Watching The Decline 0004 – Cucks Cosplaying For Money on Only Mans. — 6 Comments

  1. Aye, aptly put. The ‘redpill’ community is rife with grifters nowadays.

    Most giga chad big bad beard fags run their fanclubs like cults, it’s amazing people can’t see through the bullshit.
    If this has made anything more apparent, it’s that the NPC problem is deep rooted in all avenues of thought. And that the lack of vetting in these communities has become its undoing, and will likely doom any other collectivisation of like minded thinkers.

    Personally, I’d say cull em all, and assume the entire lot has already been infiltrated by these opportunistic big bad beard fags. If there’s any genuine members still apart of these communities, I’d best expect them to start distancing themselves from all things ‘redpill’ related. And start striking out as impartial observers of truth, with no ties to the rotten apple cart they so happened to have shared a place within.

    I know they wont though, the redpill is a brand to them, and they’re all trying to sell you their variety of bullshit on it.. It’s a product, a lifestyle choice to live the Ultra Aviator Chad lifestyle.

    also make a video game podcast you lazy fuck

    • But ya know, those red pilled NPCs can be mined just like the blue pilled NPCs.

      Why not take their money? I mean sure, you’re a bald bearded aviator wearing cuck who puts things in your ass.

      But in the Retarded Dystopia that’s just part of the diversity.

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