Yes All Women Are Like That 0048 – First World White Girl Problems: If There Was Ever Proof That No Man Can Is Good Enough For A Strong Independent Girlboss Dog Mom This Is It. — 7 Comments

  1. The dude taking the chick to the festival only came up with that plan when he called Rich Cooper to ask what to do.

    Rich said he should definitely not text her before the night before. And he should definitely tell her she’s special.

    They’re perfect for each other.

    Festival tickets: $300
    Rich Cooper Hotline: $900
    Gasoline: $190
    Hiring a hitman to get rid of her next week after she’s moved her dog into your house: Priceless

    An actual man wouldn’t have even texted her. He’d have seen the problem and lined up a hotter chick to go to the festival.

    • Sorry, I’ve thought again about this.

      Spike Milligan once said, “Wherever you go, never take an idiot with you. You can always pick one up when you get there.”

      So he should have just gone to the festival and picked up a chick there. No car-sharing. No 16 hours of having to engage this broad in car conversation.

  2. Top-notch episode TGOH; I’ve now pissed my pants and require clean-up soap – does it really come with a manufacturer warranty? or is Rich just offering a personal indemnity?

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