Stating The Obvious 0729 – The Club Q Circus: A Chill Night Out With Wife, Daughter, and Friends at a Club Where Men Suck Other Men’s Dicks In The Bathroom. — 6 Comments

  1. “Of all things the measure is [White – by implication] man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not” Protagoras (80B1 DK)

  2. – “… he kept pummelling the shooter with the pistol while screaming out obscenities”
    – “This sounds like a potential hate crime” (43:40)


  3. If a thot is in space she’s a space thot
    Also the (space) thot in question was from a post you made a few months ago about one of your star wars characters.

  4. Oh, I didn’t listen to that 6 hour podcast with Lauren, I’ve burned enough of my braincells already. I listened to Undead Chronic’s other videos about that tradwhore. She threatened Sandman with lawsuit and that’s enough for me. People with their OnlyMens’ accounts work hard to produce a good content. But this bitch just has tits and money she made will probably be enough for her kids. Also, thanks for enlightening me about Jordan Peterson set up in Greasy Poll, that’s probably why his books are translated and sold in Eastern European supermarkets. No one would ever publish you, because you’re not nice. “You can be so red pilled to the point where you’re not nice and being not nice is bad.” Fucking tradcucks.

    • Southern threatened Sandman? I see I’ve got some research to do. As someone who once approved of Lauren and her message I find myself somewhat obligated to shit on her to make up for my past stupidity of being her simp.

      And I’m pretty sure this will make for some entertaining podcasting. Making fun of tradthots never gets old. Unlike tradthots who get old.

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