Yes All Women Are Like That 0057 – Team Sunshine Hates White Men Episode I: A Woman Explains Why Inflation Is Good. — 9 Comments

  1. Are we absolutely sure this isn’t a satire website? It surely cannot be real???

    I could see you and Piggott coming up with the idea and generating the content over beer and pizza.

    I thought you breezed right past the funniest thing in the whole article – after lecturing us about ‘non-far right’ economics, they went on to say that 85% of commenters are decent people, but the OTHER 25% – OTHER. 25%.

    Jesus Fucking Christ.

    You know, when I started listening to you, I was one of those who thought he knew that one unicorn woman that disproved your entire YAWALT thesis. I was wrong. They are ALL fucking retarded.

    Thankyou for bringing me to my senses, TGOH.

    • I’m pretty damn sure this is not satire.

      I actually didn’t even catch the 85% / 25%. I was too antagonized to check their math. That is fucking hilarious.

      There all no unicorns. All women are retarded. They are retarded to different degrees most certainly. And they are all retarded to some degree.

        • Poe’s Law is the equivalent to suffixing “not” to a claim in order to confer its true nature.

          To my mind, this is the antithesis of sarcasm, as sarcasm serves two purposes, to: 1) mock; and, 2) challenge the receiver to critically assess what is being communicated. Paradoxically, confused tension in understanding is a net positive because it reminds, and challenges, us not to simply believe everything being communicated, even if it is earnestly delivered and from a historically trusted source.

          • It didn’t register to me as sarcasm because:

            1. I’m an idiot who can’t tell reality from sarcasm any more. Thank you internet.

            2. None of what I read struck me as being “so far out there” that I though to myself (’cause I’m not a thot so I can think) “this can’t be real.” Doesn’t you parody or sarcasm have to have some element to it that is over the top? I don’t know. I don’t do parody. I State The Obvious.

    • A little bit of urine crept out when TGOH read out: 85% of commenters are decent people, but the other 25%.

      It is difficult not to read this as the Poe’s Law wink.

      • I didn’t even catch the math on that. Was too busy foaming at the mouth.
        Still – doing math wrong is not exactly beyond the abilities of women and college graduates. This doesn’t even begin to register as a wink to me.

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