Stating The Obvious 0763 – Coloured Man Does White Men A Solid and Kills Chubby SJW BLM White Woman. Episode II: What Did She Do Thirty Seconds Before He Smashed Her Head With A Brick? — 11 Comments

    • There is also the gay journalist that got ventilated in Philadelphia after bragging about how the city was getting safer.

      Although the trigger man was more likely a pissed off ex-lover than an agent of cultural enrichment.

  1. When I first heard of this I was at work. I laughed my ass off for a good few minutes. This is The Magic Negro we all need.

  2. I agree with what you say how she deserves it and how happy it makes us feel, and all of us are right to think so. But remember, almost every fucking retard on our supposed side of political spectrum, every republican, every conservative, every libertarian would frown upon us for it, call us horrible sick people and so on. And that’s one of the million reasons why we can’t have nice things and that everything is fucked. Rightcucks want to be friends with enemies and whores, and feel sorry for then. White leftist women aren’t the only ones who need their heads bashed by a nigger with a brick in his hands.

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