The Greasy Pole 6000000 – The Winter Solstice Episode — 5 Comments

  1. TGO, I’ve missed your last two episodes and I’m going to listen to them when I’m at work, but merry Christmas, I’ll tell you some spicy stuff when holiday season and shit is over.

  2. I never thought in my early twenties that in my early thirties I’ll wanna have my personal farm and raise organic animals for my food. I’m a city boy, but I’m also so sick of all this degenerate disgenic fucks it pushed me to thinking I want to raise my own meat (no pun intended), cause I can’t buy proper one in any of UK’s supermarket or local butchers. Good on you, Adam, good on you, you made better choices in life. Why can’t I have organic steak and crime free environment in London or town that I live in!? Fuck you disgenic whores and simps who cater to them, I hope you all die next year.

  3. Adam is such an out touch boomer if he thinks gaming peaked with Skyrim, I’d literally Hitler take any CRPG or turn-based game in the past decade over Skyrim (XCOM 2, Tyranny, Pathfinder Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous…etc). He only thinks gaming is dead because he’s not interested in gaming as a hobby anymore. I can’t speak for music though, maybe music is dead.

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