . . . Two teenagers photographed themselves having sex. One emailed the photos to the other and the police got hold of them (how?). Guess what, the two kids are not child pornographers. Why? They "could have" sold the photos. I am fucking sick of "could have" as an excuse to take away freedom. There are a lot of "could have"s in the world, and you stupid people cling to these notions. The "could have" syndrome is one of the biggest problems in our society. Can you punish people for something they "could have" done? Apparently our society believes you can. How far are you sheep going to take this? Another attempt to lower the voting age to 16. Why are you fucking liberals so desperate to get young, dumb, inexperienced people in the voting booth? Oh wait, for the same reason you want to get dead people in the voting booth. You are desperate to win an election. People ARE manipulated by "slick advertising campaigns". That's why politicians and corporations pour millions of dollars into slick advertising campaigns. Democracy is not the cure. Letting more people vote will not solve anything. Increasing the number of stupid people who vote will not result in better politics. A 16 year old child can not understand that there is no such thing as "free" health care. This is why liberals want children to vote. Homeless children in Fort Collins Colorado? Oh bullshit. There is no fucking poverty in this town. Get real. How do you "experience homelessness"? What the fuck is that? You are either homeless or not. And why are the police harassing the homeless people in the park? Is there no real crime to deal with? College students are "one pay check away from homelessness". Oh bullshit. Students are not that far from being homeless? Bullshit. Stop the scam, stop the scare tactics. Homeless is perpetuated by the "homeless advocates" because homelessness is their job security and source of income. Saggy pants against the law? For once I agree. A $50 fine if people can see your underwear. As long as we continue to allow hot chycks to expose their underwear in public, democracy is safe. Does wearing saggy pants lead to homelessness? Don't we need to keep an open mind on this?

The common people are worth dying for until you bunch them together and give then a cold once-over, then they impress the impartial observer as being slightly bovine, with a large percentage of vegetable tissue.
-- George Ade, 1886-1944

26 MAY 08: (time 54:20): STO #52. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Shove your opinion up your ass, that way your head has something to keep it company. I am The Great One, Himself! Fuck you. I was sucked back into the world of theatre, but I have escaped. Everyone in theatre is a fucking Democrat. Yuck. Republicans are actually more into sexual experimentation than Democrats. An idiot when to Africa and had to live a whole year without a cell phone. Wow . . . I remember when everyone went without a cell phone all the time. I fucking hate cell phones! What the fuck is wrong with you people. I hate text messaging too, especially when I'm talking to you. How rude are you? And put your fucking cell phone on vibrate when you go into a meeting. The bitch learned that she can talk to strangers instead of talking on your cell phone all the time. Wow! But wait, it gets better. Without her cell phone she learned to show up on time because she didn't have a cell phone to call and say she would be late. You are a FUCKING LOSER BITCH!!!!!! Having a cell phone is not an excuse to be late. Having a cell phone is not an excuse to disrespect other people by wasting their time. But wait, it gets even better. She starting to, when using a land line & calling card, "actually listen to everything the person on the other end was telling me." Why don't you write a fucking book bitch! "I didn't have sex with *that* woman." Hillary Klinton, under sniper fire. Too bad they didn't get her. Shape Magazine polls are some scary shit. You people should not be allowed to vote. Should tanning bed be banned? 24% say yes. Fuck me. "Anything that's been linked to skin cancer should be banned." Really? How about the sun? Should designers be allowed to hire underweight runway models? 36% say no. I am The Great One, I don't have role models. Should over-weight travelers be required to buy an additional airplane seat? How do really fat people wipe their asses? Should energy conservation be mandatory? 79% say yes. The snowpack in Colorado this year was 120% of normal. Global warming? My ass. If you want to be carbon neutral, kill yourself. You can't link marijuana to lung cancer because the government will not allow anyone to do any scientific studies with marijuana. The kids in California are some of the dumbest in the nation, and dumber than the ones in Texas. I have faith that the Democrats can lose an election to McCain. I don't get the whole body mutilation thing. Sticking metal in your face and getting tattoos is not going to make you more attractive. You are still ugly. 53% of Americans depend on the government for their living. The richest 1% paid 36.9% of all federal income taxes. I'd call that a "fair share". The richest 5% of all tax payers pay 57.1% of all federal income taxes. The bottom 60% of wage earners (43,000 a year or less) paid 0.9% of all federal income taxes. When are the fucking poor people going to pay their fair share?

In her letter last week, Tamika D. Payne of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault wrote that "only 2 percent of rape claims are false allegations." Does this include the hundreds, if not thousands, of folks like Kumbe who copped to a "guilty" plea on the false promises from a broken system that would, they mistakenly thought, allow them to just (eventually) get on with their lives rather than get dragged through endless legal costs and a possible prison sentence for something they didn't do? And she has the gall to accuse Westword of a "lack of facts"?

She states, if I may paraphrase, that CCASA (or is it "CCACA"?) promotes active communication between young people who are going to engage in sex. That's amazing. So besides skewing facts and pointing out the obvious to young folks who are ready to get it on, does CCASA actually do anything? Or is it yet another worthless, politically correct, bureaucratic organization run by half-wits and rejects who seek lifelong revenge for their own inadequacies and personal, tragic history on the short bus to school? Much like the same organization that unfortunately has the law on its side as it forces people like Kumbe Ginnane to jump through hoops eternally for a crime he most likely never committed?

Furthermore, I fail to see how Westword's pointing out the race issues in this case is discounting anything, as Payne states. Race is obviously an issue, especially at the University of Colorado and especially in Boulder, both in this case and in many other disturbing Boulder happenings over the years.

The local irony of this whole fucked-up social issue is that the very same political correctness that emanates from Boulder like bacteria from the center of a cesspool is the foundation of twisted logic that keeps any real justice from occurring, and that Boulder consistently is the location where these types of events keep happening.
-- Sam Coffman of Lakewood.

Once in a while some one approaches my level of intelligence. Sam's point about Boulder being the nexus of political correctness while at the same time being the nexus of rape and racism is a damn good point. Looks like all that PCism and diversity is really doing a good job.

09 DEC 07: (time 54:20): STO #51. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Yes bitches, I am back. Still alive here in the frozen wastelands of the People's Republic of Fort Collins. Since last time I've been here I published my first book of photography & poetry. Global Warming and the Ethics of Hypocrisy. Anti-tobacco doctors. The Last Cigarette. Musical groups I'm listening to: The Epoxies and The Pipettes. To include some songs - yes I'm totally pimpin' The Pipettes. Back to smoking. Doctors will help you stop smoking, for a price. Why does no one have a problem with them making a profit? Reader surveys from Shape magazine. Taxing junk food. The purpose of taxes is to modify peoples' behaviour. If taxing people can make people stop doing things, why don't we eliminate all crime by taxing it? You can get away with anything if you say "I'm doing it for the children" or "There's a scientific study". My wine bottle is empty. Obesity spreads from friend to friend. Really? I'm calling bullshit on this one. Obesity can spread from person to person much like a virus. Oh bullshit! Being fat is not a virus. You can't catch being fat. People are fat because they eat too much and exercise too little. It's not a fucking virus you dumb ass stupid fucks! Did I mention that I'm a Sexbomb? Yes I am. I'll play that song for you too. All of you out there are so turned on you can't help yourselves. Infrared seamen? Slap your knees kiddies. Should all restaurants be forced to used trans-fat free oils? Liberal spend a lot of time reading blogs. This doesn't mean they are smart or well informed. It means they have too much free time. After all, most liberals are on welfare. They don't have to work for a living. They have no useful skills and contribute nothing to the economy. "Current events" are simply symptoms of the over-arching disease that afflicts our society. "Taser this. Fuck Bush." That is what passes for journalism not days?

The People's Cube

Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business.
-- Calvin Coolidge

19 FEB 06: (time 54:20): STO #50. click here to save the file to your computer: The 50th episode of STO. I had to take a break for some South Park. Rocky Mountain Bullshit, I mean Bullhorn, is out of print. Where is my background music? Racial diversity, economic diversity. Why aren't more poor people going to college? Gosh, I'm baffled. The hard, cold, fucking reality is this: The purpose of a college is to make money. Diversity isn't just about colour, it's about how much money you have. And how much college do you need to flip a burger? When everyone has a college diploma a college diploma becomes worthless. After 12 years of public education most of these people don't understand the basics of science, math or language skills. The state should not limit education. The state should provide unlimited education for minorities according to liberals. Education is just like health care, it's free. It just falls from the sky. It's totally free! Free! Everything is free! You can't give away "unlimited" education for "free". It doesn't work. If this was possible there would be no need for money. You fucking liberals don't understand economics at all. My brain hurts. Athletes and legacy students bring in money. That's why they get preferences. Colleges need money in order to hold class where they teach people to hate white men. You ever notice how diversity is always about money & skin colour, never about thought or ideas. "If there were more poor people in college, college would be better." In order to say "the world would be better if there were more black people or poor people or women in college" you must accept that black people, poor people and women are different from white men. Of course the whole notion of PC & diversity is that we are all the same. Are we all the same or different? Koko the female gorilla accused of sexual harassment. Apes are more human than we ever knew. Yes, if only women ruled the world, everything would be so much better. Teach a gorilla sign language and what does she ask for? Naked women. Give me the choice, I want to see naked women too! Where the fuck is PETA on this?? Auctioning KKK items. That got the attention of the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Coloured People). Senator Robert Byrd, former Dragon in the KKK. There is a difference between acknowledging the existence & history of the KKK and glorifying the KKK. The average GPA at CSU is 2.86. This is the future of America? Are you fucking kidding me? 2.86 out of 4.0? That is fucking sad. Fucking Carey Hewitt again. Life in the former Soviet Union. Liberalism is saying everyone is equal then putting them into categories based on skin colour. Why can't people simply be people? If people actually were equal, liberals would be out of business. The International Council of Shopping Centers. Are you fucking kidding me? The government is going to put armed soldiers on the streets and the liberals are upset. Good thing those liberals are working hard to take away our guns. Liberals believe the government is going to take away your right to an abortion and imprison you unfairly -- what is the liberal solution: Give the government control of health care and take away guns. You liberals are so fucking stupid. Abortion and 14 year old girls and parental consent. CSU is going educate 18 year old children how to "drink responsibly". Isn't it illegal to drink booze when you are 18? How will CSU accomplish this?

I saw in States' rights the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of Democracy. Therefore I deemed that you were fighting the battles of our liberty, our progress, and our civilization, and I mourn for the stake which was lost at Richmond more deeply than I rejoice over that which was saved at Waterloo.
-- Lord Acton
in a November 1866 letter to Robert E. Lee

19 FEB 06: (time 52:40): STO #49. click here to save the file to your computer: Ten Thousand Villages, "fair wages" and taking advantage of poor people in 3rd world countries. Liberals attack "trickle down" economics, yet isn't that exactly what 10 Thousand Villages is? -- Liberals are people so stupid they will pay $20 to do something they could do for free. How did liberals get to be this dumb? Why are liberals surprised they lost two elections to an illiterate monkey boy? King George II and using the NSA to spy on Americans. Congress can shut down the war any time it wants to. They don't want to. Democrats don't want to shut down the power of the President of the United States to make war on other countries because they know that one day there will again be a Democrat President and they want that same power for themselves. It's all a game. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are your friends. Gifts for him, gifts for her. Sexism in advertising from Bed, Bath & Beyond. "Gender and sex assignments" and the evil of advertising. Advertising: 1. You keep watching the shit. 2. You keep buying the shit. 3. The media couldn't pay it's bills without advertising. Is it morally right to manipulate stupid people via advertising and take money from them? Yes it is. King George II attempts to defend his program for spying on the American people. Immigrants ruin the environment, and this comes from a liberal philosophy professor. So, if the immigrants stayed in their home country, would they not ruin the environment in those countries? Environmentalism equates poverty with ecology. That's why they want everyone to be poor and live in 3rd world countries and be "close to nature" (dying of disease & starvation). Eco-wackos fear & hate technology, progress and modern civilisation.

While I was at the hotel to-day, an elderly gentleman called upon me to know whether I was really in favor of producing a perfect equality between the negroes and white people. While I had not proposed to myself on this occasion to say much on that subject, yet as the question was asked me I thought I would occupy perhaps five minutes in saying something in regard to it.

I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races; that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say, in addition to this, that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.

I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything. I do not understand that because I do not want a negro woman for a slave I must necessarily want her for a wife. My understanding is that I can just let her alone. I am now in my fiftieth year, and I certainly never have had a black woman for either a slave or a wife. So it seems to me quite possible for us to get along without making either slaves or wives of negroes. I will add to this that I have never seen, to my knowledge, a man, woman, or child who was in favor of producing a perfect equality, social and political, between negroes and white men. I recollect of but one distinguished instance that I ever heard of so frequently as to be entirely satisfied of its correctness, and that is the case of Judge Douglas's old friend Colonel Richard M. Johnson.

