In Stating The Obvious 0256 I talked about Motif Investing’s “No Glass Ceilings” package.  You can invest in a fund made up of companies that have woman CEOs and board members.  Companies that care about diversity.

But how will these companies actually perform when it comes to making a profit?

This package of stocks provides empirical, objective data to answer that question.

The stocks are broken down by segment which makes it even more useful.

Consumer Products and Services

Women run corporations excel at selling things to women.  The consistently highest performing stock in this category is Reynolds America.  That’s the Reynolds that sells cigarettes.


The only stocks here that ever do well are Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.  Both have military contracts.

Yahoo is tanking.  Yahoo is run by a woman who was hailed as the saviour of the company when she arrived.  And she made a baby.  Something no other woman has ever done previously.

The other categories are all mostly down most of the time.  Here it is.  No opinion involved.  Do women running corporations automatically translate into greater profits?  Look at the evidence and figure it out for yourself.

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