CLS5The Cult Of Personality (COP) is dedicated to Hussein Obama.

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His Lord and Saviour King Hussein Obama is the first half white President, the first affirmative action President and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  He brought “hope” and “change” and took us “forward” ending all the problems in the United States.

The ability of huge masses of people to be blind to any faults Hussein has illustrates the the Cult Of Personality lives in the the 99%.  Not all the 99% see Obama as their Saviour Messiah.  But all the 99% clamour for a Saviour Messiah.

It can be Ron Paul.  Hillary Clinton,  Donald Trump.  Jesus.  God.  The flag.  Mom.  Apple pie.

The name matters not.  What matters is that the 99% will die without someone to tell them to eat.

“The American people, rather than being infused with an understanding of what individual freedom means, are indoctrinated from childhood to the grave to pledge allegiance to a flag – the ultimate golden calf, the false idol.”  Andy von Sonn

Anarchy 3:16 Says “Go The Fuck Outside.”

You are correct.  There was no podcast on Wednesday, nor will there be one today.  If you really need a fix go to the Random 16 page and pick one. While it’s on my mind here is something important.  If you subscribe by RSS make sure you are using this feed: I set up multiple feeds for the site.  It seemed like a good idea at the time but now it’s simply stupid and annoying.  That’s called “learning from mistakes.”  It’s something I can do which makes me superior to statists. Back to why there has been no podcast. … Continue reading →

Podcasting is on hold again.

One of our main production computers has a dying hard drive.  We could work around it but given my work load and the details of replacing and restoring the dead drive I’ve decided against this. You might get some STO from the past again this week or you might get nothing. I expect that podcasting will return to normal (whatever normal is) on Monday, June 23rd.  See ya then. The Great One, Himself.

Cult Of Personality 0011 – Presidential Election 2012

I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I got an Obama phone!  I’m gonna vote for Obama!  Obama gave me an Obama phone! You can’t reason with a statist who is in the cult of personality. What is Messiah worship?  The idea … Continue reading →

Cult Of Personality 0010 – The Messiah Visits Colorado State University

The new Obama slogan is “Forward”.  Forward with . . . killing people in foreign countries with flying robots?  With indefinite detention for U.S. citizens?  With bailing out corporations? Coverage from the communist Colorado State University newspaper about The Messiah’s visit to CSU to lie to a large group of stupid people at tax payer expense. Need I remind you, your vote doesn’t count.  Hillary got more votes than Messiah but Messiah got to run for president. Re-electing The Messiah will affect your life for “decades to come”.  Really?  Can you not live your life without The Messiah? “Economic strength … Continue reading →

Cult Of Personality #009

Killing People in Foreign Countries with Flying Robots – part 4 of 4 “Embrace the drone. Love the drone. Become one with the drone.” – Glenn Greenwald Send me some hate mail and tell me how racist I am for not supporting The Messiah when he kills people in foreign countries with flying robots.  Oh, and fuck you. Killing people with flying robots!  Fuck yes!  That shit makes me hot.  I gotta touch myself.  Oh Obama . . . I wanna touch myself.  You are so sexy when you kill people from a distance. “Using drones is a better option … Continue reading →

Cult Of Personality #008

Killing People in Foreign Countries with Flying Robots – part 3 of 4 King Hussein Obama, His Lord and Saviour, murders people.  In foreign countries.  With flying robots.  For He is so wonderful and that is why our children sing songs to him. “You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” – Sen. Joe Biden, Vice-King of the U.S. What is the one thing The Messiah King Hussein Obama has been good at?  Killing people.  Being the Commander In Chief of the military.  That’s the only thing he has done with … Continue reading →

Cult of Personality #007

Killing People in Foreign Countries with Flying Robots – part 2 of 4 For two years The Messiah and The Democrats controlled the presidency and the congress.  Why didn’t they raise taxes on rich people?  Why didn’t they allow homosexuals to openly serve in the military?  Why didn’t they end the war in Afghanistan?  Why didn’t they shut down the Patriot Act?  Why?  Because they don’t need to – the brainwashed masses will continue to vote for them and obey them and the corporations will continue to pay them off.  That’s your change bitches. “The most ethical administration ever” apparently … Continue reading →

Cult of Personality #006

Killing People in Foreign Countries with Flying Robots – part 1 of 4 The idea that The Messiah talking causes oil prices to drop is stupid. You are stupid. The President can not control the economy or create jobs. Media Goes Silent as Gas Prices Fall After Obama Crack Down On Oil Speculation Every time I point out that The Messiah is killing people with flying robots in foreign countries I get one of two stupid responses. The first one looks like this. “I would like for you to watch some politics for a while. after you see how utterly … Continue reading →

Cult Of Personality #004

Cult Of Personality 004 The Messiah’s long form birth certificate has been digitally altered. You don’t have to believe me, you can prove it to yourself. I’ll show you how. You can do this yourself and verify everything I show you here. Important point: This does NOT prove Obama was not born in the United States. It only supports evidence for one thesis: The long form birth certificate on the White Hose website has been digitally altered. Nothing else of substance can be drawn from this evidence. It does however prove three things. 1. Obama is stupid. 2. Obama thinks … Continue reading →

Do liberals think Hussein Obama is a god? Yes they do.

The Democrat Party of the United States and the Nazi party of Germany are alike in a number of ways. One of the ways in which they mirror each other is that both of them understand the concept of getting to people when they’re young and indoctrinating them with your views. Christians do the same thing in fact. All cults understand that they must prey on the weak and defenceless not the strong. This way when children grow up the indoctrination you’ve given them, in the place of education, will be very hard for them to overcome. Adolf Hitler created … Continue reading →

Cult Of Personality 0003

American troops are already in Pakistan, trust me on this. Back to Hussein’s speech. You can’t win a war on terror. There is no controlling power over all terrorist which can surrender or be defeated. Hussein lacks even a basic understanding of what terrorism is. “The United States of America did not choose to fight a war in Afghanistan.” Are you people really that fucking stupid? Do you think American troops just happened to stumble across the ocean, into Afghanistan, and start getting into firefights? Cult of Personality is not just about Hussein Obama 1/2, it’s even more about those … Continue reading →

Cult Of Personality #2

He won a Nobel Prize for things he might do in the future. How Messiah is that! 1 + 1 = 3 That is Messiah math! How are those corporate bailouts working for you? The Messiah is sending more troops to Afghanistan. And who told you this would happen? It was me, The Great One Himself! HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES DID I TELL YOU HUSSEIN OBAMA IS NOT A PEACENIK! For those of you who are “surprised” by this, are you surprised when you take a shower and get wet? Let’s read what Hussein Obama the First and the Second … Continue reading →