I will also add to the remarks I have made (for I am not going to enter at large upon this subject), that I have never had the least apprehension that I or my friends would marry negroes if there was no law to keep them from it; but as Judge Douglas and his friends seem to be in great apprehension that they might, if there were no law to keep them from it, I give him the most solemn pledge that I will to the very last stand by the law of this State which forbids the marrying of white people with negroes.

I will add one further word, which is this: that I do not understand that there is any place where an alteration of the social and political relations of the negro and the white man can be made, except in the State Legislature,--not in the Congress of the United States; and as I do not really apprehend the approach of any such thing myself, and as Judge Douglas seems to be in constant horror that some such danger is rapidly approaching, I propose as the best means to prevent it that the Judge be kept at home, and placed in the State Legislature to fight the measure. I do not propose dwelling longer at this time on this subject.
-- Abraham Lincoln
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates at Charleston, September 18, 1858

18 FEB 06: (time 52:40): STO #48. click here to save the file to your computer: On my 3rd pot of coffee for the day, been watching Southpark, now I'm ready to go. Purple Martini, again. Downtown Fort Collins business owners would have us believe there are two facets to downtown Fort Collins. DTFC during the day, when the wholesome & wonderful family crowd comes out to go shopping. DTFC during the night, when the drunken college kids come out cruising for dick/pussy and vomiting on the sidewalk. Certain individuals want DTFC to cater exclusively to the family crowd, even if that means shutting down happy hours at bars and even shutting down bars. "Lifestyle Centre"? Sounds like a retirement home. Actually, it's just a bunch of stores. There are 20 square feet of retail shopping for every person in the United States. What the hell? Where should you spend your money and where do other people want you to spend your money? What is the difference between a Lifestyle Centre and Downtown Fort Collins? It's really about tax money. Liberals love buying shit made in third world countries. Useless little trinkets made by "native African craftsmen". Let's examine how this is simply liberal bullshit and is in fact racist and oppressive. Back to Wal-Mart again and how liberals can not understand capitalism. On the subject of liberals and social responsibility, let's talk about the homeless (again). Liberals are people who think it's wrong for stores to offer consumers products they want to purchase. This is racist to liberals. The federal government & Katrina survivors. The role of government as babysitter. Everyone wants King George II to hold their hand and wipe their ass. Political Correctness and categorising people according to skin colour. Do you liberals who own business actually pay your workers more than minimum wage? For all the bitching they do about raising the minimum wage, they should be doing so. The leash law in Fort Collins. The Cave Infoshop. Another example of liberals who think they are exempt from the law. Liberals think they should be exempt from the leash law because their dogs are cute. Liberals will not be punished for "doing what my conscious tells me to do." Liberals think the law is for other people, not for them. Women are like cats. Dogs are like hippies. That's why I don't like dogs. Liberals call themselves progressives now. There are people who actually want AlGore to run for president again. AlGore lost the first time. How stupid are you people? Air America, liberals on the radio, on 87 stations nation wide. Eighty-seven! Wow. Progressive = someone too stupid to know he is a liberal.

If I thought this war was to abolish slavery, I would resign my commission, and offer my sword to the other side
-- Union General Ulysses S. Grant

18 FEB 06: (time 51:20): STO #47. click here to save the file to your computer: New intro for STO! Been taking PL666. Watched Firefly on DVD. The book Darknet. Why would anyone want to bootleg movies? Modern movies suck ass. Do not have sex with a horse, especially if you are on bottom. Journalist, stop playing with dolls. Remember, it's monogamy which separates us from animals. If we let homosexuals get married society will be destroyed. Cindy Shehan. What does this woman do for money? Has anyone told her that the taxes she pays are being used to finance the war in Iraq? Ya know what I hate? Peaceniks who pay taxes. If you pay taxes, you are funding the war. If you pay taxes, you are a terrorist. Did King George II "master-mind" the 9/11 attacks so his rich friends could make more money. Or is King George II a total idiot? Make up your mind people. Affirmative action forms = categorising people. Why is it that the people who think 9/11 was planned by the government are not capable of seeing the involvement of the government of the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma? These are the same people who see nothing wrong with the ATF driving tanks over children and setting them on fire in Waco. These are the same people who see nothing wrong with a federal agent shooting Vicky Weaver in the head with a snipper rifle while she held her baby in her arms. FDR. Japanese people. Concentration camps. Liberals see nothing! Nothing! Not a thing! I'm not finished with Cindy Shehan. Oh, "podcasting". Look, the rest of the world just caught up with STO. I've been doing this for a year and a half. Yet again, I am so far ahead of you fuckers. Having you son killed in a war does not make you an expert. On anything. Making the internet safe for children. Paedophiles and kids. It will be a crime to have internet contact with a minor. Think about this. It is going to be illegal to have "contact" with a minor on the internet. I am about to shock you, ready? Here goes: People on the internet lie. Do you need to sit down? musters 12 people for a protest. Yes, 12. Fort Collins regulates the smoke coming out of your fireplace chimney. There are no smart liberals and they are such easy targets. Booze and the 21 age limit. There is a law we should get rid of. If you are 40 years old and still go to the bar every Fri & Sat night you are worthless. Grow the fuck up. "Brokeback Mountain" and blah blah blah. #1. This is a movie. Movies are not real. #2. The last time a gay man was "beat down" was how many years ago? Another CSU student drinks himself to death. We tell our children "don't drink" then we dope them up to calm them down and make them complacent. It's okay to stereotype sorority girls, but don't you dare do that to African-Americans. New Orleans: Chaos & confusion was not caused by stupid people who didn't get out of the way of a hurricane. No no no, the reason is rich people. Rich people caused it all. Then we end up on socialised medicine again. Turn off your fucking TVs and think people. If Mary was a virgin that means Jesus popped her cherry when he was born. That is wrong . . . It's 2 degrees in Fort Collins. Gotta love winter.

Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.
-- Thomas Jefferson

04 JAN 06: (time 54:20): Catching up, part 11. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: CSU student steals womens underwear from the laundry facility. Ownes bans AWL devices, what a surprise. What about democracy? It is now a felony to dumpster-dive for digits (identity theft) but how do you know when someone is dumpster diving for digits and not aluminium cans? The Secret Service investigates high school students. Yippie dogs, canine & human. Isn't it great that dirty hippies are so good at making laws for others but don't care much for following laws themselves. And let's talk about just how stupid dogs are. Let's talk about how insecure dog owners are. Why do dog owners think they are exempt from the law? What about the excuses they use for breaking the law? On the subject of nasty little animals . . . let's talk about liberals. "Alternative media doesn't mean liberal" -- my ass it doesn't. The Colorado Progressive Coalition. Another liberal defends high taxes. Estate taxes. Fair share. Liberals have a right to your money, and a right to tell you how to spend your money. The "common good"? Fuck the common good. Fuck your fair share. Fuck your taxes. Fuck you. What is fair about people who do more work and create more value paying more taxes? I'm sick of liberals demanding other people (it's always other people, never them) pay their "fair share". What is wrong with the thinking of the left: "America is not yet a pure democracy." America is not suppose to be a democracy. America is a representative republic. The federal government was created by the state governments and the federal government was intended to be subservient to the state governments. Democracy - why it's a bad idea. The majority of you people are stupid. Look how many of you think either George Bush or John Kerry are capable of being President. I know the truth hurts, but you are stupid. John Dicker and his book about hating Wal-Mart. The United States of Wal-Mart. I will illustrate, yet again, how out of touch liberals are with the world & economics. Wal-Mart makes employees pay for health insurance. Oh gasp! How dare they. The rest of us get health insurance for free. John Dicker is amazed that Wal-Mart employees have to pay for their health insurance. Wal-Mart is not a non-profit organisation? No shit? See, businesses exist to make money. Wal-Mart passes off it's "social responsibilities". And those would be . . . what? The most evil thing ever: Wal-Mart actually stocks items which people from the local community might want to purchase. Liberals actually believe it is morally & ethically wrong to run a business which provides services or products which people might want. You people are so fucking clueless. Corporate tax breaks, "incentives" for Wal-Mart. Corporate welfare. Hey, lets give huge amounts of tax money to mega-rich corporations? The argument is that bringing in Wal-Mart will generate economic activity. Oh yes, creating a bunch of 8.50 an hour jobs will really boost the economy. Support the leash law for children here in the People's Republic of Fort Collins.

To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.
-- George Mason

02 JAN 06: (time 93:16): You people are so stupid, part 4. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Another example of a mentally disturbed cop. More fun with global warming. Deforestation has no effect on global warming. Warming of global temperatures caused by sun spot activity. The "consensus" of scientist around the world? Fact or bullshit? What is global warming? Global warming is not simply the notion that the climate is changing, it's the idea that the change is caused exclusively by man and our activities. How can one support this theory with actual evidence? Who decided that the way the weather was 30 years ago is "the way" the weather is suppose to be? Bio-Diesel fuel made from garbage and dead cats. 20 dead cats will make 11 gallons of fuel. Panel finds that during Katrina no one knew "who was in charge". Since New Orleans is below sea-level between a lake and a river you might expect someone would have thought about the possibility that New Orleans might flood. Downtown Fort Collins: College Drunks vs. Obnoxious Parents and Screaming Children. Attention Breeders: If you are going to bring children into the world, discipline the little fuckers. Hippies, capitalism, downtown Fort Collins and the hatred of white people (yes, it's all the white man's fault again): How all of this is designed to keep poor people in 3rd world countries poor and in 3rd world countries. Fair wage = slavery. Downtown Fort Collins vs. The "Lifestyle Centre". What the fuck is a Lifestyle Centre? It's a mall that's outside. What is wrong with you people. Why are hippies trying to protect local businesses? Hippie hate capitalism. Downtown Fort Collins doesn't sell anything useful and it's all over priced. The only useful store in downtown Fort Collins are Ace Hardware and the Hippie Food Store (actually a good place, seriously). Plus, there is 2 hour parking, which is enforced by a surveillance computer. Hanuka & Christmas whining. Displays of religious mythology in public places. I am becoming less & less tolerant of all the bullshit from the Christians and the hippies. Original Sin again. I just love this topic. I'm thumping my Bible. God wrote on the rock. Do what The Rock says. "If you smell . . . " Not that Rock, the Ten Commandments. The Right needs god to tell them what to do, the Left needs the government to tell them what to do. Since King George II didn't personally lead the poor black people out of New Orleans before Katrina hit, like Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt, it's all his fault. "Katrina! Let my people go!" If evolution is true, there is no right or wrong. How can that work? The only way you can follow that path is to say that: A. Evolution means there is no god. B. All morals come from god. Thus: If there is no god, there are no morals. Again, Christians illustrate that they can not think on their own, all moral beliefs must come from god. Is suffering & death necessary? Is this part of "The Plan"? God and right & wrong, good & evil and decision trees. If there is Original Sin, doesn't that simply mean that god fucked up and created man broken? What happened to the first female god created? Did she run off with another man? The King James Bible has defects, so it says right there in the introduction, but I thought the Bible is the literal word of god? Youth minister turns the frat house where Samantha Spady died into a church. Teenagers and college students are not as pure as you think they are. College kids are sheltered all right, from thinking, responsibility and accountability. Christian humour. So very, very sad. What does it say about a religion when a preacher actually has to try and convince the followers of the religion that they can believe in the religions AND be a creative and interesting individual. Wow, that is sad. "I think people view Christians as boring." Yes, because they are boring. A "hip-hop youth pastor from Virginia" made a video called "Baby Got Book". I am not making this up. You have to attract people to your religion with pussy? If you ban drinking in the dorms the kids simply go out to drink, then they have to drive back to the dorm drunk. Of course this is a good thing for the pigs as they can arrest more people for DUI, make more money and claim that DUIs are on the rise. It's really quite a nice scam. Religion preys on those who are mentally and emotionally weak. Good to know the church always gets back to the basics: hate. Fags are going to hell. Why are Christians so obsessed by men butt-fucking each other? Youth minister confesses he is going to hell just like a lesbian even though he has Jesus in his life (in his ass?), so then what is the point of having Jesus in your life if you are going to hell anyhow. Christianity: sounds like a cult to me. Drink yourself to death at 19 and you too can have a shrine dedicated to you.

