Stating The Obvious 0790 – The New Standard For Rating Women Episode IV: Stating A Woman Is Unrapeable (And Most Of Them Are) Is Now “Sexual Violence.” — 3 Comments

  1. That TikTok slag is so plain and bland-looking, she should be happy to have been rated at all. I hope to see the day when women will be bought and sold like used cars.

  2. @10:00 if a woman dropped something and broke her toe don’t forget in addition blaming the patriarchy, posting tiktok videos, and needing mental counseling….also the cashapp, venmo, and gofundme links that would be posted as well….

  3. “Rallying around to support these young women” – more likely it was at this point the blue pill beta simps thought they might have a chance with these wymens if they dipped their fedoras and uttered “muh lady”.

    Great One, Ringwood is an outer shit-hole style suburb of Melbourne, I’ve been there enough times to know that the wymens you come across there are not exactly of the highest class or caliber shall we say. You also need to be careful when using public transport or if you’re out at night due to how much strength diversity has given the area.

    And yeah, most of the wymens in Ringwood are not that great looking.

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