Watching The Decline 0007 – The Twatterverse. Men Who Are Women. Trannies, Cuckservatives, and Man-o-sphereians. — 7 Comments

    • This website and its listeners are a bunch of smart capitalist nazies, not like regular ones, which are national socialist, those ones are often dumb as fuck. I agree with your message, but to be fair the concentration camp should be some remote island without any guards, they just need to be left to survive on their own, without a protection of the state.

      • That’s the beauty of it. While I enjoy spanking the monkey to the idea of concentration camps as much as anyone the fact is we don’t need them. All that has to be done is turn off the welfare, the state protection, the affirmative action, and all the broken people will die. Without handouts, protection, and coddling they can’t survive.

  1. The epitome of Watching the Decline? – “Anyway, we’re not going to talk about that [Mein Kampf], let’s do Twitter” (@3:10)

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