The next amendment is: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
The importance of this article will scarcely be doubted by any persons, who have duly reflected upon the subject. The militia is the natural defence of a free country against sudden foreign invasions, domestic insurrections, and domestic usurpations of power by rulers. It is against sound policy for a free people to keep up large military establishments and standing armies in time of peace, both from the enormous expenses, with which they are attended, and the facile means, which they afford to ambitious and unprincipled rulers, to subvert the government, or trample upon the rights of the people. The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.
-- Justice Story
(appointed to the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice by James Madison in 1811)

02 JAN 06: (time 48:15): You people are so stupid, part 3. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Colorado. Winter. Sixty degrees outside. I love global warming. The role of government; to make you think and behave in the way which is best for you. The atheist left and the christian right both need a guiding force to tell them what is right and wrong. For the left it's the force of government passing laws and imprisoning people. For the right it's the force of god killing people and sending them to hell. Penn & Teller Bullshit. Penn doesn't say the word "fuck" as often as I do, but damn P&T kick ass. You must watch this show: Penn & Teller - Bullshit. A deputy "arrests" two men and both of these men vanish from the face of the Earth. They can't be found. Think maybe the psycho pig killed them? I hate group work. Unless it's sex. Tasers: Used on men in wheelchairs, 10 year old children and 14 year old girls in the back seat of police cars. No one asked the question why a 14 year old girl was in the back seat of a police car, but I have a theory. Publick Skool: Designed to create a group of citizens who are smart enough to run the economy but not smart enough to question the corporations or government. Drunk driving, is it really going up? Or are we simply lowering the limits to the point of absurdity. "If a law becomes too easy to break people simply stop respecting it." -- Tim Slagel. I was there when it took 2 cops to arrest a 19 year old girl who had 2 glasses of wine over a 3 hour time frame. While Gomer Pyle and his booty-buddy were doing that how many real crimes took place? The state government of Florida has "lost" over 500 children who were in its care. Maybe some of them are in the back seat of police cars getting tasered. What a great job the government does. I can't wait until the government gets control of health care. Man goes to jail for defending himself. I need to sell out to a corporation so I could make money and take commercial breaks. American health care system vs. Canadian health care system. Canadians talk about how wonderful their health care system is, yet they come to the U.S. for health care & they come to the U.S. to work in the health care industry because here they can make more money. So much for free & universal health care. How much credit can the government take for "no terrorist attacks in the last 4 years"? I suggest not much. "Cop-Killer"; an interesting term. If you kill a normal person it's no big deal, but if you kill a cop you move to a whole new level. You are more dangerous. You must be hunted down. So pigs are better than the rest of us? Saddam Hussain -- not the next Hitler, and here are the reasons why.

But what Republicans are doing is far more intentional. Unlike Democrats, they have a clear governing philosophy, and it doesn't leave room for consultation.
-- Geov Parrish

Another confession from the left that they don't actually have a clue what they are doing. Democrats don't have a clear governing philosophy? No shit?

29 DEC 05: (time 54:20): You people are so stupid, part 2. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: It's winter & shitty here in the People's Republic of Fort Collins. Important news: Jennifer Aniston is ready to date again. Kate Moss has used cocaine. Coke vs. Pepsi. Gotta get the kids hooked early. Gotta get that carbonated sugar water into school. We can attack smokers, but don't you dare say anything about the fat people. If fat people are costing "us" 93 billion a year for medical care, don't we already have socialised medicine. You can't not "dis-empower" children by taking away their choice to drink coke or pepsi because children do not have rights. And why are children fucked up? How about when they are thrown to the ground in the school hall by a fucking cop who then sticks a gun in their face. Think that might fuck the kids up a bit? Another example of the intelligence of journalist. A journalist just figured out that the search for life on Mars is not a search of sentient beings. She actually thought we were looking for people on Mars. People on Mars. This is the 4th Estate. They think there are little green men on Mars. They have college educations. Women voting -- there was one of our mistakes. Why? Because thinking is too complicated for them. And of course it comes back around to hating white people (as it always does). Again let's examine the similarity between Christianity and liberalism. Original Sin: The sperm hits the egg and *boom* you have sin. Liberalism: White people are racist even if they aren't racist because they are white. Every white person has the Original Sin of Racism. But wait, even non-white people can be "tared" with the Original Sin of Racism. A great example of how academia has no clue about racism. What is so great about teaching people to blame on their problems on their skin colour instead of teaching them to decide what they want in life and how to go out and get it? When evaluating an idea or belief, being philosophically rigorous is one thing, but what about this; is it a practical way to go thru life? Does it actually work? Creation, evolution, intelligent design, common sense, thinking. Maybe creation & evolution are both wrong. Maybe there is another way. But you dumb fucking people can't grasp that idea. You are stupid. Your brain can only follow the path given to you by the media, government and/or church. I give my "One Right Religion" speech. You will probably be too stupid to understand it. Water is dangerous. A man who tried to poison his wife has been hired by a college to teach ethics. The testing which "proved" ecstasy is dangerous turns out to have not been conducted using ecstasy. They used a different chemical by mistake. Meanwhile, air marshals shot and killed a man because he "reached for his bag" and said something that sounded like "bomb". I feel safer already. If this is global warming, count me in. Symptoms of "date-rape" drugs. Of all the women who have been raped, 25% of them describe it as rape. Now what the fuck kind of statistic is then, and how did you arrive at it. 10% of women who are raped report the rape, yet how can you know that without knowing the total number of rapes which occur? You can't know how many rapes have occurred unless they are all reported. Why are people lying about this? More out of context and meaningless statistics about rape. If you are a woman you have no power, no control and you are going to get raped. Your only salvation is to vote for rich white men who are Democrats. Only they can save you.

I don't understand why environmentalist want to own dogs. Inbreeding and use of resources are issues. And, where does the dog food come from? What personal insecurities do people have that lead to pet ownership?
-- Roy Conant

29 DEC 05: (time 54:20): You people are so stupid, part 1. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: What the hell is wrong with women? Women want to get into the workplace. Women want jobs and careers. What is wrong with you? I want to get rid of my job. Why do you think slaving away for a soulless corporation that doesn't give a shit about you is so wonderful? George Carlin has totally lost it. If he ever had it. Had George Carlin ever said anything funny? Hollywood sucks, bootlegging movies and the FBI. If terrorism is such a threat, shouldn't the FBI be worried about that instead of people bootlegging movies. Ok, back to dumb bitches & George Carlin. Did I mention that Carlin is not funny? Women. Here are the new rules. 1. When out with a man, turn your fucking cellphone off. Do not text message people while talking to the man you are with. 2. Make eye contact. Try these tips not just on a date, but also in the workplace. On to the workplace: The most discriminated against group of people in the workplace is the single white man with no children. How is it that women with kids can come to work late, leave early, show up drunk or hung over, not come to work at all, on and on -- and management rolls over and plays dead. "She has children." Ah, so her inability to buy a box of condoms exempts her from the rules the rest of us have to work under? And hey bitches, maybe you could break thru that glass ceiling if you FUCKING CAME TO WORK ONCE IN A WHILE! If I said "Hey boss, I gotta leave early today. I need to go fuck someone's girlfriend." That would never fly. But women actually get away with things like (I'm not making this up) "I need to leave early today because I have to take my kid to the principal's office." Your kid can't find the principal's office without mommy? How stupid is the little fuck? This brings us to "equality". When you give a "break" to women in the workplace who have children what you are actually doing is punishing people in the workplace who don't have children. Giving a "tax break" to people with children is not giving them a break. It's punishing people who don't have kids. In fact, people which children (breeders) should pay more taxes because their kids use more resources. And why are your children in public running wild? There should be a leash law for children. Breeders get a tax break for making these little monsters, then they bring the fucking monsters into public places where they can disturb my attempt to read a book at the coffee shop. It goes against my initial reaction as a libertarian, but your children cost me money and impose on my life & freedom. It may be time to start limiting who can reproduce. "How 'bout them Broncos?" Denver Bronco fans are even more fucked up than Dallas Cowboy fans. The Broncos can lick the sweet off my nuts. Why do people from Colorado, every winter when it snows say "it sure is could outside". It's winter in Colorado. No shit. A.J. Cook & Amiee Lynn Chadwick: Both very yummy. In movies teenagers are so smart yet in real life they can't function without a cell phone. The first female president: She will miss the big peace conference because her kid has a wrestling match. When she does arrive she will be hung over. The Bean Cycle, a coffee shop in downtown Fort Collins. I walk in the door and the smell of hippie nearly knocked me off my feet. George Bush * 9/11 * Donkey Story rant. You've heard this before, but you are gonna hear it again. The Department of Homeland Security -- created to "protect the homeland". Isn't that what we have a military for? Our military is defending everyone on Earth except for the U.S. We are still defending Europe from the U.S.S.R. The Soviet Union doesn't even exist anymore. Instead of shipping of the military to do humanitarian aid and work for the U.N. and chase drug dealers how about the military defend America, then we don't need a Department of Homeland Security. Religion means not having to think for yourself.

One does not judge "permissible behavior" by its desirable or undesirable social consequences; one judges "socially permissible behavior" solely by whether it forcibly or fraudulently invades other people's lives. If behavior is an invasion or is deceptive, it is right to defend against it; if it does not invade or deceive, it is a strictly personal matter to be decided on an individual basis, and beyond that it's nobody else's damn business.
-- J. Neil Schulman
from The Politics of Self Control

04 DEC 05: (time 40:12): Politics: Stupidity from the CSU Collegian -- Part 3 of 3. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: You are wrong AND I am right. It's true, it's damn true. While in St. Louis I ran into a few of the wrestlers from the WWE at the airport. They were looking for their baggage. I wasn't as I only take a carry on bag. is hosting a get together of cocktails and shopping. How do you prevent rape? Drink alcohol and shop. Isn't alcohol the "number one rape facilitating drug"? And how do you use money to help prevent sexual assault. Serious, exactly how can you use money to prevent sexual assault?? For education? Are there people out there who don't know that raping women is bad? Who are these people who need to be told raping women is bad? How did they get thru 12 years of public eduction without being exposed to the idea that rape is bad? Is your child not happy at school? Dope him up. Are you not happy at work? Dope yourself up. But at home you wanna smoke a joint? You are going to jail. Drugging people to maintain the economy is encouraged. Drugging yourself for pleasure is evil. The great thing about being a liberal is you don't have to think. Everything you don't approve of is caused by racism. "Blind tolerance is only the beginning." Blind tolerance? Not just tolerance, but blind tolerance. What the fuck? How many more times can I point out that "tolerance" means approving of things liberals approve of and disapproving thing liberals disapprove of. CSU bike pigs. This is what happens when you give renta-cops a gun and some power. At CSU you must register you bike and pay funds which are suppose to go to maintain the bike lanes. What if we charge pedestrians a fee for maintaining the sidewalks? Attention: CSUPD. You can not make up laws, you can only enforce the existing laws. The 3 Unrelated Law and homosexuals. Does this actually discriminate against homosexuals? It does not. Now on to religion. Does the Bible specify that homosexuality is a sin? According to some it does. Let's take some time to see what is wrong with this. Romans 1:26-27 appears to give the impression that homosexuality is bad. But: Do you take all of the Bible literally? Has this passage been accurately translated? And if God does hate fags, why is this God so worthy of worship? But wait, this isn't "hateful judgement", no no, this is "sincere caring judgement". I'm not making this shit up. I AM NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP! A christian fuck head actually wrote this. He hates fags because he has sincere caring for them. Dude, the Bible is mythology. Wake up. Wake the fuck up! If there is only one right religion, how do you know it's yours? How do you know the one right religion has even been founded yet?

I'm glad Kerry lost. With the Republicans firmly in control of the Congress, it is not likely he would have been able to do much anyway. He would also be stuck with Bush's quagmire in Iraq. In four years, nothing would be better; Jeb Bush would be summoned out of Florida as the heir-apparent to the Republican nomination and would probably win.
-- Meg Corwin

A great example of how liberals are desperately trying to deal with the fact that Kerry couldn't win the election even tho:
1. He ran against one of the worst presidents ever.
2. The media lied for him every day.
3. He knew in advance the Republicans were going to "cheat".
This also raises the question: If Kerry wouldn't be able to "do much" even if he won, why the hell did liberals support him, and why was I suppose to vote for him?

04 DEC 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Stupidity from the CSU Collegian -- Part 2 of 3. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Back from an excellent episode of Stargate SG1. PC and sports mascots. Once again, American Indians are whining about sports team mascots. I can't understand the whining, maybe because I am not an idiot? Is the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional? I don't think so. However, should we be forcing people in publick school to recite this pledge? Not such a good idea. Further, is pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth a good idea? Not so much in my mind. More news on femi-symps. "Man-Feminist is not an oxymoron" -- Maybe not, but a man-feminist is a moron. News flash, pretending to be a feminist is not going to get women to have sex with you. Women are not attracted to pussies. Read the book "Adam's Curse". Statistics on rape are just another attempt to frighten people. These statistics can not be supported by any form of evidence. "I'm not sure what a man's roll is in the office." Your roll is to get me some fucking coffee and shut up. You can't create equality between men and women because men and women are not equal. This doesn't mean one is superior and one is inferior, this means men and women are different. How can feminism be about holding people responsible? Modern liberalism is entirely based on not being accountable or responsible. The current mantra of liberals is "don't blame me, I voted for Kerry". Don't blame me, it's not my fault, I an not accountable in any way. Cell phones & driving automobiles. You people are clearly too stupid to live your life and make decisions. Why do 7 year old kids have cell phones for? Who the fuck does a 7 year old call on a cell phone? Hypocrisy and Republicans. Hypocrisy and Democrats. Yet again I illustrate why Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same. This is a MUST LISTEN! Do NOT pass this up. Back to rape: Conflicting statistics, gender study classes, mini-skirts and personal responsibly. Women think "I have a vagina, therefore there should be no consequences to any action I ever take." Can you dumb fucking cunts take just a little bit of responsibility for what happens to you in your life? I'm still waiting for an explanation of exactly how allowing gays to marry will destroy society. A college student "assumes". Don't get too close, shit is about to fly. This student is "shocked" that religion is allowed on the CSU campus. "Every culture and gender has something to offer the world" -- really? "Every" culture? A New Generation of The Party -- Moderate Republicans. "Our generation is probably the most tolerant in American history and the youth of the Republican party reflects those same ideals." I'm counting to 10 in an effort to keep control. Young Republicans are become more liberal? This is a good thing? Do we really need to Democrat parties? The advantage of the Republicans & Democrats becoming more and more alike is that will open the possibility of a third party. So long as people think there is some great difference, some chasm of ideas between the Republicans & Democrats they will continue to vote for one of those two parties. If people come to realise the Republicrats are all the same people may be willing to vote for others. Isn't is so wonderful that we can get permission from the government?

