Anarchy Moment 0394 – Taylor Swift. Tannie or Most Stereotypical White Woman from North America Ever. You Decide. — 2 Comments

  1. Worked as a valet/doorman downtown Portland and opened the front door of the hotel for her in 2011 or 2012. Was within two feet of her, got a pretty good look. My judgement call would be female. I thought at the time she was rather feminine in appearance and stature. I recall at the time, saying to a couple of my work friends that she had an interesting facial structure (which seems to have changed a bit).

    Now, I think she is some kind of weird psyop, and/or maybe just a source of effective marketing for perpetually single white women with a “career”. She certainly has a cult-like following not predicated alone on her bizarre/shitty strange music. Definitely some kind of Illuminati creature like almost all at that level of fame.

    In support of her being a white woman from North America (YouTube parody mashup video from a few years back):

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