Stating The Obvious 0764 – All (((The News))) That’s Fit To Make Fun Of – Episode VIII: Paedophilia Is The Official Past Time For Men in South Dakota. — 2 Comments

  1. Kristi Noem is in her 50s and has 800 layers of makeup on at all times. Would I bang her? … Yeah probably, but only if I was in a moment of desperation from a long dry spell accompanied with 12 shots of bourbon. The type of guys that think this kind of woman is ” hot ” are the type of guys who pay $300 to wear a ring that says ” no wamen’s is gonna gets my resources”

    • I’ve seen her up close. Not hot.

      Here in the states our women are so ugly that we’ve reached the point where most men will consider a woman “hot” if:
      a) she isn’t excessively fat
      b) she has big tits

      That’s pretty much the standards of 90% of men.
      But at least these guys have all their resources.

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