Anarchy Moment 0404 – The Great One Is Done With Internet Anarchists and Their Fetishizing of Open Boarders. — 5 Comments

  1. He’s an ideolog, that’s why he’s a fucking moron. I think that people like him are midwits with above average intelligence, that’s why he can’t think outside the realms of ideology/what should be/how it should be. Too bad midwits are often mistaken for smart people and higher intelligence people are left in the fringes.

    Popp started having on his show his wartime buddy from SigInt, he explains with receipts how this is an invasion, as if people from our far corner of the internet didn’t intuitively understood that already. It’s interesting how trained SigInt dude comes to the same conclusions as untrained nobodies like me and many others…

    I’ve never met or read any anarchist person who wouldn’t be a fucking moron except you, my opinion stays the same that anarchists are fucking spoiled child idiots and this fucker is no exception, he’s lost beyond saving.

  2. I have another movie recommendation: the 1973 movie “The Day of the Jackal”, starring Edward Fox. I don’t think it’s available to stream for free on any streaming apps but it is available for rent for a few dollars on some of them. I watched the Blu-ray release from Arrow, which looked great. It is available on DVD but the DVD has been out a long time and I imagine the picture doesn’t look very good.

    Anyway, the storyline for this is that it is France in the early 1960s and a right-wing group of ex-French military officials have hired a professional assassin, “The Jackal”, to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle. French government authorities become aware of the plot and work to try to capture the Jackal and foil the plot, though they don’t know who the Jackal is or where or when he will attempt to assassinate de Gaulle. I thought it was a very good movie, one of the best thrillers of it’s era. I would say it’s worth seeking out for any of the viewers interested.

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