If their (my children's generation) Social Security payments are diverted into their own private accounts, their money won't be there for my generation's retirement.
-- Robert B. Reich, in a brief moment of honesty about the real reason liberals love social security. Selfishness.

04 DEC 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Stupidity from the CSU Collegian -- Part 1 of 3. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Stupid Democrats in Texas want to ban "sexually suggestive movements" as performed by cheerleaders. New email address for STO. I am a god, and my email address should reflect such. It's amazing how intelligent 19 year old kids think they are. Strength through peace. My ass. Dozens of protesters . . . Dozens of them, and the media acts like this is news. When dozens of people oppose the war in Iraq they are a movement, they are making a difference. When dozens of people oppose the smoking ban, they are a minority. Racism on CSU? Or Penley trying to get his name in the newspaper? A "black man hanging from a tree" with "chilling racial overtones". You tell me, is this image "racist" and "chilling"?

FBI crime statistics only include data on rapes which are reported. How the fuck could you include data on rapes that aren't reported? How do you make statistics with data that has not been reported? Isn't that lying? It's not my fault I raped a girl, the alcohol made me do it. It's not my fault I got raped, the alcohol made me walk into a frat house full of drunk boys wearing a mini-skirt. We need to spend my tax money to educate 21 year old kids not to rape each other. 12 years of public education wasn't enough to teach people not to fucking rape each other?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? Is this our education system?? Let's talk about porn. Every year some bitch gets her panties in a wad over porn on the computers in the CSU library. If you are offended by people looking at porn at the library, stop watching them look at porn. Stop looking at their computers. Move to another location. Stop invading other peoples privacy. If they were offended by the porn, why did they look at the porn for 2 hours? If only 39% of all rapes are reported, how can you determine that it's 39% of all rapes? If all rapes are not reported, you can't know the total number of rapes. If you don't know the total number or rapes, how can you claim that only 39% of all rapes are reported? This leads to the obvious (which I am stating) question: Why are they lying? If the cause of is so wonderful and good and pure why do they have to lie? Can't you simply say "raping women is bad, don't do it"? That's not enough? You have to create false statistics? What is the real agenda? What if we teach women to rely on themselves? What if we teach women to defend themselves? No, we teach women to rely on the police, on the government, on the system, on rich white men. Separation of church and state is not in the Constitution. It's a great idea, but it isn't in there. I'm not opposed to welfare. I'm opposed to me paying for welfare. If you fucking liberals care so much, why don't you pay for welfare? Why I hate peace-niks with a fucking passion from hell. They live in a fantasy world, they change nothing and their whole purpose is to feel good about themselves. I hate hippies. Did I mention I hate hippies? Who is this Cindy She-hand whore who thinks she can demand the President talk to her? Get your bitch-ass in the kitchen and bring me a beer. What do these protesters do for a job? How do they have all this free time? Don't they have any responsibility? How do they get all this vacation time to go protest King George II, and if you can be away from your job for that long doesn't that mean you aren't needed at your job? Samantha Spady is back! If you drink 40 drinks in one night you will die. Patty Spady, Sam-Bam's mother, is going to produce a DVD to teach teenagers that if you drink 40 drinks in one night you will die. Because no one learned that in public education. Patty Spady is a complete failure. She failed to prevent her daughter from drinking herself to dear, so how will she prevent other teenagers from drinking themselves to death? Another example of newspapers printing stories which are completely fictitious.

Given a herd of stupid fools who are never to be coerced, and who are to keep every one from rising above their own level, and what will you ever get to the end of time except a herd of stupid fools?
-- James Fitzjames Stephen from 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity'

27 NOV 05: (time 77:53): Politics: Discussion of the book "The Naked Employee" and how you give up your privacy in the work place. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Yes, I am drinking coffee & beer at the same time. What is up with the library wanting their book back? We are going to talk about the excellent book "The Naked Employee", read some passages and have some discussion. Everyone has figured out that face recognition software doesn't work, except for the government that is. Internet & email at work is the most dangerous thing in the workplace. These can be used to fire you at any given moment. 25 Reasons Beer is Better Than Women can get you fired. Your work email is monitored. Your work email is recorded. Your work email is read by other people. All the sexual harassment lawsuits are initiated by women of course. Part of the problem is women in the workplace, but don't get me started. Use community computers whenever you can. Do women have a sense of humour? Can women take a joke? No & no. When women get offended what do they do? Run to rich white me for protection. But women are equal . . . my ass. Background checks & hiring people which criminal records. On reason we have some many criminals is because we have made so much illegal. The Ion Scan Sentinel II, how evil can you get? How fucked up can you get? Who want's to go to jail first. Making society more dangerous: The Techo-Bra. No I am not making this up. A bra that detects your heart rate, calls the police and sends them your location via GPS. Yes, your clothing can track your location. Not only can your clothing track your location, it can also monitor your health and your environment. What motivates a company to monitor your every move? Health insurance and lawsuits. Employee tagging: Not if, but when. RFID implanted in your body. "Getting Chipped" is copyrighted. Will employees allow themselves to be "chipped"? Will they roll over and kiss ass or will they stand up? I say they will roll over. The average employee will do whatever he is told, especially when the economy sucks. Imagine your employer being able to track exactly how much time you spent in every location, including the bathroom. Does that sound like a fun thing? Cameras, my favourite. Tony Blair, the camera master of the UK. London is the most watched city in the world. "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear." What a crock of shit. These camera also tie into this voyeuristic sickness we have going on in the US. It's an aspect of the proliferation of white trash TV. "I'm not doing anything illegal." First problem, you can't know everything which is illegal. Second problem, it may not be illegal today, but what about tomorrow? The backscatter X-ray. Do you want airport security looking at your dick? Do you want airport security looking at you tits? Your pussy? Is that the security you desire? Being fired for what you send/write in your email at work. I warned you. Your work email is not private. It IS NOT PRIVATE! READ MY FUCKING LIPS!!! The Supreme Court has ruled so. Human Resources is not your friend. The purpose of HR is to protect the company from you. HR is not your friend. Lifestyle discrimination: Smokers and unmarried white men who don't have children. There are companies who tell you that you can not smoke at all, not on your own time in your own house. Why do they care? Money and health insurance. Why have we linked health insurance to employment? All this does is give your company something to hold over you, to use for manipulating you, to take away your privacy. Drug testing, will that ever go away? 87% of positives turn out to be false. What could be more degrading than pissing in a bottle. This isn't about drugs, it's about power over another person. Your boss can order you to pull out your dick and piss, on demand, while he watches you. Drug testing via hair samples. Can your employer conduct genetic testing on you? The financial incentives are mind boggling. I'm going to give you thinking time on this. What about genetic testing before you are hired? How long before you have to submit your DNA before getting a job? If you company can prove you were genetically predisposed to injury, the company can get out of compensating for your injury. The automobile, your enemy. Are you in a company car? They are monitoring where you go via GPS, your speed and maybe even listening to your conversations. GPS in your cellphone. Will your company use your personal life against you? Will the company use the actions of your family against you? It has happened. Hidden surveillance in the workplace. How many of these hidden surveillance films end up on white trash TV? One day that might be you. It's dangerous to even say anything bad about your company. Read this book now. Also read "Database Nation".

Fear is the foundation of most governments.
-- John Adams

The People's Cube

21 NOV 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Racism, booze and capitalism -- Part 1 of 2click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Even at 0530 you are still wrong and I am still right. Political parties, their goals, their priorities. It's time for a serious and honest evaluation of the actions of the government & Katrina/New Orleans -- and you aren't going to like it. Where was the city & state government in all this? The point of everything that happened before, during and after Katrina was for politicians to get re-elected. The purpose of the government is to increase it's power and get re-elected. The people of New Orleans did this to themselves. Now that it's over they will simply elect more Democrats. The same Democrats who didn't life a finger for them during Katrina. Bill Bennet: Reduce crime by aborting black babies. How about a philosophical look at this, and your intellect. In fact, isn't this classic Utilitarianism. Isn't Utilitarianism a cornerstone of the liberal belief system? Liberals should be, if they are intellectually honest, totally in favour of this idea. The EU is passing laws about what waitress can wear at work in order to prevent sunburn. In England the government has directed that attractive men are not to be used in alcohol advertisements. A police officer shot a man, for spilling his coffee. New Jersey bans drinking games. If god will punish you for thinking, why did god give you the ability to think? Downtown Fort Collins vs. The Drunken Monkey. I am so fucking sick of "I'm offended". I'm offended by your existence. Some lessons on Fort Collins economy. Isn't this just a matter of using the government to eliminate competition? More bullshit than I've ever seen in 2 paragraphs in my life. The purpose of the government . . . We now voyage into a complete misunderstanding of government and capitalism, which illustrates why the U.S. is in deep shit. How dare we deprive prisoners of their rights? Why is a welfare mother with 4 boys in prison whining about how difficult it is to send money to her 4 sons in prison so they can by smokes and snacks. Had we aborted those 4 children, wouldn't things be better. In the past I have been opposed to limiting reproduction and forced abortion, but now I'm reconsidering.

The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime.
-- Max Stirner

20 NOV 05: (time 50:44): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 10 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I still can't talk . . . School shootings. What do public school shootings all have in common? How about, they all happened in public schools. Maybe schools are the problem. Ever consider that? If I went to high school today I would probably shoot someone too. The defining aspect of liberalism is doing nothing to accomplish results while feeling good about yourself. Boulder and CU are the fucking nexus of PCism, the nexus of liberalism, the nexus of dirty fucking hippies, yet where do women get raped by football teams? Where does racism run wild? Where does sexism and scandal run wild? Boulder and CU, that's where. All this regulation, all this PC, all this whining is just people who can't run their own lives, people who have fucked up lives, people with small egos and small dicks trying to compensate for their lack of ego and the fact that they rode to school on the short bus. Liberalism is all about feeling good about yourself and compensating for your impotence. Back to "Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girl" as I need to bash this some more. She is a sad, worthless bitch will self confidence problems -- therefore you must be punished. Intelligent design. Theory vs. fact. The empirical science speech: Science doesn't "prove" anything. You can't prove things. You can only support a theory or disprove a theory. You can not prove a theory, such as evolution. This doesn't mean evolution didn't happen. It means you can not prove it. No one has seen a monkey turn into a human. On the subject of stupid people: Katrina & New Orleans. What should we learn from this? The government is incompetent. There were all these people down there who needed food, water and health care and the government was unable to handle the situation. What is the answer? More government. In fact, the government should take total control of health care. Liberalism: If you are a failure you are qualified. Whatever you fail at is what you should have more power over. Racism: Who really tried to kill all the black people in New Orleans? The Republicans who created the hurricane with their weather control device or the Democrats who keep the black people poor and reliant on public transportation. If they had automobiles they could have left the city. Democrats tell their voters "vote for us and we will protect you". So where were the Democrats who care so much about the poor when Katrina was coming? Where was John Kerry? He has 3 or 4 mansions and a private jet. Where was he? Why didn't he use his private jet and wife's money to evacuate some of those people? If every liberal who "cares" so much about the poor people in New Orleans took one of of people into his home there would have been no people stuck in the Super Dome. If liberals cared so much, why didn't they do something to help? I can respect those who said "I'm going to stay and weather it out", but not if they are going to ask for help after the fact. Either be a man about it or get out, but don't pose like a man then ask for help. Looting vs. survival. Liberating food & water is one thing. Liberating TVs and jewelery is another thing. Of course liberals are telling us to feel sorry for the looters, it's not their fault. Why is there all this surprise that the government is not effective? Where the hell have you people been? And wait, don't you want the government to control health care? This same government which is "not effective"? And still the liberals fall over sideways to make excuses for the bad behavior in the aftermath of New Orleans/Katrina. The people suffering in the Super Dome are suffering for one reason only: They trusted the government to provide for them. Then there is global warming, again. Liberals say "If you support the war in Iraq, why aren't you over there fighting." I say, if you care so much about the poor black people in New Orleans why aren't you there? Why didn't you help? Were you too busy reliving your traumas acquired on the short bus? Too busy hugging a tree? What is the CLS Solution: If you are too stupid to get out of the way when a hurricane comes along you deserve to die. That's evolution in action. That's natural selection. That's adding chlorine to the gene pool. Liberals want to protect stupid people so they reproduce because stupid people are the only people who will vote Democrat.

