The Greasy Pole 0028 – The AI Episode — 4 Comments

  1. I probably agree more than not with Adam, but I also can clearly hear by his rhetoric that he was radicalised by American Christian right. I wonder what podcasts he’s tunning into, Alex Jones muh? Not that everything Alex Jones says is necessarily bad. Sometimes there are legit people on his show.

    • I’m not American, I don’t live in America, but yeah, like all Americans you assume that your corner of the planet is the entire fucking world.

      I also don’t listen to podcasts, I don’t watch talk shows, and the occasional interview that I suffer through on youtube makes me want to kill kittens en masse.

  2. The most recent version of ChatGPT is 4.0, that’s the retarded politically correct 12-year-old with no personality. It’s like that because they lobotomized it and trained it using cucked datasets, however some older versions have already been leaked by insiders. For example someone leaked ChatGPT 3.5 on 4chan’s /g/ Technology board, as you’d expect the anons immediately removed all the filters and trained it to be a sex chatbot that imitates fictional characters so they can jerk off to it. A team of tech savvy anons also created an open source AI that’s almost exactly what you wanted ChatGPT to be.

    -LLaMA = Trained using hundreds of thousands of 4chan posts, most versions can be ran locally on a decent PC. What can it do? It can say nigger, it calls African countries third world shitholes, it can make jew jokes, it can write movie scripts…etc. Sadly it’s only as “based” as an average anon, meaning that if you ask it for a solution it’ll probably not suggest the final one.

    -PygmalionAI or Piggy = Trained using thousands of degenerate fanfics for the sole purpose of sexting with anime girls. The AI isn’t lobotomized like ChatGPT, it can keep a conversation going and for the most part it stays in character so if you ever wanted to talk to Supergirl now’s your chance. The problem is that it’s a wanker AI, it’ll always want to skip straight to you spanking its ass/choking it out.

    For system requirements and tutorials check out these links.

  3. Sure is good you’re good at math, and Jews ain’t.
    Whew! Imagine the shennanigans they could come up with if they knew basic addition.

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