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Many political pundits and philosophers spew bullshit from their mouths about the future but don’t have the balls to back it up.  I’m not one of them.  This page is where I’m going to track my predictions so you can verify how often I’m right and how often I’m full of shit.

Only men with huge dicks can do something like this.

In STO 109 I predict that metal detectors will start to appear at cinemas.  The first one will be in place by January 31st, 2013.

In STO 106 I predict that in my life time the U.S. government will make voting mandatory.  This will happen by December 31st, 2050.

I have predicted multiple times that the state will make cash illegal and require all transaction to be made with credit/debit cards or an equivalent (as technology will move forward).  This will happen by December 31st, 2030.  The excuse will be terrorism, the drug war, and the children.  Always the children.

In STO 110 I predict that The Messiah (Hussein Obama) will win re-election in 2012 and that Hillary Clinton will be the next president after Messiah.

08 September 2012:  Fucking hell, I didn’t even get to talk about this one yet and it’s already happened.  All cell phones will be equipped with a chip that allows the police, government, corporations, schools and other arms of the state to turn off your cell phone: calling, texting, video, audio and photography.  All phones will be required to have this feature by the year 2017.  No shooting at protest? Police may block mobile devices via Apple  It’s no surprise that Apple leads the way on this.

In STO 112 I predict that Republicans will use MessiahCare (aka Obamacare) to restrict access to abortion.  Stupid feminazies didn’t see this coming despite my attempts to warn them and will deserve whatever they get.  I will have zero sympathy.  I predict this again in Stating The Obvious 176 just to make sure I got it on record.

In Stating The Obvious 114 I predict two things.  First: The government will eventually kill me for talking about freedom and the death of the state.  The government will kill many others who speak of freedom as well as the state can not exist in conjunction with opposition to slavery.  Second: The government will make voting mandatory.  This will be done so the elected slave masters can claim they have been selected by the “majority” of the “people”.  Voting will be made mandatory by the end of the year 2020.

In Stating The Obvious 126 I read an article from the BBC about England banning long kitchen knives to reduce violence.  I predict that within 5 to 10 years long pointed kitchen knifes will be banned in the United States.

In STO 136 I predict that in 10 to 15 years (by 2028) most major motion pictures will be all CGI and live actors will only be found in low budget and art films.

In Stating The Obvious 137 I predict that within 20 years RFID chips will commonly be implanted in people and carry their medical information, legal documents, financial information, GPS data and more.  These chips will be used for all financial exchanges in the place of cash, checks and physical credit cards.  Within 40 years these chips will be implanted at birth and it will be illegal to remove them.  Because you don’t own your body.  The State does.

In Stating The Obvious 145 I predict that cars will transmit your speed to the government and the police will mail you a ticket by 2028.  Update: This is already happening as reported in Anarchy Moment #0002.

In Stating The Obvious 170 I predict the college bubble will burst in 5 to 10 years.  Than means a 2019 to 2024 time frame.

In Anarchy Moment 0068 I predict that within 25 years (that mean by the year 2039) femistatists will have gained acceptance for the idea that women have a “right” to fertility treatment – to include having other women get pregenant with their children. This “right” will of course include having fertility treatments paid for by the government and heterosexual white men who work for a living.

In Anarchy Moment 0093 I make my predictions for the 2014 Colorado state election results.

In Stating The Obvious 0223 I predict that Michelle Hussein Obama will run for political office, probably senator.  If she wins such an election she will go on to run for president, win and server two terms.

In Stating The Obvious 0322 I promise (not predict) that the first time I read a news item about a white woman in the United States being raped by a Muslim immigrant I will masturbate and record myself during the podcast.  Because seeing a femistatist suffer the consequences of her actions makes my dick hard.

In Stating The Obvious 0363 I repeat my prediction that if Michel Obama runs for public office she will win. She will then go on to be the next President of the U.S. after Hillary.  I also predict that if Trump loses (and he will) there will never be another Republican President.

In Stating The Obvious 0419 I predict that eventual it will be revealed that Bill Nye is a paedophile.  It may take 20 or 3o years before we find out.  But he is.  I can tell.

In Anarchy Moment 0259 I predict that the result of the Wuhan Virus will be the loss of more freedom and the create of a new government agency – just as 9/11 gave us less freedom and the Department of Homeland Security.

Lauren Southern, TradThot extraordinary, will be either separated or divorced by 25 August, 2026. Her justification (maybe not publicly but to her friends) will be that she isn’t happy.

In The Superstition Podcast 0011 I predict that the Wuhan Vaccine will have to be taken not only every year, but most likely twice a year. If not more times.

In Stating The Obvious 0701 I predict that the Wuhan Hoaxdemic will never go away until either: The electricity goes off and the internet goes away or women are stripped of all legal status as people and returned to the legal status of property. Until one or both of those things happen the Wuhan Hoaxdemic will continue. The muzzles, vaxxing, and restriction on your freedom of movement and assembly will continue. The Wuhan Hoaxdemic is nothing more than old and sick people dying. Old sick people will never stop dying.

In Anarchy Moment 0329 I predict that in the year 3 RD (2022) a Wuhan vaxx for fetuses will be developed and pushed. Further more there will be at least one city or state government that will make it required for a fetus to be vaxxed prior to being aborted.

In Anarchy Moment 0330 I predict that the NPCs will get a new vaxx every year for the rest of their lives.

In Stating The Obvious 0709 I officially predict there will never be another Republican POTUS.

In Anarchy Moment 0336 I make two predictions:

1. If/when one state succeeds from the United States within one year of that becoming official the United States will either consist of 25 or fewer remaining states, or the the United States will be totally dissolved.

2. If the Russian attack on the Ukraine results in direct warfare between the U.S. and Russian – the U.S. forces will turn tail and run, abandoning civilians and equipment just like they did in Afghanistan, within two years of the first military engagement between the two forces. The Russian forces aren’t goat herders with AK47s. They are soldiers with AK47s, T series tanks, and MIG fighter planes. Maternity flight suits and fag flags don’t stand a chance.

In Anarchy Moment 0348 I predict that when/if self-driving cars become a thing you will be forced to watch and/or listen to advertising to use the car. Additionally the car will go out of its way to drive by places that advertise with Google and show you advertisements for that place.

In Yes All Women Are Like That 0057 I predict that if NASA does endeavour to land on the moon again, before landing on the moon someone will die. Once a coloured man and a woman have walked on the moon the moon program will be shut down. The only reason for going back to the moon is to alleviate the white guilt cucks are experiencing as a result of the moon being the one place in the cosmos which has only been explored by white men.

In Yes All Women Are Like That 0058 I predict that Elon Musk taking over Twitter will not result in any signifiant changes at Twitter. Especially on the “free speech” front.

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