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  1. Off topic. The thought of going back to live and work in Lincolnshire, UK made me and makes me sick, but here I’m doing it anyways. Why? because I made poor decisions in life (because I was raised by a single mother) and on top of that had a work injury, which narrows my options of available jobs, Cappy would have a lot to say about it and call me lazy piece of shit. I’m afraid me getting back there might turn into a shit show and my experiences of dealing with working class people worth writing a book itself. But if I’ll manage to get a stable job, I can again donate some cuck bucks to TGO, for already helping me keep my sanity.

    Anyway, any cynical “libertarians” in Lincolnshire to hang out with and help me keep my sanity? Because I will definitely have to deal with people with below average intelligence.

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