Source material for the introduction and exit music for the #YesAllWomen Are Like That Podcast.


Spank : Mix
by Scott Altham

Sound Clip Sources:

The opening sound clip.

This podcast/video right here is what made me realize that yes, all women are like that in some ways.  This is the genesis of #YesAllWomen Are Like That Podcast.  In this video we here two idiots who claim to be anarchist echoing the talking points of the femistatist world view and asserting that yes, women should have children by alpha males then find beta males to pay for the children – and that yes, women are equal to men but men can’t hit women because women are weaker than men but women can do anything a man can do and do it better because women are equal to men.

I rip these two cunts new assholes in the following episodes 0259, 0260, 0261, and 0262 of Stating The Obvious.

Trigger Warning!

Aaron Clarey quotes:

Stefan Molyneux quotes:

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