Anarchy Moment 0412 – True Tales of Government Incompetence. Plus Juneteenth Is Fake and Gay. — 1 Comment

  1. 5:35 – The Great One worked a 3 day conference for the federal government. This should be good.

    9:24 – The person running the government conference was predictably a Leftist white woman who fit
    the usual stereotypes, including open LGBTQ support. She technically was The Great One’s boss for
    these 3 days. I’m kind of surprised that we didn’t hear about her asking The Great One to wear a
    PRIDE flag sticker or a name tag with his pronouns listed on it.

    12:23 – The Great One gives his thoughts on the bureaucrats there and the federal government. Somehow he managed to pass whatever background check they gave him for this gig, assuming they did one. They certainly didn’t find this website or his podcasts, LOL.

    17:52 – They spent time at this 3 day taxpayer-funded conference to debate the “D” word, whether or not they are allowed to even say it and whether or not a rumored “You can’t say the ‘D’ word” report even exists.

    19:29 – The Great One is probably thinking of the GAO, the U.S. Governmental Accountability Office, which sounds like one massive oyxmoron. There is no one keeping the federal government accountable to any degree, certainly not the citizens.

    32:20 – I embarrassingly admit that I worked for a state government agency for awhile back in the late 2000s and early 2010s. There is definitely an incentive to spend every dime budgeted and no incentive to actually try to save money where possible. It is pretty much what you described – if they are budgeted $13.8 million in a fiscal year and they only spend say $12.3 million of it, they are afraid that their budget for the next year will end up getting cut to $12.3 million, with the state legislature basically thinking “well they clearly didn’t need the full $13.8 million to operate”. So, they do try to spend every dime just to protect their budget from getting cut. Zero incentive to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

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