Anarchy Moment 0402 – Can The Decline Be Enjoyed When You Are Surrounded By Inferior People? — 5 Comments

  1. On the ‘kill switch’ in newer vehicles: they are already installed in rental vehicles, although they only work to not allow the vehicle to crank back on after being shut off. An example of this in this local news story:

    Yes it is in short form tiktok format, deal with it you old boomer fuck!

    For all minimalist minded people considering buying used rental vehicles because they are ‘deals’, do you really think those switches get removed before being auctioned off to the lots where you buy them?

    But the automotive nag switches are annoying and dangerous. Because we all know road markings are perfect! And construction zones just don’t exist anymore! Biden’s Infrastructure Bill just magicked new infrastructure into existence! As a matter of fact, all roads are perfect! These are the safest and most secure roads in American history!

    None of these safety nags would make sense to normal people, but it does to the spergs and tists that are our current automotive engineers and designers, who at least in Government Motors and Ford are definite diversity hires. I knew one of them: a professional victim in a wheelchair. He got laid off, because even his ticket on the victim hierarchy train couldn’t spare his certain incompetence. He might be still unemployed and bitching on LinkedIn about the job market and other crap.

  2. You said no women listen to this podcast- just commenting to let you know I am a woman, am still listening and have been for 5+ years now.
    As far as why those women want to get married- I don’t know either.
    I love being married because it allows me to embrace my femininity because he is masculine. Masculinity in men brings out femininity in women.
    Even baked him a chicken pot pie from scratch this past weekend.

  3. Just finished watching Europa – The Last Battle, goes for a whopping 11 hours and took me several days to watch the whole thing on and off.

    If truth ever returns to Western society the Germans are (a) going to entitled to the biggest apology in human history and (b) the largest reparations payment in financial history.

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