Yes All Women Are Like That 0036 – Tomi Lahren Hits The Wall At 28. Therefore All Men Are Trash. — 11 Comments

  1. 8/9: All I need to say about Tomi Lahren is ‘she’s hitting the wall’

    8/11: Here’s a 2 hour podcast about why Tomi Lahren can’t find no man.

    lol.. dis bettr be gud.

    Have a listen to the latest Dick Show… Helen Keller is a great topic… the deaf, dumb and blind woman who still wouldn’t fucking shut up (as a prop for a marxist puppeteer hucksteress). There are some great observations about how this poor child’s entitled parents welcomed the hucksteress, because they couldn’t accept that their darling child should have been put in a dumpster at birth.

      • 8/11: Here’s a 2 hour podcast about why Tomi Lahren can’t find no man, which would be 45 minutes long if I edited out all the time I spend talking about how Rollo and Bacon are longwinded mofos.

        Good job, dude!

        Have you noticed that all these bitchy white chicks come across the way they do because they’ve adopted black women’s mannerisms? Because that’s empowering, and it’s completely escaped their attention that black guys all want white chicks, because black chicks are such fucking hard work.

  2. This *clap* podcast *clap* was *clap* great! I was also gonna point out that Tomi Lahren acts like a black bitch so instead I’ll say this: what kind of asshole names his daughter Tomi? I get that her parents are most likely of Scandinavian descent but naming a girl the Finnish/Hungarian equivalent of “Thomas” it’s just retarded, they didn’t put any effort into researching their own European culture and instead chose a cute sounding name for their princess.

    • Everyone picked up on the black girl behaviour except me. But since I don’t pay attention to black girls I’m gonna use that for my excuse of why I didn’t.

      The mother probably thought of the name and the cuck-father went along with it. Never let the woman name the children.

  3. Women like these have no idea how fortunate they are that the overwhelming majority of men will snap their necks.

  4. She says she’s high value. Does she mention she can cook? Does she brag she is feminine? Want to bet her bedroom is a wreck?

    One more thing. I saw on another response video that showed her Insta-thot page of her posing with a horse. I don’t have Insta-thot, but would the Great One deign to screen cap it and text it to Cappy?

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