Anarchy Moment 0371 – Cosmopolitan Magazine Provides Empirical Evidence That Women Are Insane and Undateable Episode II: She Joined Only Fans Yet Struggle To Pay Her Taxes. Women Don’t Know What Is A Survey Much Less Know What Is Not Spending Money You Don’t Have. — 4 Comments

  1. That slag looks like every other tanned pay-to-look-at-me whore out there. Men fuel every woman-inspired social debacle.

  2. I have a few onlyfans girls as clients and they are absolutely terrible, as you might predict. It’s their boyfriends/husbands who usually have to interact with me to get their girl’s taxes taken care of. I’ve never understood how they could be okay with their women spreading their ass cheeks online for everyone in the world to see, but I haven’t asked any of them about it yet. Maybe one of these days….

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