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  1. Adam found god to help him recover from divorce, found a dog to make him feel needed, currently suffering oneitis over his breakup with Jewden Peterstein, has stagnated philosophically and become an intellectual dead end due to his religious copeism. He has this inferiority complex over readers choosing said lobster enthusiast over him and actively cares that he’s losing followership over the issue. And then he has this weird patriotic love of home and contempt for it all at the same time, acting like he’s the apex victim beneath the boot of a police state he doesn’t even live under.

    I like genuine niggers, people who are truthful with themselves. They’re entertaining, they’re thoughtful, they have a type of authentic insight you can’t fake. But this cunt hasn’t been genuine with himself for quite sometime, it definitely began around the time he started deluding himself with the jewish desert cult. Someone he cares about ought to tell him to stop avoiding the causes of his discomfort, face the circumstances of his personal reality and seek contentment or betterment with his lot. I certainly don’t care about him anymore, he’s far too zealous to save, but by the gods has the greasy pole become harder to listen to.

    There was a time I’d have liked to have seen Adam return home and join in our disputation against the status quo that we’ve been suffering from over these past two years. He’s charismatic, he can be insightful, he can play into the nostalgia of those who may have been raised with a similar upbringing. And I know for a fact that many people today would follow him if he so led for a role in parliament. But something happened to him, almost like he was groomed by the very feds he’s become so paranoid about into making him into the intellectually disarmed, schizophrenic hermit he’s become today. It’s a shame it turned out this way.

    • The irony is that Adam has swallowed the “Peterson Pill” – he just got it from someone other than Peterson. The biggest threat to the Administrate/Permanent/Deep State is burly rebellious masculine men who can eviscerate their adversaries. So, they push controlled opposition like Peterson to convert potent men into meek god-fearing cucks who will happily wait for god to sort everything out in the afterlife.

      • There was a moment in the podcast when the wheat was separated from the chaff and I nearly shat myself laughing. I.e., when the full gravity of TGOH having been in the infantry hit Adam’s ego and it dawned on him that TGOH might not be (like Adam is) all talk and no trousers. ‘Twas brutal.

        • The thing about having been in the military is this. When I tell people that they always ask what I did.

          When I tell them I was in the infantry, rapid deployment force, trained by the government to kill people and more importantly to not give a shit about killing them – they all piss themselves a little bit and take a step back.

          I’m not attempting to be Cobra Tate and tell you I’m the closest living thing to James Bond. By the way, in the last James Bond movie we saw that Bond became a cuck for a single mother. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe Cobra Tate is the closest living thing to Bond.

          It’s not the part about being trained to kill that’s important about me. It’s the fact that I don’t care about killing. I can kill 20 people and sleep just fine that night. That is what makes me dangerous. Human life means little to me. (((Jewish)) and POX life means even less.

    • My problem with Adam is the blatant hypocrisy, he’s a proud Christian materialist just like any nigger rapper out there and he’s a metrosexual who bragged about buying expensive turtleneck sweaters. How fucking gay is that?!
      If someone told me that Adam wrote an article about how “real men” should invest in 800€ leather shoes I’d believe it, that sounds like something he’d advise young men to do.

      • You mean something like this?

        I don’t see a problem with investing in good clothes that will last, as opposed to buying cheap shit that looks tatty after it’s been washed twice and is in the garbage within the year – it’s not a sensible long term strategy to just keep endlessly spending on cheap shit. That’s what the globalist enemy would want us to do.

        It’s not clear to me where the hypocrisy is in this. Is a Christian really supposed to be all sackcloth and ashes? After all, that’s old testament symbolism with its roots in the Torah, is it not? And have you ever seen a churchman other than a basic monk or nun who is dressed like a pauper?

        I have to say I’m not onboard with this bashing of Adam.

        I don’t always agree with him, his style sometimes grates on me and I’m not with him on the god-pill stuff, but he’s been right about a great many things, I’ve enjoyed his books and his podcasts and he’s always been ready to eat crow and change his position when he’s realised he’s been wrong about something.

