Linkage: 22 March, 2020 – Wuhan Virus Super Special Update Spectacular Extravaganza With Extra Racism (because everything is racism except for replacing white people #KillAllWhiteMen). #CLSology — 2 Comments

  1. That Katiekinz slag is ugly as fuck with those slanty pingpong face and those trashy tattoos.
    The drugging of children is most gay.
    Over-the-top-emotional-sensationalism-based actions are the most damaging.
    A declaration of a disaster emergency will be used to genocide Whites.
    Gazda Florina is the hottest to me.

    • Thanks for participating in the democratic process.

      In each case there really is no wrong answer of course, but I like to see where my listeners/readers land on these sorts of important topics.

      And thanks for reading. That’s assuming you read. Maybe you just came here for the pictures.

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