No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.
-- U.S. Supreme Court in Marbury v. Madison

20 NOV 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 9 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I have only been wrong about one thing in my life, every time I think you people can not get any stupider, you do. Saint Louis is a shit hole. The high school adventures of The Great One, Himself the long haired freak. If I had to go to high school with all the bullshit of today I would go nuts. High school kids today are getting fucked. High school dress code in Weimar, Texas. Schools have to teach grooming and hygiene? Kids can't figure out they should take a bath? "Undergarments shall not be visible." Panty check! The next generation of Windoze operating system. Cell phones and driving. Putting up cameras in public places. Intrusion into your privacy or a wonderful thing? A camera is not like another person seeing you. A camera creates a permanent record which can be used against you and can be digitally altered. A camera will not stop a suicide bomber. Why does he give a shit about being filmed. He's going to be dead. Cameras are not going to stop people from casing public places. "Cameras in publics places will not stop terrorism, thus we should put cameras in public places." This is what passes for logic in the media. Koren Zailckas, Story of A Drunken Girlhood: A book about a little rich white girl who never had to earn anything in her life, so she got drunk, fucked some guy and decided it was rape. College kids actually spend time analysing why they drink alcohol? Are you kidding me? On top of that, the bitch an not write worth a shit. Now that we have banned smoking, let's ban alcohol as well. After all, Prohibition worked so well the first time around. The Air Force Academy, team Jesus, and religions problems. If you are in the Air Force, and you are offended by religions jokes, should you really be flying a 6 billion dollar aircraft and dropping bombs on civilians? The military of today is composed of pussies. Silent Solidarity: Stupid, but whatever it takes to get liberals to shut the fuck up. How to be a good citizen when the police pull you over to violate your civil rights. I'm thinking, as a libertarian I have to do my own thinking. This will be THE LAST time I ever talk about Ward Churchill. He lied about his military service, and that is a crock of shit. Churchill couldn't be a pimple on a real soldiers ass. Why do we let 16 year old children drive cars? Seems stupid to me. Democrats and Republicans both love censorship, they simple like to censor different things. Register beer kegs? Are you fucking serious? Oh shit, you are serious. It's near impossible to get alcohol poisoning from beer. No one can drink that much beer. A "hot feminist"? Is that like military intelligence? We should make laws against "power hours"? Should we make laws against running with scissors? If you go a bar and drink 21 shots in one hour it is the fault of liquor store owners? I challenge any of you dumb fucks to explain this to me. The hallmark of liberalism: Never take responsibility for your own actions.

When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side", I calmly say, Your child belongs to us already...What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community.
-- Adolf Hitler on why public schools are great

Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property. Let him be taught to love his family, but let him be taught at the same time that he must forsake and even forget them when the welfare of his country requires it. Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property.... He must be taught to amass wealth, but it must be only to increase his power of contributing to the wants and demands of the state.
-- Benjamin Rush on why public schools are great

The secret of the superiority of the state over private education lies in the fact that in the former the teacher is responsible to society...the result desired by the state is a wholly different one than that desired by parents, guardians, and pupils.
-- Lester Frank Ward on why public schools are great

The role of the schoolmaster is to collect little plastic lumps of human dough from private households and shape them on the social kneading board according to the specifications laid down.
-- Edward Ross on why public schools are great

Our schools are, in a sense, factories in which the raw products (children) are to be shaped and fashioned into products to meet the various demands of life. The specifications for manufacturing come from the demands of twentieth century civilisation, and it is the business of the school to build its pupils to the specifications laid down.
-- Elwood Cubberley on why public schools are great

The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care, shall be in state institutions at state expense.
-- Karl Marx agreeing with liberals on how public education should be implemented.

A general State education is a mere contrivance for molding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mold in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body.
-- John Stuart Mill (scumbag piece of shit) on why public schools are great

Our schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education from happening. The average American [should be] content with their humble role in life, because they're not tempted to think about any other role.
-- William T. Harris, U.S. Commissioner of Education, 1889; on why public schools are great

Where once a tyrant had to wish that his subjects had but one common neck that he might strangle them all at once, all he has to do now is to 'educate the people' so that they will have but one common mind to delude.
-- Richard Mitchell: The Underground Grammarian' on why public schools are great

The first goal and primary function of the U.S. public school is not to educate good people, but good citizens. It is the function which we call in enemy nations 'state indoctrination.'
-- Jonathan Kozol on why public schools are great

What is the task of higher education? To make a man into a machine. What are the means employed? He is taught how to suffer being bored.
-- F W Nietzsche, telling the truth about public schools

9 OCT 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 8 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Weather report: Shitty, shitty with a 90% change of shittyness. Back to the difference between responsibility and blame as applied to rape. Both left and right are happy to toss aside responsibility when doing so will benefit them. The left wants us to believe that no woman ever does anything to contribute to being raped. The right wants us to believe that the United States has done nothing to contribute to the 9/11 attacks. This line of thinking is exactly the same and shows why we (as a nation) can not improve anything. It's because we refuse to take any responsibility. If you are going to make changes in your life the first thing you have to do is take responsibility. As long as women believe they are not responsible, that they have no control -- then those women will always be subject to manipulation. It's for the same reason the right endeavours to tell the public they have no control over nor responsibility for the terrorist attack. To keep people weak, stupid and easy to manipulate. The Denver Three: Another example of how being a complete failure makes you and expert. Military recruiting bullshit. Do we really need to explain to high school kids "if you join the military you might get shot at and die"? After 12 years of public education kids don't know this? These people are the future of America? Disconnects between reality and dreams of public transportation. Notice that all the people who push for public transportation don't actually use public transportation. The politics of bus routes. Who decides where these buses go? Look, I'm doing research, not making up information. Too bad journalist can't do the same thing. All you fucking hippies with cars, get on the bus. Gay sheep? The state government of Colorado paid money for someone to write poetry about lesbian sheep. Yet we have a budget problem? Right . . . Abortion: The liberals have thrown all their eggs into one basket, that of Roe vs. Wade. If RvW goes down, the liberals are fucked. If abortion was decided on a state level there would be 50 battles instead of one and a greater chance of victory. So long as abortion is a federal decision, who ever controls the Supreme Court can force their decision on everyone. Division of power creates freedom. Consolidation of power reduces freedom. And making things illegal doesn't stop anyone from doing them. You white trash jack-asses need to turn off the TV and remove head from ass. Intelligent design and female orgasm. No female animal has orgasm? How do they know that? Intelligent design must be true as evolution does not explain male homosexuals? What the fuck? Reporters should do more research and spend less time playing with dolls. Starbucks is evil because, not everyone can afford their products. Stupid people were put on Earth for smart people to take advantage of. We let stupid people have money so smart people can take it away. It's stupid people who keep the government in power. The stupid people pay taxes and obey laws. Homelessness. Homeless children. Blah blah blah. 600 homeless children in Fort Collins? I'm calling you a liar. There are not 600 homeless children in Fort Collins. If there were, I would have seen one of them by now. Define "homeless". Living with someone else is not homeless, but according to the government it is. That way they can inflate the statistics. Stand by as I go into broken record mode: If everyone who claims to care about homeless people took a homeless person home with them there would be no homeless people. You people don't give a flying fuck about homeless people. You want power and money. Coming up: Academic freedom, original sin, the evil of white people, the religions right & wacko left are more alike than they want to confess.

Let them march all they want, so long as they continue to pay their taxes.
-- Gen. Alexander Haig

9 OCT 05: (time 71:26): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 7 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Got another Newcastle beer. You are wrong *and* I am right. I am always right. Randi is still a Republican. It's still the same day. Yet again liberals admit their real intentions without realising what they are confessing. The purpose of the estate tax is to manipulate people into donating to charity, just as the the purpose of the entire tax code is to manipulate people, hence the fierce opposition to a flat tax. I'm feeling hostile, I'm getting tired of having to explain the obvious, regardless of the fact that this show is called Stating The Obvious. Never mind . . . Democrats confess: They have no plan for governing! No shit?!? Women didn't gain the right to vote until Republicans took power, but is that really a good thing? We "stole" from the American Indians? Anytime you want to give your land back to an Indian and go the fuck back back where your ancestors came from feel free to do so. People immigrate to the United States because . . . we are destroying the world? What the fuck? Explain that one. We don't have control over how the government spends our money, and if you think we do you must be an idiot. We were given the right to own guns so that when the government got out of hand, we could fix the problem of the government. Standing on a corner with a fucking sign doesn't fix the problem. All these fucking protesters keep paying taxes, which the government uses to perpetuate the war in Iraq which you claim to be against. Take Back The Night isn't about women taking back the night, it's about keeping women weak and stupid so they will continue to vote Democrat and rely on men & government to protect them. Who thinks about their gender? Why do you need to think about your gender? What sort of loser sits around thinking about his gender? Do women sexually assault men? Do men sexually assault other men? And wouldn't that be accusing a homosexual/bisexual of sexual assault? Isn't that politically incorrect? I fucking hate femi-symps. Femi-symps feel guilty so they punish the rest of us. I wouldn't embrace a feminist, much less being a feminist. Liberal Freedom of Speech means you must agree with liberalism. Anytime women want to give up all the privileges they have and become equal to men I'm all for that. You don't make rape go away by talking about your feelings. Liberals aren't going to actually *do* anything, liberals *support* and *educate* but never act. Women always fuck (as in have sex with) the men who treat them like shit. White men don't rule the world. If we did, you people would all be dead. If white men ruled the world do you think we would have sexual harassment? Or Valentines day? Or monogamy? Or chick flicks? White men do not rule the world. Why do you women think every man alive wants to have sex with you? You are not that hot. Serious. You aren't. Feminism is all about keeping women weak and stupid, it's about waiting for rich, white Democrat men in congress to pass laws to protect you. Just because the TV tells you to do something, doesn't mean you have to do it. Just because a man tells you to do something doesn't mean you have to do it. If you women want to be equal, try thinking. The difference between deserving X and being responsible for X. I'm sorry, but a woman can not walk into a room full of drunk frat boys dressed like a whore and expect nothing to happen. This isn't to excuse the actions of the boys, but the woman put herself there. She is responsible for being in that place, the boys are responsible for their actions. There is a difference. I love the way liberals know why people do things. I don't know why men actually rape women, because I've never raped a woman, because I'm getting more pussy than I can handle from your bitch and your sister. Liberals will kill babies, but not rapist. Only Republicans can protect you from terrorist, only Democrats can protect you from rapist. One in ten mainstream moves contain rape scenes? Well you go watch the shit bitch. Hey, let's think for a moment: When getting a drivers license (let's pretend it's not really a national ID card) why does it matter what your fucking gender is? It's all about keeping women weak and stupid so they will vote Democrat. The "feminist movement" cares about money and power, not you women. Get over it. Blah blah fucking blah -- play the music.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.
-- George Bernard Shaw

9 OCT 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 6 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: White men are gods. We have so much power it's unreal. White men control the world, so kiss our asses. Ward Churchill: The final word, and there will be no more. I am right, you are wrong. Deal with it stupid. The fact that people made such a big deal out of what Churchill wrote illustrates how stupid you people are. Yet again, I illustrate liberal hypocrisy. White men are responsible for all evil in the world, and it's ok to hate, label and stereotype white men, because hating white men is ok. But I'm fine with that, because white men are better than the rest of you, thus your hatred of us. So fuck you. Liberal logic tells us that only white men can be racist, no "minority" can ever be racist. This is liberal logic, and this is why I hate liberal more than any one else that has ever, does, and will ever exist. Louis Fowler = Complete Fucking Idiot. Governments do not run out of money. Hazardous materials in public schools. Here we go with abortion again. The Republicans still want to make abortion illegal, because as we know making things illegal stops people from doing things. The Democrats still want to pretend abortion is wonderful, yet are still terrified to actually talk about how many abortions happen and for what reason. Dogs and dog ownership. Women own dogs because they can't get men. If you are a fucking tree hugger, and you own a dog, where the fuck do you think the dog food comes from? Where the fuck are the animal rights wackos? Why do people in Colorado donate so little to charity? Because Colorado has no economy. Liberals spent the day in silence to protest King George II. While spending the day not talking isn't going to actually change the behaviour of the government, but it did mean that a bunch of stinking hippies didn't talk for a whole day. Liberalism is not about solving problems, liberalism is about feeling good about yourself. Being a sex offender in Colorado. A 19 year old who grabs his dick and says "suck my dick" is legally equivalent to a 45 year old man fucking his 15 year old daughter. Sex offenders must avert their eyes from children even if their offence did not involve a child. How the fuck do you enforce that? How do you know if they are averting their eyes? Olfactory aversion treatment: Do we want to live in a society where people are manipulated and conditioned by the government? If you did this to an animal the animal rights wackos would come out of the woodwork. So what do we do with child molesters? Repeat offenders: Kill them, bullet to the head. Very simple. Should sex offenders undergo therapy and/or conditioning? Of course, but only if they voluntarily submit, not against their will. National ID card time: To get a drivers license in Colorado you now have to have your fingerprint taken. Smoking as a service: I'm proud to be a smoker now, as I am giving back to society. Coming up next, Feminazies, Taking Back The Night and Femisymps.

