Anarchy Moment (AM) is the informal and off-the-cuff podcast from the Cynical Libertarian Society.

Anarchy Moment is recorded on the Zoom H2 audio recorder in my home, at the studio, on hiking trails, at 2am, when I’m calm & collected, when I’m ranting & pissed off.

Sometimes something needs to be said and it needs to be said right now.

Sometimes an Anarchy Moment last for 5 minutes.  Sometimes an Anarchy Moment last for an hour.  Like I do with your girlfriend.

“If you want to help a little old lady cross the street, that’s good. It’s an act of compassion. But what if a policeman puts a gun to your head and demands that you walk her across the street? That is coercion. Coercion destroys compassion! The more coercion our laws create, the less compassion Americans will have for each other.”  Greg Perry

Anarchy Moment 0162 – Emotional Manipulation Episode V: Manipulation Identified and Rejected.

The capstone episode in the Emotional Manipulation series. What is missing from the blog post I read to you? Did you catch it? I’ll tell you what’s missing and why it’s missing. Libtards – Canada is calling you. Get out before you are rounded up by The Trumpening. … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0161 – Why The Basket Of Inferiors Want To Recreate Nazi Germany Explained

Now that democracy is broken – and we know it’s broken because the Democrat candidate didn’t win the presidential election – liberals have suddenly become anti-war and the SJWs think they live in Nazi Germany. Why do SJWs think Trump is Hitler II? Because those SJWs who fall into what I call the Basket Of Inferiors want Trump to be Hitler II. They want to live in a nation which emulates Nazi Germany. They want this so badly they are attempting to recreate Nazi Germany. Anyone else seeing the irony in this? These guys believe that Hitler II has just been elected, … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0160 – For The Next Eight Years We Are Going To Be With Her. 2016 Colorado Election Predictions. #TotallyFucked

Voting is violence. And when being voted against you have to vote in self-defence. Well, you don’t have to. You can be an anarcho-sissy. I choose self-defence and you can go fuck yourself. This podcast was recorded at 0730 on 8 November, 2016. When you hear it the voting will be over and we will know if my predictions are correct or not. My predictions for the outcome of the 2016 election in The People’s Republic of Colorado: Messiah Overlord Slavemaster President goes to . . . Hillary Cuntin. I mean Klinton. This is a no brainer. U.S. Senator: Michael … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0159 – The Homeless Man and The Clinton Supporters.

Riding my bike down the ROAD! (as in, who would build them) I passed a homeless man at the bus stop talking to himself. On the very same block I passed the HQ for the Democrat Party & Clinton campaign. This is what Statism looks like. There are people who are devoting resources: time, money, fuel, electricity and more – to helping a rich woman become President of the U.S. They do this believing (amongst other things) the rich woman will “solve” homelessness. They are making a choice to devote those resources to electing a rich woman to “solve” homelessness … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0158 – Most Rapist Are White Men. Or, Scott Lindquist Never Had Sex With Any Woman Other Than His Wife.

And even fucking his wife is questionable. Apparently Scott Lindquist is dead. If this is the right Scott Lindquist. Seems like it might be. Take a look at his “credentials” and you can see why it’s very likely his daughter is not his biological daughter. You can’t get much more beta male than this. He was a “social activist.” Jesus fucking H Christ on a fucking stick. Anyhow, in Stating The Obvious 0334 I read this bit from his book The Essential Guide to Date Rape Prevention: How to Avoid Dangerous Situations, Overpowering Individuals and Date Rape. “Most rapists … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0157 – Three More Women Raped By Femistatist Social Just Warriors

I read this and I laughed. Remember boys. It’s wrong to rape women. Unless you are a Muslim. Convert to the Religion Of Peace today and you can be raping women before the sun comes up tomorrow. And best of all femistatists will protect you from the consequences of your actions. Somali rapist’s deportation from UK overturned because he “didn’t know rape was unacceptable”, rapes twice more Seeing women, men and western civilization suffer the consequences of democracy, statism and allowing women to vote brings nothing but joy to my heart. A convicted Somali rapist was allowed to stay … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0156 – Woman Marries The Man Who Killed Her Child

