Anarchy Moment 0389 – “Red Pill” Is The New “Pink.” Selling Shit To Stupid People. — 6 Comments

    • You’re a fucking idiot for reasons you probably don’t even understand. Manosphere is a fucking joke because of grifters like that beta male “beach muscles” (what’s his face?), because of Fresh And Fit, Andrew Tate and alike. Also, a manosphere is a joke because of bitter losers and virginTOWs, which is probably the same, who are jealous that some men are making a living and being successful while legit helping other men, like for example Terence Popp, Cappy and TFM, oh, and while I just enjoy their content, TFM legit helped me and a lot of others, despite him sometimes looking like blue pilled on some issues. And in general a term manosphere is cringe, because anyone can claim to be from manosphere, while being a fucking leftist simp cuck. I prefer the term MGTOW. Destiny apparently now is a part of manosphere according to TGO, but that worthless soy boy definitely isn’t MGTOW.

      • You failed at simping for the wamens… now you’re coping by simping for circle jerk Red Pillers selling you products. Yes the alcoholic whos wife cucked him for a swinger lifestyle, the other alcoholic who makes up stories to cope with how short he is and was never accepted in the dude bro finance world, and a guy who fucks plastic toys. Nice.

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