Once you stop fearing the government, the government fears you.
-- Robert D. Graham

29 AUG 05: (time 56:49): Politics: The Population Bomb click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: The Population Bomb, subtitled: Paul R. Ehrlich, Complete Fucking Idiot. Note: We had some technical problem recording this issue of STO which were unknown until I played it back -- the sound quality is not the best. But I'm still right about everything. As usual.

The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and then take orders; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting.
-- Charles Bukowski

14 AUG 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 5 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I am fucking pissed, but at least I didn't die after having sex with a horse. This is what people do for fun in Seattle, get fucked by horses. I follow up on the ADA conversation. If fact, I did a thing called research which is evidently beyond the abilities of journalist at the Rocky Mountain Bullshit, I mean Bullhorn. The ADA is 700 pages of pure bullshit. Some people are busy contributing to the economy, and some people are reading the ADA. Some cunt from the U.N. thinks the United States needs to contribute more money to disaster relief around the world. Understand this bitch, .14% of our GDP is bigger (like our dicks) than any amount of money any other country is kicking in. This is 15.372 billion dollars. For Germany to contribute the same amount of real dollars it would take 6.6% of their GDP. The U.S. gives more money, more support, more technology and more assistance to other countries of the world than any other nation of this planet. If it wasn't for the United States the rest of you fuckers would either be living in a Nazi society or a communist society and wondering where your next meal was coming from. All you filthy little foreigners can go fuck yourselves. The atheist left don't believe in god, but they believe the Earth is a living being. If I had some dolls I could make them fuck and I'd be a real journalist. Who lives on beaches? Rich liberal actors. Why doesn't the left oppose this? Liberals have discovered that trees and vegetation prevent erosion. Wow, these people are so smart. It was the economic power and reserves of the U.S. that made the tsunami relief possible. UNC teachers have gone years without a raise, but the administration on UNC gets some fat bonuses. Have the voting compute give you a print out isn't going to help, and wait until we vote over the internet -- that is really going to be a disaster. But everyone is so attached computers. Vote with paper! Why do we need computer voting? To speed up the process? Why does it matter who the president is? If it takes 3 or 4 days to count the ballets so what? What is the rush? Does it matter? If you are too stupid to know how to vote, why should you be allowed to vote? The voting places were mostly in Christian churches? What other kind of church do you expect to find in white-bread, cracker Fort Collins, Colorado? If you care so much, why don't you investigate? My tax money going to "educate" students about alcohol poisoning. CSU has killed two students with alcohol, so obviously CSU is just the organisation to teach people not to kill themselves with alcohol. CSU and Spady's parents are total failures at preventing students from drinking themselves to death, yet they are pretending to be experts on how to teach student's to not drink themselves to death. Ward Churchill: Idiot or idiot? You decide. Instead of having sex with a horse, use fake plastic love.

The American people, rather than being infused with an understanding of what individual freedom means, are indoctrinated from childhood to the grave to pledge allegiance to a flag -- the ultimate golden calf, the false idol.
-- Andy von Sonn

14 AUG 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 4 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Some fucking idiot thinks that America is great because of laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act. America is not great because of laws. The United States is great because of freedom. The ADA is "simple"? Are you fucking kidding me? You are forced to read the ADA before opening a business? Oh, the taste of freedom. People do not want to live in the United States because of the ADA. People want to live in the U.S. because of freedom and opportunity. No person in another country wants to come to the U.S. because if they open a business the government will force them to install a wheelchair ramp. Yet another example of lawyers killing progress and actually killing and maiming people, all for the love of money. Back to King George II masterminding 9-11. Was King George II complacent in allowing 9-11 to happen? FDR allowed the Japanese to attack Perl Harbour. W. Bush simply did the same thing your hero FDR did. On to more post election coverage: Most people who vote Democrat *are* too stupid to run their own lives. How is it you liberals know what everyone else on the planet is thinking? Why does our anger build inside? Because you can't express your anger otherwise some fucking liberal will show up with a speech code and attack you with lawyers and sensitivity training. The liberal "reporters" at the Bullhorn confess to spending their day making a Howard Dean doll have sex with a George W. Bush doll. This is what you learn in college when getting a degree in "journalism". These are the people many of you turn to for information. Liberals (and conservatives for that matter) think that organisations started by rich white men are "grass roots" organisations. Again, is King George II an idiot? or a criminal mastermind? Which is it? Would the government intentionally kill American citizens for financial profit? Of course it would: Waco, Ruby Ridge, the War on Drugs, the sterilisation program aimed at blacks and retarded people, the Tuskegee Experiments, etc. Would corporations use the death of people to make money? Damn right. Did you see the car commercials after 9-11? "Drive our car and show that Americans love freedom" and so forth. Advertising totally took advantage of 9-11 to move products. The mainstream media is simply the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Hey look, the media has discovered that people tend to vote conservative on the national/federal level and liberal on the local level. I have been trying to tell you idiots this for years. The media is so far behind me. The idea that normal people vote exclusively Republican or Democrat is exactly the simplistic world view held by the media which prevents the media from ever doing or saying anything of value. How much of our GNP should the U.S. donate to helping others? As little as we want, because we are better than you. Kiss my ass. Bitch.

First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight with you,
then you win.
-- Gandhi

13 AUG 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 3 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Back after the 10K run, opera playing in the background, back to it. If are you taking a class at a university and you are a Republican, why are you surprised to find that your profs are liberal Democrats? And if you can't defend your beliefs against these people then what kind of pussy are you? When a prof says "The R in Republican stands for racist" if you can't take that kind of Sesame Street opposition what will happen when you end up in a debate against someone who actually isn't stupid? Ah the "chilling effect" is setting in. Then put on a coat. Hearing liberals suddenly pretend they are afraid to express their opinions is sad, but entertaining at the same time. In the end it's all about "people are stupid". You can always find a stupid lawyer -- you can always find a lawyer willing to do anything for money. The classroom has never been a free learning environment, the classroom has always been controlled by the government. The solution, the only solution, to the education "problem" is to get the government out of the education business. I love when liberals talk about how we need "open discussion" when liberals are the ones stifling open discussion. Liberals are people who think that King George II -- a total idiot in their estimation -- masterminded the 9-11 attack on the United States. Liberals see nothing wrong with Ruby Ridge or Waco, but W masterminded 9-11 so his friends could make money. The 9-11 Truth Movement: How stupid can people be? Some 19 year old kids memorise web pages and now the media considers them to be experts. How is it that liberals seriously thing King George II blew up the World Trade Centre, yet when I said that King William blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma I was called a wacko? Independent Journalist: noun, a teenager living in his mothers basement with an internet connection. Marching to Washington is not how you get the truth. The attitude that all truth, all wisdom, all knowledge lies in Washington and the federal government you will continue to be useful idiots. You can protest, march and stand on the street corner all day long and never change a thing. You change things by taking action, not by whining. Robert Reich confesses: Social Security is a pyramid scheme and all about selfishness. If you are allowed to take your money and put your money into your private account then your money will not be there when Robert Reich wants to use your money to retire on. Reich confesses: Social Security is a pay as you go program, the government has no money for Social Security. The government takes money from me and other tax payers and gives it to other people. Wealth redistribution? Of course. Liberals lob more veiled insults at normal people. Old people, the evil Republicans are going to take away your Social Security, you must vote Democrat in order to stop them. What about this hatred of the electoral college? The electoral college was never a problem when King William won two election while never getting more than 50% of the popular vote. How do you limit campaigns? To tell politicians they can only campaign during a certain time frame . . . isn't that abridging freedom of speech? Free air time for politicians? Here we go again. Liberals can not grasp that nothing is "free". What the fuck is wrong with these people? Cripples are going to get out of their wheelchairs and walk, yet now liberals are saying "good thing Kerry didn't win because he couldn't fix the nations problems". If he couldn't fix the nations problems, why the fuck did he run for president?

If you want to help a little old lady cross the street, that's good. It's an act of compassion. But what if a policeman puts a gun to your head and demands that you walk her across the street? That is coercion. Coercion destroys compassion! The more coercion our laws create, the less compassion Americans will have for each other.
-- Greg Perry

13 AUG 05: (time 54:20): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 2 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Sorry to have been gone so long, but it was the summer. Since I have a life, unlike many of you, I was living my life and didn't have time to State The Obvious (as much fun as Stating The Obvious is). Computers are evil. If an event isn't important 6 months after it happened, it wasn't important when it happened. What the fuck is wrong with you people? How can we make Samantha Spady drinking herself to death the fault of everyone except registered Democrats and Samantha herself. I don't have to take others out of context to be right, I am always right. The CSU liquor task force: Politics at it's best. Liquor stores did not sell Samantha the booze she killed herself with, liquor stores did not hold Samantha down and pour the booze down her throat, so why must the liquor stores be punished. Besides, Samantha is only 19. She shouldn't have been drinking anyhow. If laws could change what people do, if laws worked, Samantha would not be dead. Thus what is the obvious solution? Make more laws of course. One stupid bitch drinks herself to death and it's the end of the world, we need new laws, new regulations and less freedom. Isn't it better that Samantha has removed herself from the gene pool? The CSU task force want's to shut down the bars and the liquor stores, but isn't going near the breweries? Why is that? It's ok to make the booze, but selling it is wrong. Why all the effort to shift the blame from Samantha. If anyone is to blame for her death (besides her) it's CSU. If it wasn't for CSU she would have never been in Fort Collins to get drunk and kill herself in the first place. If students are the problem, shut down the college, then there will be no more students and no more problem. Why not regulate the number of students at CSU? Why not regulate CSU's advertising? Why the attack on private sector business which actually generate revenue? Oh yea, hatred of capitalism. Kerry lost to George W. How much has that got to hurt? If Kerry was a real man he would kill himself. Democrats, get a fucking life outside of politics. Why do Democrats thing that when they lose the winner should work with them to implement the Democrat agenda? Why should King George II engage in "bi-partisanship"? The liberal agenda lost, King George II (shit head that he is) doesn't have to be your fucking friend. All politicians are evil, including the Libertarian politicians. They should all be killed. Democrats have *no* sense of humour. It's so fucking sad. "Now that I have the will of the people at my back I'm going to start enforcing the one question rule." That's funny. You are just too stupid to know it. Kerry's own supporters didn't expect him to win. Weren't we suppose to elect Kerry because he was going to fix things? Now his supporters say he couldn't have fixed anything if elected. So why the hell did he run? Colorado hates smokers and smoking, but loves taxing cigarettes. What would a lesbian know about condoms? The liberal obsession with exit polls. Students for Academic Freedom (SAF) is pissing off the liberals as SAF is trying to silence people with different opinions, just like liberals do.

In my view there really is only one solution to government behaving the way government behaves, and that's not to have one.
-- David Friedman

03 JUL 05: (time 2:14:28): Politics: Audio commentary track for Fahrenheit 911 by fat ass Micheal Moore. click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Listen to this while watching Micheal "Fat Ass" Moore fool you into thinking he is making a documentary. Don't mistake me, King George II and the other jackass Republicans are jackasses, but that doesn't make Micheal "Fat Ass" Moore right. It just makes him fat.

