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  1. Late response, because my jobs is draining me mentally and physically, but that’s another story.

    Hope you had a fun Thanksgiving and even if you didn’t, don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat. I’m only in my early thirties and I only have two active friends left.

    You know what I’m grateful for, I’m grateful to MGTOW guys for leading me to the path I think I was destined to go, even though I’m not a stupid middle class white bitch and try not to operate in such frames as destiny.

    Because of Sand Man and TFM I’ve found out about Popp, because of Popp I’ve found out about short homosexual kike accountant, because of him I’ve found out about my favourite podcaster – you, and it’s not boot licking, sincerely you help me keep my sanity, you say things others are too afraid or too purple pilled to say, things that need to be said in an entertaining cathartic way. Problem is almost no one wants to do what needs to be done. I’ve been right about other people and politics so many times since my early 20-ties and people detest me for being right instead of fucking listening, sounds familiar?

    The other thing Cappy led me to is Jolly Heretic – Edward Dutton – and since then I’m hooked on evolutionary science, even though MGTOW red pill has a lot of that already. I’ve already been in one of his events and I’m going to the next one in Liverpool. I’m so happy that I can finally socialise with people of my kind, cause man I’m sick and tired of hanging out with normies on rare occasions when I give them a chance. I’m also happy to meet people who don’t just wanna LARP on the internet, cause that’s the majority of online right everywhere. Lazy pieces of shit who never tried anything, they LARP on the internet, they LARP attending meaningless protests, but when the push comes to shove and you have to invest your time and money for something serious, then no. Anyway, I was once an activist, I was beaten by forces stronger than me and I was young, dumb and full of cum, so this is probably my last straw, last attempt at doing politics. I do realise I sperged out and went off topic, this was supposed to be my late Thanksgiving greeting to you.

    Anyway, one of the things on my bucket list it to get Hammered with The Great One.

    Link to Liverpool event:

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