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  1. I’m glad you were able to get around to watching “Thief”; it’s a great movie. I’ve suggested it to Cappy before but I doubt he will spend time watching it unless he gets paid. For those who are interested in seeing “Thief”, it is still available to watch on-demand for free on the Pluto TV app.

    The Great One watched it on DVD but I have the Blu-ray release and the Blu-ray looks incredible. It’s probably the best looking Blu-ray that I own. The Blu-ray is a little expensive (like $24 to $28 usually) but I expect it looks quite a bit better than the DVD because the Blu-ray format is a pretty big step up from DVD in terms of picture. For those not up-to-date with technology, Blu-ray players are relatively cheap these days – you can pick up one new for $80 or so – and they will play standard Blu-ray discs in addition to your DVD discs. So, you don’t have to worry about not being to watch your old DVDs or needing to rebuying everything on Blu-ray.

    With regard to Dark Shadows, I’ve never watched an entire episode of it but I’m somewhat familiar with that old show. You actually don’t need to pay $350 for a DVD set and you really don’t even need to pay Netflix to ship physical DVD discs to you to watch it. “Dark Shadows” is another television show that is available on demand on the Pluto TV app for free. In searching it on Pluto TV, there are 16 seasons listed there and dozens of episodes for each season available there. I suspect that it’s likely every episode ever made. There are also a few Dark Shadows movies there. I’m not sure if those were one-off movies made during the show’s initial run or not. Anyway, that’s the easy way to watch Dark Shadows for free.

    For any viewers who haven’t done so, I highly recommend that you all download and install the “Pluto TV” and “Tubi” apps. All you need is a Smart TV, which most are, or a streaming device like a Roku or Amazon Fire stick. Everything on both of those apps is completely free and there are a ton of movies and tv shows to choose from. They also add new movies and tv shows each month. I think you’ll be surprised by how much content is there, completely for free. They do have advertisements but that’s what they have to do to make it free for viewers. I completely got rid of cable and any paid streaming services because the free apps like Pluto TV and Tubi give me plenty of stuff to watch for free. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them.

  2. For the viewers who watch “Thief” and enjoy it, I would recommend giving “Heat” a shot. It’s another Michael Mann-directed crime classic, with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer. You can see “Heat” for free on the Pluto TV app this month. A couple of things to keep in mind with “Heat”: it’s a long movie – nearly 3 hours – so it’s a pretty big investment of time to watch it. It also has some female characters involved in it and some male-female relationship stuff, as Al Pacino’s character has a rocky relationship with his wife, Robert De Niro’s character is a bit of a loner but picks up a woman, etc. So, it has some stuff that will annoy The Great One but it’s still a really good movie and considered a classic at this point. It’s worth checking out.

    With regard to Denise Richards, I thought she was pretty hot at one point in the 90s and early 2000s but she’s long since hit the wall. She has a daughter that created an OnlyFans account, so Denise apparently created one as well. Yes, you read that right – a mother and a daughter both naked (I presume – I’m not paying for their pictures) on OnlyFans. Your immediate thought might be “Where’s the father?” and that’s an understandable question. In this case, Charlie Sheen is the father, which might or might not explain it. I suppose this is what America has come to during it’s decline – mothers and their daughters both selling naked pictures of themselves on the internet and we are supposed to respect it and support it.

  3. Not that The Great One needs Roger Ebert’s blessing but he was also very impressed (3 1/2 stars) with “Thief”. I remember watching “Siskel and Ebert” commenting on the film when it first came out.

  4. I’m glad, as well, that you like, “Starship Troopers”. For me, an underrated masterpiece. Supposedly, Verhoeven realised that the American cast couldn’t grasp how subversive the film was supposed to be and told them to “play it straight”.

    For an excellent description of the film, please see “critical drinker starship troppers” in YouTube.

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