Stating The Obvious 0760 – Eric Juneteenth Emotional Meltdowns. Divorce. The POX problem. Advertising and Grifting in Muh Red-pill-o-sphere. And Tangenting Because Of Course. — 1 Comment

  1. A couple of remarkable stories of Andrew and Tristan Tate:

    1- The high-class orgy in the south of France. I have never been in an orgy but my conclusion would have been exactly the same:

    2-The Jamaican experience:

    3-While driving his Lambo, Andrew spotted an unexpected Bugatti dealership and decided to buy one. To avoid instagramers and such, the salesman explained him that they do not shows cars to random visitors. Only under appointment after a previous economic background check. They did that and Andrew was scheduled to a private meeting in a top race circuit with other potential buyers to test a variety of luxury supercars assisted by mechanics and high representatives of the brands. The meeting was very expensive so his companions were very well-off bankers, lawyers and successful businessmen. Andrew asks: “What do you think those rich people talk during a fancy supper after test driving cars? Stock market? Investments? Taxes? Money related issues? No, do you really want to know what do they talk about? Storytelling. They tell stories and you need to have yours ready. It has to be your own, explained eloquently and it better be interesting. Also, you need to be a good storyteller but equally important, a god listener and stay silent while paying attention. For example, one representative told when he was locked in a tiger cage by a laughing Saudi sheikh. Other explained how he crashed his Ferrari in a lake and I successfully explained the orgy in the south of France”

    4-At the Tate’s housing complex in Romania in the middle of the unprecedented worldwide covid lockdown. After training, Andrew enters his office with Tristan seated behind a desk and their cousin and a friend relaxing in a sofa.

    Standing in front of them, Andrew says: “I am bored, let’s go to a night club!”

    Tristan: “We are restricted to our house and all in Romania is closed anyway”

    Andrew: “I know, so I have checked and there are only 2 capital cities open; Stockholm, Sweden or Minsk, Belarus”

    Tristan, takes a breath, reclines comfortably in his chair and casually says: “I do not mind a Swedish jail…” and elevating the voice tone adds “…but you (pointing to Andrew), you (pointing to the cousin), you (pointing to the friend) and specially me (pointing to himself), we don’t want to end up in a Belarusian prison”

    Andrew concludes: “Stockholm it is, then!”

    They show footage of an empty Bucharest airport, the plane and enjoying several bars and clubs around Stockholm.

    5-Tristan’s world record:

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