In nothing did the founders of this country so demonstrate their essential naivete than in attempting to constrain government from all its favourite abuses, and entrusting the enforcement of these protections to judges; that is to say, men who had been lawyers; that is to say; men professionally trained in finding plausible excuses for dishonest and dishonourable acts.
-- H.L. Mencken

09 MAR 05: (time 46:47): Politics: Much catching up to be done -- Part 1 of ?? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I am better at 6am than you are at any time of the day. I am always better than you. Randi is still adorable at 6am, even if she is bitching and drinking instant coffee. Going into the stack which has been on my desk for ages. Undecided voters? One person, one vote? Isn't the real problem that people who shouldn't be voting are allowed to vote. The truth is neither the right nor the left, the truth is me. Kerry dominates debate? My ass. Kerry couldn't dominate a role of shit paper. Democrats still believe they won the election. How dare some members of the media air programs they want to air! Tattoos and piercings were not cool when nobody had them. They are not cool now that everyone has them. Goatees, what the fuck? Why do you want your mouth to look like a woman's vagina? Shave that shit or grow a real beard. How dare private companies make decisions without asking the DNC. Sinclair airing a program which tells the truth is "Kerry bashing". The problems with liberals is that they don't understand ownership. CBS can air or not air whatever CBS wants to air. What CBS airs is not up to idiots at the Rocky Mountain Bullhorn. It doesn't matter what other countries think of us. Fuck other countries. The left has to get 'em while they are young, as once someone has any degree of life experience they are too smart to fall for the lefts lies. The government has in fact spent the most money when we have Republican presidents and Democrat congresses. The libertarians are the only people & party which truly believes in reducing the amount of money spent by government. The media wants people to believe they are unbiased, yet look at who they endorse for every election -- Democrats. Isn't capitalism evil? Yet the Bullhorn runs adds to make money. Isn't making money wrong and evil? Oh wait, making money is only evil when people who aren't Democrats make money. If you want to vote for Nader join "hundreds of progressives" and vote Kerry. Wow, there are "hundreds" of progressive out there. "The number one priority . . . is to get rid of Bush." What does this tell us about liberals and the hatred/stupidity that drives them. Liberalism is not about doing anything to solve problems, liberalism is about hating other people & gaining political power. Adjunct teachers at CSU: low wages, long hours, no job security and treated like shit. Yet tenure professors do nothing and get treated like royalty. Colleges are liberal dominated, where is the "fairness"? Where is the "compassion"? Where is the "equality"? I am the last person who will ever say people deserve jobs, but if you want to keep an employee, try not treating the employee like shit. How many CSU employees does it take to change a light bulb? Three. I'm not making this up. If you are a CSU student and wondering where your money goes, I'll tell you it doesn't go to your education. It goes to build offices and buy office furniture for paper pushing pukes.

If all the people who claim to care about the poor and homeless really cared about the poor and homeless there wouldn't be any poor and homeless. It's all a front. Just follow the money.
-- The Great One, Himself

The greatest evil ever foisted upon Mankind is Utilitarianism. This is the moral philosophy of the communist, socialist, liberal/progressive, animal rights wacko, hippie tree hugger, journalist, lawyer and all the other people that I hate. Join for this series as I destroy Utilitarianism and explain exactly why it is evil and fucked up.

On the subject of animal rights wackos, check out some more slaughter of PETA wankers by Maddox:
Guiltless grill? Is there another kind?
PETA responds to the above essay.

Pick up the notes for this series of Stating The Obvious:
Notes in Abiword format.
Notes in RTF format.
Notes in text format.

27 MAR 05: (time 43:40): Philosophy: Utilitarianism: Overview -- What is Utilitarianism all about? click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: What exactly is Utilitarianism? It's interesting that in my philosophy class we talked about Utilitarianism without ever talking about what it really means, or the historical context in which it was founded, or its purpose according to its creator.

27 MAR 05: (time 55:21): Philosophy: Utilitarianism in action -- Euthanasia: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Does Utilitarianism give you a "right" to euthanasia? Are you the master of your own body? I submit that in fact it does not and you are not.

05 APR 05: (time 15:34): Philosophy: Utilitarianism in action -- Slavery: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I slavery wrong under Utilitarianism? Not a chance in hell.

05 APR 05: (time 23:20): Philosophy: Utilitarianism in action -- Abortion: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Abortion and Utilitarianism. Do you have a "right" to abortion? Nope. Which ever way the wind blows is all you've got, yet Femi-Nazis are Utilitarians. Go figure.

05 APR 05: (time 33:25): Philosophy: Utilitarianism -- Why the left wing clings to it so desperately: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: If Utilitarianism is so fucked up why does the left wing (and the right wing in many cases) cling to it so desperately? Also a few side issues about the professor and TA for my Appreciation of Philosophy class.

05 APR 05: (time 60:14): Philosophy: Utilitarianism -- Animal Rights part 1: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Animal Rights Wackos. Do you have a PETA poster hanging on your door? Then you would be a "useful idiot".

05 APR 05: (time 38:20): Philosophy: Utilitarianism -- Animal Rights part 2: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Animal Rights Wackos. Do they really care about animals or is it all about power?

05 APR 05: (time 45:25): Philosophy: Utilitarianism in the Real World: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: The movie Extreme Measures and why Utilitarianism really doesn't work regardless of how much stupid people wish it would work.

06 APR 05: (time 61:56): Philosophy: Utilitarianism -- Animal Sciences responds to the PETA point of view: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Two students from Animal Sciences came to my class to debate against the PETA point of view in regards to the farming & livestock industry. It was a good debate with many interesting points made and some common ground discovered.

I believe the reason I smoke and drink and my wife is overweight is because we watched TV every day for the last four years.
-- Timothy Dumouchel . . .

. . . who threatened to sue a cable company for providing free cable for four years after he asked that it be cancelled, and illustrates why most humans are a waste of protoplasm

Below: We see Christian abstinence mongers using sex to sell virginity. Notice the perfect breast, the tight sweater, the blond hair / blue eye arian look. Why don't they use the image of a fat, ugly bible thumper looking homebody? Because sex sells, that's why. On top of that notice that it says "the best is worth waiting for". Not only is she hot, but she is the best fuck on Earth. Ever. Impressive. Bullshit, but impressive.

using sex to sell virginity

The diamond wedding ring: A very classy property tag.

07 MAR 05: (time 78:57): Philosophy: Monogamous Marriage, Part 4: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I continue the assault from part 3, take on the abstinence movement, and direct your attention to the wild fear caused by the simple mention of gay marriage and polygamy.

01 MAR 05: (time 66:21): Philosophy: Monogamous Marriage, Part 3: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: In which I destroy the essay "Two Becoming One Flesh" by Allan Carlson.
Click here to get the original essay in PDF format.

25 FEB 05: (time 42:42): Philosophy: Monogamous Marriage, Part 2: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Get my notes for part 1 and 2 of this series:
Notes in Abiword format.
Notes in RTF format.
Notes in text format.

16 FEB 05: (time 60:00): Philosophy: Monogamous Marriage, Part 1: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I begin the attack on the idea of monogamous marriage as has been drilled into the minds of most people. I explore the fallacy of monogamy, the hypocrisy of those who preach it, and just how moral is this form of slavery. What is the real purpose of marriage? More than anything it is driven by the duel purpose of keeping the population under control and generating economic activity. Much taken from the move Crimes and Misdemeanours.

My personal attacks are a prologue to logic and reason. Your personal attacks are a substitute for logic and reason.
-- The Great One, Himself

02 FEB 05: (time 30:05): Introduction to philosophy: religion and other things to start things up, Part 2: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Theme song by David Gilmour: You Know I'm Right from the album About Face. Philosophers live in fantasy worlds. They have wonderful ideas which look great on paper, but they don't plug into the real world very well. We need more philosophy which actually reflects what happens in the real world, not fantasy land. Science proof verse philosophical proof. What is a religion? My "proof in science" speech. Religion is any belief system based on faith, not on empirical evidence. I'm not sure religions should change to adapt to modern day. If religions change, then how is that a base? How does the form a stable belief system? And isn't that suppose to be the point of a religion? That and to keep the masses stupid and under control. Euthanasia, active vs passive. Should euthanasia be performed by doctors? No. If you are too stupid to kill yourself, call me. I'll kill you. Doctors need to save life, not kill life (unless it's a cancer cell). Active vs. passive moral reasoning. Deliberately doing something vs. deliberately doing nothing.

"A woman's body, a woman's right" also carries responsibility.
-- Wendy McElroy

01 FEB 05: (time 56:15): Introduction to philosophy: religion and other things to start things up, Part 1: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Finally, I talk about something other than politics, tho politics always creeps back into the conversation. Philosophers need some serious editing. Where do these people learn to write. You have to do ethics, you have to make ethical decisions. I hate Utilitarians. I hate Utilitarians more than Hitler hated the Jews. I *HATE* Utilitarians. But that will come later. Cultural Relativism, Ethical Relativism and Ethical Objectivism. If morals are relative, then no one can do wrong, no one can tell another they are wrong and best of all, you can't tell me I have to be tolerant. I don't *have* to be tolerant, because all ethics are relative. Yay! I can do whatever I want to do. Why can't I say the word "relativism" . . . Blah! Different cultures do different things differently: Talk about stating the obvious. Someone shoot me, I can't talk at all today. Are some moral beliefs objective, do they always hold true, all places, all situations? Evaluating another cultures belief system: What are the root morals behind a belief or tradition or custom? Don't simply look at the surface, look for the underlying values. Is it moral? Well does it help a society flourish? Philosophy has strict definitions, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I will have to keep these things straight. If morals are a function of culture, then which culture? Each person has multiple cultures, so which is the primary culture? Can we pick and choose? If so, then that leaves morality pretty open to interpretation. Really bad Star Trek TNG episode as a moral thought experiment. Legal is not the same as moral, illegal is not the same as immoral. How much do you know about the situation? Do you know enough to make moral decisions about people you don't know much about? I'm falling over. The Prime Directive is written on paper, but does that make it right? The government is not the source of morality, and if you think it is you are a sick puppy. A very sick puppy. People go into politics for power, not to help people, but all along they try to pass themselves off as moral people. Why are drugs illegal? Because they are wrong. Why are they wrong? Because they are illegal. How do you arrive at this? Neither of these is a reason for the other. In ethics & philosophy classes there is always discussion about "does morality require religion", why not "does morality require government"? Christians and Jews think they are moral, yet these people had to be told, by God, in stone, that killing is bad. How fucked up do you have to be that you need to be told that killing people is bad. Easy ways to realize that you do not need religion to be moral.

What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.
-- Edward Langley

29 JAN 05: (time 52:47): The Fort Collins Weekly, Journalism or Stupidity? I'll give you a hint, Part 2: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I'm so tired I could drop dead, and many people would like that. Fun with Republicans: An oxymoron? Bill O'Reily vibrator factor. The O'Reily Factor Vibrator: It slants to the right! Banning beer at the football stadium results in students arriving drunk. Imagine that! The shock! This is news to people who run a college. Let me tell you about an expensive way to learn what a one way street is. The Democrats still think they won the election. The Democrats still haven't figured out we don't live in a democracy. Voting with computers? Dumb idea anyhow. Fucking use paper. This is so simple. Oh Shit! People have had to LOOK for information, on their own, because the media has failed "the working people of the United States". This country ceased to be what the founding fathers created when the tyrant Lincoln destroyed freedom with his war, draft and suppression of freedom. The media tried their best to get King George II out of office, but their best isn't very much. The underlying cause of crime in America is: The Government! Liberals are fucking illiterate. ODB (Old Dirty Bastard is dead.) That sucks ass. A tribute to ODB. Coffee shops: I love 'em. Instead of complaining about how Starbucks is opening another store you should be glad that there is going to be a business in town which isn't going to shut down after 4 months, like all these stupid expensive clothing stores that open and close in downtown Fort Collins. You would think someone might eventually get the hint. Why do fucking liberal hippies open businesses? They don't understand how the market and capitalism work. Of course they are going to go out of business. Progressives are liberals who are too stupid to know they are liberals. If your business caters to liberal you can't make any money because liberal hippies don't have any money. What about the coffee shop run out of business by the other local businesses? Why is that left out of the article? The Starbucks hate. Try doing some marketing research instead of whining. Learn how to run a business you stupid hippy. Samantha Spady: The bitch is dead, too bad her memory will not die. How long do we have to suffer for her stupidity? How many mandatory classes will college kids have to go to because she was too stupid to know that drinking 40 drinks will kill you? If Samantha is that stupid she deserves to die, get those bad genes out of the gene pool. I'm out of material & going to shut up. Aren't you happy.

