Anarchy Moment 0244 – The Dead Ends and Destruction of a Sterile Life. — 6 Comments

  1. It’s easy to see taking the Godpill as a coping mechanism. But it doesn’t actually fix the problem to which you’re referring. I’ve taken the Godpill and I’m pretty bummed about being single and childless in Clownworld. But ultimately it is about there being some meaning and telos to life, suffering and the universe.

    Atheism is a moral and philosophical dead end, and people like Krauser and Roosh realize this. Without a transcendent reality, you’re left with nothing but deterministic materialism, which reduces us to a bunch of cells randomly firing off in accordance with arbitrary physical and chemical laws. Ultimately you have no free will (since your consciousness is just the product of some chemical reaction) and no reason to feel any sense of joy when hearing a great piece of music, holding a beautiful woman or gazing in wonder at a majestic landscape. The phenomenal order present in the universe would just be an amazing accident.

    Similarly, if death is just eternal unconsciousness, why should it matter if you don’t pass on your genes? Why should you care that you won’t leave a legacy? In the face of suffering, why bother even living? Once you’re dead, it’s lights out forever and you won’t care at all if there’s no greater reality. it’s easy to say that it’s all a product of evolution, or about preserving a coherent social order, but even if evolution is true you have to consider that some force is guiding it to a higher end. Otherwise there’s no point to anything.

    Also consider genetic entropy, where it’s actually far more likely that we’re DEVOLVING, not evolving. Human DNA is subject to more and more mutations and in a few thousand years we will go extinct. Eventually the universe will collapse in on itself or succumb to heat death. Now that’s a black pill. The only antidote is the Godpill.

    I recommend Fr Robert Spitzer’s quartet discussing the various evidence for the Christian God as a starting point:
    – ‘Finding True Happniess’ (which addresses much of what you talk about in this podcast)
    – ‘The Soul’s Upward Yearning’
    – ‘God So Loved The World’
    – ‘The Light Shines on in the Darkness’

    Ultimately, no amount of proof of Christianity will ever be enough for someone who wants to shut themselves off from God. Most of us don’t want to be accountable for our actions and want to think that we can make it on our own.

    Best of luck brother!

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  3. I feel like we’re leaving out a very small yet important group of people. What about people who are very busy all the time and don’t have much time for kids? Take, for example,
    Elon Musk. He spends 100+ hours a week working. Yet, he still has a little bit of time for family. However, what do his kids think about him? Sure, going into Tesla and traveling
    around sounds like a pretty cool way to live, but his kids probably think indifferently of him. He has the added disadvantage of being divorced and only getting custody of
    his kids 3-4 days a week, but building an emotional connection to your kids when you’re out designing the world’s first autonomous vehicle and putting humanity on mars is tough.

    Similarly, what about people who need to travel a lot? They certainly don’t get to be with their kids that often because they’re on the other side of the world probably doing some important
    acting role or maybe they are on tour playing in concerts. Should you really have kids if you’re out and about doing things without a lot of time for being in one place?

    And here’s another thing. Raising kids takes at the very least 18 years. And that’s if you only have one kid. Instead of spending a part of those 18 years on whatever you need to do to raise
    a kid, you could have done something else that I wanted to accomplish. And if you don’t end up accomplishing what you wanted after those 18 years, there’s going to be some level of regret.
    That’s a hole that isn’t going to go away. So which hole is going to be bigger? The hole that would be filled by having kids and passing on your DNA, or the hole created by not achieving what you want out of life because you sacrificed a part of your life for some kids?

    Now, I’m not in support of the idea that everyone (or at least successful people) should have kids. If you’re not entertained with the idea of having kids (for whatever reason), Why bother?. It’s going to be detrimental to both you and the kids because neither of you are going to be very connected to each other. Having kids would just be a huge annoyance and you wouldn’t reap any of the benefits of having kids like having them remember your name (in a positive manner), passing on your previous belongings, and maybe even bestowing some wisdom that could really help someone out.

    Plus, there are ways to receive what you listed in alternative ways. If I really need the emotional connection to another person, I can go search for the dream wife (despite the low odds) or I can go find some friends to go out with. And if it’s really about the DNA, chances are, you have siblings, and they share part of your DNA. It’s not EXACTLY your DNA, but it’s a large percentage of your DNA, so part of it will live on through them and their children.

    I know this was a long response, but let me know what you think of this. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. Maybe a bit too old to reply but I only know Aaron and TF Monkey, could you link to the other two? Rouge and TJ Martin, that’s how you spell it? Thanks in advance!

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