The Superstition Podcast 0013 – Critical Thinking Is Antivaxx, M’kay Episode I: Muh Overflowing ICUs! — 3 Comments

  1. “No one ever listens to the black guy…”

    No, but they will burn, loot, and murder in immigrant neighborhoods when a black drug addict’s heart fails while being arrested.

  2. In my state, all of the major doctor groups are refusing to see anyone who has “symptoms.” That means anyone with any cough, sneeze, or the squirts is forced to go to urgent care or the ER. Of course the hospitals want this because of money. So ERs are full, and to make more room they have to admit patients.

    Then there is the fact that hospitals don’t have many icu beds to begin with. This is due to stats from insurance providers, and the fact that they lose money when beds aren’t full during normal years. Hospitals also are a monopsony, who get to decide if there is a “need” to have another medical institution come into their territory.

    TLDR: this is a problem that hospitals created

  3. You know there is a bright side to all this… I realised it when I was watching Alex Jones’s new CovidLand documentary.–The-Lockdown-Documentary:d

    The first hour has no surprises, but then at about 1hr15m this all changes. Hilarious footage of a family looking on through a window from the car park, screaming as their care-home boomer mother is prematurely wheeled away and the orderly pulls down the blinds on their protesting cries. Presumably the boomer is being taken to the furnace room.

    Then there’s footage of some boomers who got to spend the last hours of their lives being confronted by the cold horror of the society they’ve left behind for us.

    Next up (1hr23m40s) is a woman who is actually Cappy. Look at the eyes, the jaw, the mouth. Listen to the voice for a couple of minutes. This woman is Cappy.

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