Servers and Emails and Comment Notifications. — 7 Comments

  1. Comment notifications have never once worked for me you triple nigger, you clearly need to hire a transracial brown person to figure this shit out for yourself

    Also I sent your ass an email several months ago, I’m not sure if you got it because the email server I use is an unorthodox one, and if you did, I’m sure you’d be hooting like the fried chicken eating porch monkey that you are.

  2. I find if difficult to express my apoplexy and indignation at the comment notifications being nothing but a spam trap… dumbass aussie you are too polite.

  3. The sign shouldn’t state: ‘we didn’t know’ it should more accurately state: ‘we were not told’ (these people have no grasp of epistemology). Additionally, it shouldn’t read: ‘we were wrong to exclude you’ but rather: ‘we were on the wrong side of history’.

    Never forgive, never forget.

    • No forgiveness. Maybe I’ll get the chance to bury at least some of them alive in mass graves. I suppose I can dream.

      • No, Sir. Not with these bastards, Sir. Vvvv… vivisepulture is too good for them, Sir.

        It’s not as nnnn… not as nasty as something I just thought up, Sir.

        Let’s gibbet the fuckers!

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