Anarchy Moment 0399 – Movie Review: I Am A Hero. Spoiler – No You Ain’t. — 1 Comment

  1. I actually read the I am a Hero manga years ago and it seems like the live action movie made his girlfriend into a cunt for no reason. In the manga, his girlfriend literally only does the following: is nice and supportive to him, gives him a blowjob, is slightly drunk and yells at him because of it, meets up with him a few more times and afterwards she turns into a zombo, and they also live separately, not in the same place.

    In the manga the main character is very obviously an autistic sperg and he even has hallucinations so there’s that.

    Well this is further proof to me that live action adaptations of manga are absolute cancer, even if they’re Japanese adaptations from the “motherland” lol.

    As a side note, if you want to watch the most over the top zombie apocalypse anime ever, I recommend Highschool of the Dead, it mixes ecchi(big boobs and hot chicks everywhere) and the zombie apocalypse, also takes place in Japan. It’s action packed and really fun.

    Here’s a clip for context so you can see how fucking ridiculous the show is:

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