Anarchy Moment 0330 – Everything I Said About The Wuhan Hoax Has Turned Out To Be Right. You’re Welcome. — 10 Comments

  1. something something exterminations something something soon enough

    personally I don’t see SHTF until people start getting hungry. you can strip peoples autonomy from them, put them in quarantine camps and make them infertile. But unless they’re starving and desperate, they wont do shit. Humans are funny like that, the mind finds a way to prolong itself by running an insane amount of damage control and making excuses for as long as it can to keep itself alive.

    because what’s the alternative? realise that mistakes have been made, and that through only through violent rebellion can they be remedied wholly? that sort of thinking gets you either arrested or dead, and you can’t swaddle yourself in luxurious comforts and live in an apathetic state until you kick the bucket.

    the path of least resistance is where people travel down to stick their head in the sand, “no, we don’t have a problem. I don’t mind that we have had our freedom of assembly taken away, or that we’re forced to into medical experiments”. its a slow and systemic method of elimination, they got us all into this mess in small, incremental steps, taking any one huge leap would have been disastrous for any gubermint as long as 3 years ago.

    shits fucked cunt, but you don’t give enough credit to the normies. while i too don’t think the normies are waking up anytime soon. you need to think of them like a resource. they’re there to be used, like a tool. and if we aren’t wielding them, then someone else is, someone like the state. and correct me if wrong, but it’s been through the normies that mass compliance has been achieved. so if it’s possible to sow dissent into the normies, things can be destabilized to their disfavour too. no, they will never truly be awake or sentient. but they can be used nonetheless.

    take the normie-pill, great one. it’s a hard pill to swallow, yes. but things don’t get better without a relatively large amount of people threatening to riot and rebel.

  2. Another good show Great One!
    I wonder if Jack has researched the ethnicity of the main players in Pfizer and Moderna. I bet he’ll flip a lid. He will probably blame “the nazis” because of a Hollywood movie he watched that was made by a kike.
    But whatever.

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