ATLANTIC CITY — A 21-year-old Atlantic City man suspected of killing his then-girlfriend’s 2-year-old son was arrested Monday, according to a report. Jagger T. Jost was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals in his hometown Monday, more than eight months after the boy died of blunt-force trauma to the abdomen, reported. Authorities says Jost killed Vernon Gaylord Sylver Jr. on May 16, 2015 in Greesnboro, N.C and then married the child’s mother less than a week later. The boy was her son from a previous relationship, the report said. Jost is charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse. … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0155 – 51.9% Of British Voters Locate Their Ball Sacks

I never thought you would do it. In it’s decline from empire England has become a nations of sissy-boy girly-men who don’t mind cameras watching their every move and are desperate for their women to be raped by Muslims because diversity. Yet – according to Google, and thus it must be true – 51.9% of those who voted on BREXIT voted to leave the EU. A referendum – a vote in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age can take part – was held on Thursday 23 June, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0154 – On The Appeal Of Conspiracy Theories

It was one of those days where a thesis appears in my mind and I grab the recorder and start talking faster than my brain works. The Question: Why do people push conspiracy theories when they could push reality? Example: Alex Jones talks about chem trails. There is no solid evidence for chem trails. Why is not talking about (and he actually does talk about this – maybe I should say why does he not focus more on . . . ) Obama and “your” democratically elected government killing people in foreign countries with flying robots. There is empirical objective … Continue reading →

Anarchy 3:16 Says “Go The Fuck Outside.”

You are correct.  There was no podcast on Wednesday, nor will there be one today.  If you really need a fix go to the Random 16 page and pick one. While it’s on my mind here is something important.  If you subscribe by RSS make sure you are using this feed: I set up multiple feeds for the site.  It seemed like a good idea at the time but now it’s simply stupid and annoying.  That’s called “learning from mistakes.”  It’s something I can do which makes me superior to statists. Back to why there has been no podcast. … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0153 – Worthless Degrees and Worthless Women and Worthless Men

It was a long week. It’s going to be a long week. This is all I have for you on a Monday morning. Watch out for the pops. This is why you should always have a pop filter when you record. What kind of job can you get four years after graduating with your Bachelors degree in journalism? I’ll tell you. What kind of woman milks the time clock for an additional .1 of an hour? I’ll tell you. What kind of “man” marries a fat woman with a moustache? I’ll tell you. … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0151 – If Muslims Are So Wonderful Why Are All The Countries Populated By Muslims Shit-holes And Why Are Muslims Leaving Them?

Western civilization is dead. The point has been reached where the majority of people in western countries: Are on welfare. Hate heterosexual white men who work for a living. Fail to understand all the technology that makes their lives easy was created by heterosexual white men who work for a living. Have rejected logic and reason. Are emotion and feeling driven. Are more interesting in virtue signalling instead of being virtuous. … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0149 – True Life Millennial Story. If Ostracism “Will Not Work” Why Do The SJWs Rely On Ostracism So Much?

A true story about a Millennial and his worthlessness. Have you ever suggested to statists that ostracism will be one way in which “bad” people will be dealt with in Ancapadise? They always tell you that will never work don’t they. Yet social justice warriors use ostracism as one of their primary weapons. It seems to work pretty well for them. The threat of ostracism keeps a large segment of the population living in fear and obedient. … Continue reading →

Anarchy Moment 0148 – When Women Will Become Attractive Again. Stefan Molyneux Agrees With The Great One.

The glory of being The Great One, Himself is that I am right. I am always right. I have always been right. I will always be right. I am never wrong. Stefan echoes what I said in Anarchy Moment 0042. When the State collapses women will once again become attractive as they will need men to provide for them in the absence of welfare and wealth redistribution. “Donald Trump is racist” said a woman.  A women who then said “I don’t know what racism is.” No. You don’t. That’s why I’m laughing at you. Not only does she not know … Continue reading →