Servers and Emails and Comment Notifications. — 14 Comments

  1. Comment notifications have never once worked for me you triple nigger, you clearly need to hire a transracial brown person to figure this shit out for yourself

    Also I sent your ass an email several months ago, I’m not sure if you got it because the email server I use is an unorthodox one, and if you did, I’m sure you’d be hooting like the fried chicken eating porch monkey that you are.

    • I probably got your email. You know how far behind I am on email?
      Even farther behind than I am on responding to comments on the site.
      Once I’m caught up here, and played some Star Wars, emails are next of my heterosexual white man agenda.

      When homosexuals say “we don’t have an agenda” I know they are lying.

      When women say “we don’t have an agenda” I know it’s true because women are too lazy and stupid to put together an agenda. They simply open their eyes each morning and follow where the feelz lead them.

    • A triple trannie brownie person could certainly sort all this out. If only I could bring myself to be diverse enough to associate with such in-duh-viduals.

      I am not a fried chicken eating porch monkey. I’m a bacon eating porch monkey.

  2. I find if difficult to express my apoplexy and indignation at the comment notifications being nothing but a spam trap… dumbass aussie you are too polite.

  3. The sign shouldn’t state: ‘we didn’t know’ it should more accurately state: ‘we were not told’ (these people have no grasp of epistemology). Additionally, it shouldn’t read: ‘we were wrong to exclude you’ but rather: ‘we were on the wrong side of history’.

    Never forgive, never forget.

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