The Superstition Podcast 0018 – We Just Need One More Precaution And Then You Can Go Back To Normal. — 2 Comments

  1. yikes
    pretty accurate tho ngl

    but i don’t think (the right) pipo want to be strung up in gubermint gallows for the freedums and liberties of the room temp iq normies they’re forced to tolerate by threat of government intervention. they know that these weak people won’t ever come for them in their time of need. can you trust the every day normie to save you when you need help? considering how easily they bend to state policies, the answer is no. they couldn’t give a shit about you (or themselves).

    normies have been brainwashed since birth into thinking it’s muh nazis, nation loving ethno nationals and patriotic cowards for their nations collapse. funny innit?

    and also, not a christ cuck, but you know the expression ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’? pretty accurate when you think about it. only cowards live, too afraid to act, while the brave die fighting for their vision of a better world. you’re damned if you do or dont, little else you can do except not playing the game. which proves said prophecy correct.

    the time for intervention is now or never. and truthfully idc, world is a fuck. who are we saving it for at this point?

    dont wanna black pill, or be a defeatist. it just is what it is. life is a zero sum game, people are tribalistic and there’s no point to it all. you and i could die tomorrow for what we believe in, but is it worth? perhaps, if youre optimistic and believe you’re the first drop of water in a storm to come. but you wont be alive to reap the reward, you just die with the satisfaction knowing you didnt yield to tyranny, or cuck on your beliefs to suffer under it.

    everyone is born to die. and some aren’t fortunate enough to choose their own death. in times like these, however. you’re forced to choose. a comfortable, apathetic life followed by a peaceful death. or a hard, angry and short life, messy end guaranteed.

    what is a choice if the outcome is the same?


    im done for now, video game episode when?

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