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Frequently Asked Questions v1.0

If you are new you can also start by listening to this edition of Stating The Obvious where I lay out some of the concepts behind the podcast.

1. What is the purpose of the CLS (Cynical Libertarian Society)?

It’s me pissing off statists.  I do this this in two steps.

  1. I call them stupid.
  2. I prove they are stupid.

Fuck you and fuck your feelings.

2. What is the purpose of STO (Stating The Obvious)?

For me, The Great One, Himself (founder of the CLS), to spread my wisdom, talk about topics that need to be talked about, bring forward ideas and perspectives which the current regime doesn’t want you to know about, use the word “fuck” in every sentence and most importantly: Piss off stupid people.

3. Can I join the CLS?

Cynical Libertarians are not “joiners”. Sheep join things. If you are want to join the CLS you are not a cynical libertarian. But you can send money. Use the PayPal link on the site. Cynical libertarians are capitalist.

4. Is Randi, the sound engineer for STO, really hot?

Randi is a total babe. You will never score a chyck as hot as she is. Ever. Even in your dreams.

5. Are there photos of her on the website?

No. Randi does not need stalkers. Thanks for asking.

6. Great One, why are you such as asshole?

Try living your life surrounded by people who are intellectually inferior to you. See how your attitude works out. I’ve encountered college students who don’t know the President of the United States can not declare war. I encountered a college teacher with a masters degree who thought the Constitution of the United States was written before the Declaration of Independence. Considering that people this stupid are allowed to vote, and by proxy make important political decisions which affect my life, what kind of fucking attitude am I suppose to have?

7. Why do you cuss so much, call people names and label people?

I cuss so much because I want to and it has good shock value. I call people names because they piss me off. As to the labels, I label people because humans think in categories. Our brains automatically look for ways to group the world around us into categories which we can deal with. It’s the natural way we think. I also label people because it’s easier for me to say “all stupid liberals, as if there was any other kind” than it is me for to name each stupid liberal by name (which I don’t have time to do anyhow).

When you talk about “minorities” or “African-Americans” or Christians or Republicans you are also using labels for groups of people. You are perfectly happy to label people, just as much as I am. We only differ on what those labels are and who fits into what group. For example, you think the group “stupid people” is composed of everyone who didn’t vote for the presidential candidate you voted for. I think the group “stupid people” is composed of anyone who voted for King George II or John “Did I Mention I’m A War Hero” Kerry.

8. But you could convert more people to your beliefs if you were nicer.

A common misconception about STO/CLS is that I’m trying to convert or persuade people. I’m not. Understand one thing: I don’t care what you think. It’s your brain. I’m simply speaking my mind (remember that freedom of speech stuff you like to pay lip service to?). You don’t have to listen to it. If you want to come along for the ride, that’s great. If you want to debate that’s fine. If you want to call me names, take a fucking number. But I don’t care what you think.

On top of that, for you to think that your opinion is so important that I’m doing what I do in order to “convert” you to my way of thinking is simply egocentric. Not that I have a problem with egocentricity, but unless you happen to be an existentialist or ethical egoist you really need to lower your opinion of your opinion.

9. Are you homophobic? You sure say “gay” often enough.

First: Homophobic is not a word. Well yes, it’s a word, in the sense that your nasty little lips part and spit it out, but it doesn’t really mean anything.

Homo- Ho"mo-
 A combining form from Gr. "omo`s, one and the same, common, joint.
 1913 Webster
phobic pho"bic (f=o"bi^k) adj.
 Suffering from irrational fears.
 WordNet 1.5
phobic pho"bic (f=o"bi^k) n.
 A person suffering from a phobia.

Thus, homophobic means suffering from an irrational fear of commonness. Unless you are willing to concede that stupidity is common (as I do fear stupidity) it’s gonna be hard to press the issue that I am homophobic.

At this point you will make the case that “homo” has come to mean homosexual, and thus homophobic means irrational fear of homosexuals. Ok, excellent. I will grant you that the meaning of words can change, the meaning of words can be added to, words can mean different things in different contexts.

Now, I get to do the same thing. If you can change what a word means, so can I.

gay — adj. — fucking sad and pathetic, wussy like, someone who should be bitch slapped for being weak in mind, body and/or spirit.

What’s that you say? Still pissed off that I’m making up my own meaning for the word gay? Well how ’bout this. Keep in mind that gay use to mean happy. Somehow or another, it mutated to mean homosexual. I’m mutating it again. So fuck your gay ass.

I also say “woman”, “chyck”, “bitch” and “cunt” very often, but I love women. In fact women are by far the second greatest thing to ever exist in the universe. In case you are wondering, the greatest thing to ever exist in the universe is me. That should be self-evident.

Secondly: I know I have to say this and be clear about it. I do not hate homosexuals any more than I hate any other group. I hate all stupid people regardless of skin colour, or sexual genitalia, or religion, or lack of religion, or political party, or sexual orientation. There is no need for you who are homosexual to think that you are so special that I (the great one) have singled you out for special attention. Just take a number and wait your turn. There is enough cynicism to go around. Everyone will get their share.

Finally: Remember this, when I do engage in name calling it’s not the same as when you engage in name calling. When you engage in name calling it’s a substitute for logic and reason. When I engage in name calling it’s a prelude to logic and reason.

I also suggest you get a fucking sense of humour.

10. Why does it take so long for the next edition of Stating The Obvious to come out?

Because I have a life other than sitting around whining about politics. Sure I enjoy recording STO and talking about this stuff, ranting and raving, blah blah blah. But there is this thing called life. Some of you should try getting one. I’ll record STO when I get around to it.

11. Can I redistribute Stating The Obvious?

Oh please, don’t do that. Whatever you do, don’t ever, ever, ever distribute STO mp3s.

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