Anarchy Moment 0410 – The Great One Returns to The People’s Republic of Fort Kollins. Trannies. Road Construction. Hawt Chycks. Eating Too Much Food n Booze. And More. — 4 Comments

  1. Yep, couldn’t finish Elden Ring because of the opaque story. Happy to pout everything to the sword – just give me a compelling reason to do so. Some interesting NPCs help as well. That game just felt empty of anything other than challenging combat. Boring.

    Well if you’re going to mutilate yourself with plastic surgery as a chick, I guess elf ears is perhaps amongst the least egregious choices you could make, and as a decades-old D&D player I can kind-of appreciate it.

    • This is true. On the scale of self mutilation elf ears is a better choice than all the other choices I’ve seen women make.
      And being a D&D player myself I can say I’d like to bang an elf. Especially is she’s a redheaded volleyball elf.

  2. I know The Great One hates Fort Collins but I love it when he visits there because it usually means good content is coming.

    15:08 – The Great One’s version of “hotboxing” a vehicle.

    27:19 – I’m not sure about that. We had an entire summer in 2020 of nation-wide riots and protests because one black guy died. We haven’t yet endured nation-wide riots and protests because of the death of a tranny or black woman or any other type of woman, although I imagine American Leftists will take us down that road soon enough.

    35:12 – I though The Great One was kind of a minimalist but I suppose that food and alcohol are the things that he is willing to spend money on.

    40:20 – Rachael got the house or apartment, whatever it is. Of course the woman would as part of the divorce.

    40:28 – Rachael’s getting married to her boyfriend, who she was banging before her divorce was even finalized. Well, the boyfriend is an idiot, that’s for sure. I hope he enjoys his turn getting divorced, as that’s almost certain to happen.

    40:45 – Rachael’s going to have “her day” – i.e. an expensive wedding that she can’t afford. The simp boyfriend will get to pay for it. So, he’ll drop $20k, $30k or whatever it ends up costing, money that could have been the downpayment on a house or an emergency fund or something actual useful for their future. Idiots.

    50:10 – The Great One sees a girl who has had plastic surgery to make her ears look like elf ears. My God.

    • I don’t hate Fort Collins. I hate the fags, trannies, niggers, libtards and Californians. Get rid of all those, and the rescue fur babies, and FoCo would be awesome.

      The whole point of going down there was to spend money on food and booze. Normally I would not spend $800 on food/booze in 4 days. This was an exception. It’s like when women buy shoes on sale. I was actually saving money. Fag tag gurl boss.

      The simp boyfriend bought her a ring. That’s what simps do. That and get divorce raped.

      I’m just saying – the elf ears were kinda hot.

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