If the economy is good, the president could be having sex with a horse and nobody would care.
-- Bill Maher

16 JAN 05: (time 54:20): The Fort Collins Weekly, Journalism or Stupidity? I'll give you a hint, Part 1: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I use the work "like" to damn much. The two final Matrix movies sucked. Spiderman 2 sucked. The United Nations: A worthless joke. I am stuffed up, so my vocal quality sucks ass. United Nations: Sex and Slavery. The Fort Collins Weekly: The most communist local rag. The media is still trying to pretend they are not liberals, yet look how they lied for Prince John Kerry? "You've gotta be completely idiot." What the hell am I saying? Dan Rather, not only a lying piece of shit, but also an expert on typewriters. Isn't it amazing how the forged documents from CBS were all over the news up until everyone confessed they were fake? Once the truth came out the story was dropped and the media pretends it never happened. The false premise is that the only rights you have are the ones explicitly granted in the Constitution. In fact, the only powers the government has are those which are explicitly granted in the Constitution. The government doesn't want to decrease the number of people who die from alcohol poisoning, it wants to increase the number of people who die from alcohol poisoning -- that way the crisis gets larger and the government can seize more power under the guise of "helping" people and "solving" the crisis. 40% of Fort Collins liquor establishments are in 40% of the Fort Collins city limits. This is not a revelation. You can't get strength thru piece, you only get strength from strength. Hippies don't do anything but smoke dope and smell bad. The media is wrong, time after time after time after time. Why does anyone keep listening to them? Oh yea, Kerry got his ass kicked. Everybody thinks I'm insane, but I'm only schizophrenic. Granting women the right to vote. A huge mistake. Putting bras in the freezer. Getting panties in a wad. More fear of gay marriage. If you are gay can you not be part of a family? Is there a difference between the heterosexual baby making marriage group and the butt fucking fag marriage group? No there is not. Both groups are almost exactly alike in their beliefs. The who gay marriage crisis and Constitutional Amendment thing is simply a smoke screen anyhow. A diversion tactic. A way to get Christian votes for the Republicans. Bush has said he will not push Senators to vote for the gay marriage ban. What a shock, unless you are smart like me. I saw this coming. There is NOT going to be a marriage amendment to the Constitution. Get the hell over it. The purpose of all this gay marriage opposition is to distract you people from things that are important. Important: Is there a Pink Floyd reunion in the near future? 'Team America: World Police' review, which shows yet again that the media is anything buy objective. Making fun of Bush is good, funny and direct hits, but making fun of liberal film actors is tasteless and offencive. Or maybe the media are just a bunch of fucking liberal hippies. Every time someone asks for money to protect your rights, it's about the money. Oh look, it's liberal America hating in the restaurant reviews, from the filthy liberal media. Imagine that? There is a reason why liberal are accused of hating America. It's because they hate America. The Bill O'Reily Vibrator: Add some fun to your talking points.

Anybody who wants the presidency so much that he'll spend two years organising and campaigning for it is not to be trusted with the office.
-- David Broder

21 NOV 04: (time 54:20): Recording Again part 2: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I still can't talk. You know I'm right. We do not live in a democracy. The majority is not suppose to rule, the Constitution is suppose to rule. There are no minority rights, everyone has rights, and everyone is suppose to have the same rights. The government can not give you rights, they can only take freedom away. I can't make it any simpler. I know I shouldn't make fun of how people look, but it's my show and I can do what I want. If you want to make fun of how I look, that's fine. I don't mind. Because I'm still right. Mandatory voting, yet another totally stupid idea from liberals. We need fewer people voting. Liberal logic: Since the government already forces you to do some things, it ok for the government to force you to do other things. People tend to vote liberal locally and conservative federally. I've been saying this, finally the rest of you figure it out. Americans are too stupid to live in a democracy. Computer voting can never be made 100% "safe". Get over the need for instant gratification and use paper ballots regardless of how long it takes to count them. Samantha Spady: Poster child for the anti-alcohol movement. If you are too stupid to know that drinking 40 drinks in one night will kill you then you should be dead. CSU alcohol task force: Of course it's a knee-jerk reaction. Al Yates, anti-smoking asshole. No one in power at CSU knew Samantha existed until she died, now they are acting all sorry about it, like they hung out with her and stuff. Serious, if she was not a semi-cute white girl in college no one would care. CSU is going nuts and banning booze everyplace. This will also be used to shut down the frats. If CSU bans booze in frat houses, the kids will simply go someplace else to drink, then have to drive home drunk -- either killing someone or getting busted for DUI. How does that improve things? The person who killed Samantha was Samantha. If you are 18 you are smart enuf to vote & join the military, but not smart enuf to know when you have drank too much. Right.... I could be wrong -- that's a joke, like I could be wrong. 40% of liquor stores withing 1.5 miles of CSU, no shit? If we are going to blame someone for Samantha's death, let's blame CSU. If it were not for CSU she would not have been here. If you want to stop CSU students from dying then you have to either shut down CSU or don't have any students. Those are your options. Deal with it.

Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.
-- Douglas Casey

21 NOV 04: (time 54:20): Recording Again part 1: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: I'm back after technical difficulties. I didn't do it. Air America, still idiots. Fox News, Christian dating web site. Rush Limbaugh should be in jail? The war on drugs is actually a war on people. Have a responsibility stick. How to tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Democrat math, 49% = a mandate. The adorable Randi, her politics are fucked up, but she is still adorable. Liberal professor kicks Republican student. Democrats are offended at the idea they might have to do work. I wish we could go around kicking people, lots of them need it. Democrats believe in free speech as long as you say things they agree with, otherwise you must be silenced. Bryant rape case & rape in general. What is the meaning of the word "rape"? Aside from that, women are capable of lying. Woman logic. She was afraid people would think she was lying, so she lied. Rioting out of disgust with King George II. Milking the twin towers for money. Attempts to link the ideals of America to the World Trade Centre. The ideals of America are freedom, personal choice, capitalism, not the World Trade Centre. Freedom Tower on WTC site. I told you this would happen, tall and shiny, just what is needed to fool the American people. Have I mentioned that people are stupid? The Democrats target the people who are least intelligent, it's the only way they can win. But wait, the Democrats don't think you are stupid, you "just lack motivation to learn". You need to know where France is, so we can bomb the place. Women in the military, they gotta fix their makeup. The military exist to kill people, not to be equal or fair or any other shit like that. I feel so much safer knowing that women in the Air Force have time to touch up their makeup. Can you outlaw stupidity? There is no greater threat to freedom than an ex-smoker. Why must there be a law against everything that is stupid. Why don't we tax people who are overweight by the pound? The anti-tobbaco nazis do not care about you, and they are not going to stop with cigarettes. You can not force people to be safe, you can't make everything that is unsafe illegal. The more laws we have, the more criminals there will be. The cause of crime in America is the amazing number of things the government has made illegal. Ending our support of the U.N. I totally support that. Get us out of the U.N. You may not notice, but I don't like the U.N. Hollywood is "distraught" over the election. I'm going to learn to read in a moment. Bunch of damn girly-men. What do you mean I'm out of time?

The art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of citizens to give to the other.
-- Voltaire

07 NOV 04: (time 54:20): Post-election analysis part 2: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Oh yea, way to spill the coffee. Making money off the election results with fake polls. The only reason we don't use England for testing nuclear weapons is because we have France for that. Libertarian results in Texas. Evan Thomas, yet again. Now the Democrats admit the Kerry changed his position on the war in Iraq. What is the solution to the Democrat's problem? They think it's Al Gore. Reading from the blog of the Minority Report. I'm not even pissed-off anymore, I'm just having fun. Kerry concedes. "I support the Patriot Act, I would just apply it differently." Democrats look for issues that already have a majority supporting them. Democrats don't actually believe the things they say, and everyone knows it. That's why no one trusts them. Get corporations out of our vote? How about getting the idiots out of our vote. Anger management: How to deal with Tuesday. Flouride in the water, a Republican plot to kill poor people. I subjected myself to 2 hours of the Al Franking Show, and he is still an idiot. American society was not founded on marriage, it was founded on killing Indians and taking their land. If you fucking Democrats care about the homeless and hungry so much, why don't you use some of your wealth to house & feed them? AlGore and Prince John lost because they are liberal elitist. Bill Clinton didn't come across as elitist, and that is why he won two terms. Democrats think you didn't vote for Kerry because you are stupid. Is being "immoral" bad -- that just means you don't share morals with the person calling you that -- is this a bad thing?

Some people say we need a third party in this country. I think we could use a second one.
-- Jim Hightower (proof then even idiots are right once in a while)

05 NOV 04: (time 51:14): Post-election analysis part 1: click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer:It's 0500 in the morning. Here I am, to tell you what I've been telling you all along. Why? Because you are stupid. George Bush won. Get over it. Move on. Liberalism & conservativeism are both flawed, but liberalism is more flawed. Even at 0500 I'm still smarter than all of you. The American people were fooled, they couldn't see thru George Bush's lies. Most people have no desire to be responsible for their lives or accountable for their actions. The list is so long, I don't know where to start. The exit polls: Don't make me puke. Democrats are louder than Republicans, and since they don't have jobs they have more spare time to stand around and protest. Al Frankin is an idiot. I want to hear an explanation of how Prince John lost. I think the people understand perfectly what Kerry stands for, and that's why he lost. No one make Bush looked better than Kerry did. Liberals know that what they are doing is wrong. This is why Democrats are the party of evil, while Republicans are the party of stupidity. If doing something is wrong, and you do it anyway knowing that it's wrong, that's evil. How did the Democrats lose? The media, Hollywood, the terrorist, Michael Moore -- all these people were on their side. 2008: Hillery/Osama or Osama/Hillery? The disappearing weapons of mass destruction. The Bullhorn: "Bye Bye Bush." Randi & I take an opinion poll. Europe: Why don't you suck my balls. We have saved your filthy little European asses how many times now? WWI, WWII, the Cold War. Just piss off & shut up. Can't blame it on Ralph Nader this time around -- it's not his fault. Should he not run for president just to make you happy? At least the Nader voters were voting for something they believe. It's the people who voted third party & the people who didn't vote that have spine & intelligence. Air America has finally figured out that Bush won. The last thing I want is for Republicans & Democrats to work together. I want total impasse in government. John Kerry: A themeless pudding. John Kerry: He could never make up his mind. But I disagree, Kerry had a theme. It was "I am not George Bush." "Not being George Bush" does not qualify you to be the president. Intelligent liberal is an oxymoron. Will it be years before another Democrat is elected president? I am not sure, because we cannot discount Hillery. I think the next time Democrats win the presidency depends entirely upon Hillery. I will go out on a limb and say this: I believe the next Democrat elected president will be Hillery Clinton. Liberals can't even make a website work. Unlike liberals, I have to go to work and earn a paycheck, I don't get money from the government to sit at home and watch TV. Randi is bringing me more wonderful coffee. I can't stop laughing--who are these idiots? John Kerry was going to heal cripples just by being elected, he doesn't even have to touch them like Jesus did. All you people who said "If Bush wins, I'm going to Canada. Are you still here?" Please, please, get the fuck out. Go. Liberals have no integrity, they are cowards. This is why they aren't going to Canada as the said they would, and that is why they lost.

The Democratic Party is like a mule: It has neither pride of ancestry nor hope of posterity.
-- Ignatius Donnelly

01 NOV 04: Pre-election analysis part 2: (time 50:57): click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer: Kerry's health insurance plan: You don't have to participate, but you do have to pay for it. People don't want Kerry to be president, they just don't want Bush to be president. How sad. The heros are the ones who don't vote. Neither Bush nor Kerry deserve to be pissed on, yet you idiots will make one of them president. Air America, up to 33 stations -- WOW! Al Frankin is an idiot. I think I'm gonna puke on the microphone. Does Republican equal racism? How dare some of you be self reliant. How is the religious right just like the atheist left? Neither can exist without guidance from above. Ronald Reagan took on the Soviet Union all alone -- Europe hated him. All cultures are equal, nationality is bad, so go to another country. Kerry has the media, Hollywood, the stupid people and the terrorist on his side -- How can he lose? If members of the media are so unbiased and objective, how do they *always* manage to endorse only Democrats? Are you telling me that not one Republican is better than his Democrat opponent? If the Democrats loose, this will show they are the most incompetent political party ever. Yea, I could be wrong -- but not likely. The Osama bin Laden video. Do the terrorist really "hate freedom"? Why do we kiss Israel's ass all the time? How is it that not kissing Israel ass makes you "anti-semetic"? Stop ridding the holocaust. Penn Jillette: "What kind of piss-poor human being are you?" When a Republican silences somebody, it's oppression: When a Democrat silences somebody, it's freedom. If King George II is an idiot, do you really want him to micromanage the response to 9-11? I'm looking constipated. I can't wait to see what spin the Democrats put on the election when they lose.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.
-- H.L. Mencken

01 NOV 04: Pre-election analysis part 1: (time: 48:40): click here for streaming MP3 or click here to save the file to your computer:The first official edition of Stating The Obvious. My take on the upcoming election. Is this the most important election in history? Prince John as Commander in Chief? All about Prince John Forbes Kerry: Him medical plan, how he thinks he is like Ronald Reagan, his support for the Patriot Act. Of course, how can he lose, what with the media, Hollywood, Michael Moore, the hate Bush gang and Osama bin Laden on his side. If the Democrats lose, will they shut the hell up? When the people speak, will they listen. Will all these new voters be supporting Prince John? Will all the new voters vote Democrat? What about the polls? Another Florida? One of these idiots is going to win? Terrorist attack during the election? Department of Homeland Security: What the hell for? What does John Kerry believe? "I support the Patriot Act, I would just apply it differently." Nothing makes King George II look better than when Prince John opens his mouth. Sinclair Broadcasting and the Kerry documentary: "They better hope we don't win." Healing the sick. People like Christopher Reeve will get up and walk. Do we need permission from the rest of the world? Fuck the U.N. Fuck the world. Double fuck France. Four years of Bush -- Not if you are married. The United Nations, a bad idea and we don't need them. We don't need consent from the United Nations. Democrats, media, terrorist -- they are all the same thing.

The best argument against democracy is a
five-minute conversation with the average voter.
-- Winston Churchill

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