Anarchy Moment 0318 – Food, Extinction, Dependency, Paying More, and Shitty Service. — 3 Comments

  1. I couldn’t finish those vids. Snakeboi is such a try-hard poseur with his “I’m too busy driving sports cars,” and repeating, “the amateurs.”

    • Fuck you mate and your another fake email to confirm. By the Gods I hate you wankers.

      Wrong wrong wrong. Erin Gray was the hottest. As for the strabismus, who the hell is looking at a woman’s eyes? Why your bitch is in your presence she should be looking down. If your bitch is making eye contact with you then you aren’t alpha like Cobra Tate.

      Watch that video again and take note of how much eye contact Cobra is making with Anthony “DREAM!” Johnson will giving him the blow job.

      As for Alicia. The Wall was not kind to her at all. Not. At. All.

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