Watching The Decline 0006 – Teen Vogue Assembles A Zoomer Freak Show. — 8 Comments

  1. Also unrelated to the OP, but have some based entertainment for once instead of the usual dreg you somehow manage to find.

    Nick be one of those mythical “conservative zoomers” you love to talk so much about, he’s real entertaining and on point about a lot of his observations. Would reccomend.

    • I’ve encountered Nick via The Dick Show.
      Maybe, but here’s the thing. And you can make legit criticism of what I’m about to say.
      Just like I don’t fucking care about the political opinions of women I don’t care about the political opinions of zoomers.

      Both groups have grown up (in so much as women grow up) totally isolated from reality, hardship, consequences, and life without the internet. Even when they are right about something it’s more by accident than by application of philosophical thinking.

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