Yes All Women Are Like That 0069 – We Men Know That Women Only Know “No.” They Have A Working Vocabulary Of 300 Words. Book Discussion: “Marry Him” by Lori Gottleib. — 6 Comments

  1. Hehehe – around the 33min mark they say “narcissists are boring” Those NPC’s don’t realize they saying that THEY are boring

  2. First of all, stories in this book seem to be too perfect or exaggerated for the effect. Also, did you notice that she never forgets to mention how successful in their bullshit careers these bitches are? I assume that is also for the effect the writer tries to have.

    Second point. I’m in my early thirties and WTF is Casablanca? Is that a soap opera? I’m not gonna rip on you, because to each their own, but no, I don’t want to watch soap operas. I’m going to watch The Rising of The Shield Hero season three after I write this comment (season one was the best TBH and it’s kind of a shame that they don’t replicate the same emotion on the next two seasons, but that’s the fault of normie audience) and I listen to Youjo Senki (anime I recommended you to watch) Nazi themed soundtracks when I work out. How could I relate to soap opera? Don’t want to show off and pretend to be something which I’m not like Tate brothers, but seriously, why the fuck I need to know some fucking soap opera?

  3. ‘P-sleeve’ is the brainchild of Red Pill personality Coach Greg Adams. You’re right, it’s only halfway creative. Bless his heart, that’s what happens when n*ggers try to be creative and humorous – it’s only marginally better than when a woman tries to do comedy.

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