        As for the religion thing being a ‘cope’? Well yes, of course. Everyone has a cope. Life has no intrinsic meaning or value. Literally everything any of us do to imbue our lives with meaning is a cope. Lifting weights, doing a podcast, getting a girlfriend, working for a charity, building a career, getting a cat, playing video games, creating art, having kids. All copium.

        Because in the long term, any cope is better for the soul than reading existentialists and enjoying the decline. We may as well just all kill ourselves otherwise.

        • There’s a lot to unpack here, where do I start?

          I’m not holding Adam to some high standard, I’m just holding to the standard he’s set for himself. He can be wrong about some things and still be an okay guy overall, why not. But calling him out on his insane batshit from time to time gets you banned on his blog. And that would be just fine if he wasnt actively projecting this image of aloofness he seems to want to be asscoiated with. A kind of laissez faire attitude where he feels defending the thesis(‘s?) he proposes is somehow beneath him. In truth, he cares too much. Yet he doesn’t commit the effort to defend his viewpoints unless its low hanging fruit that can earn him some favor with his usual readers. So instead, he polices his comment section and threatens you with a ban should you keep displeasing him. Doing enough of this has created an echo chamber where he’s become surounded by a cult of sycophants who dote on his every word. And unfortunately Al, it’s this feedback loop that fuels this picture he has of himself. One where he is the grand pubar of his little corner of the internet, a guy who can’t be intellectually challenged because any hit to his ego is unacceptable. It’s obnoxious to put it mildly, and it shouldn’t be hard to see why people are annoyed by his contradictory nature.

          And owning a dog to feel loved again? Oh come on, I kid. We all have our own idiosyncrasies. But that’s the kind of shit I like, him admitting that much.. Yeah I wouldn’t count on it,that would require him to be a genuine and authetic human being. Someone cabaple of looking past his ego and practicing some self introspection. Something years of practicing “game” and following the “pta community” will destroy any hopes achieving. If he’s as genuine as he thinks he is, he’ll publish an article tomorrow, titled; “I have mental and emotional issues and use religion to cope, but not even that is enough and now need a dog to physically love me too”. Not that he needs to say it so bluntly, every article he posts to his blog expousing his love for god and dogs say exactly that.

          The thing about religion being escapism is fine if you acknowledge that,practicing some selfawareness and noting why you’re doing things is a necessary component to being an actual human bean.

          Anyway just thot I’d clear that up for you Al,because I’m really tired of talking about this cunt already. I feel like pointing out he can use head as a hot air balloon is a main-stay tradition of mine at this point,and it’s become a quite a bore. I’d unironically much rather talk about video games, w*men with nice nice tits and fat asses, fishing and whatever other flavour of the week shit is happening right now. But I guarantee I’ll be writing up another word salad about him on the next greasy pole, god forbid.

    • We’re all imperfect and we can’t all agree on everything. Adam sounds like smart and funny guy, still doesn’t forbid me from calling him a christfag. I have a friend who is far less informed and more indoctrinated into some things than western red pill, MGTOW and similar guys, like for example Christianity, probably partially because he is Eastern European genxer, who doesn’t speak English.

    • Apparently 50% of my listeners think that’s a chyck. Seems it is up for question.

      Maybe they are just hoping (which is not a process) that it’s a chyck because they want to bang him but don’t want anyone to know they are gay.

  2. I believe that it goes something like this:

    English stole a lot of its language from other countries.

    English stole some “H” words from France, who do not pronounce the “H”.

    When the English vanguard started using these words they also did not pronounce the “H” and consequently, by convention, the singular was “an” because the “H” was silent.

    Then the English masses started using, reading and spelling these words and (incorrectly) assumed that you pronounced the “H” and thus the singular was “a”.

    Eventually this was normalised.

    But occasionally we still have some half-witted Oxbridge twat say: “an historic” whilst pronouncing the “H”, which makes absolutely no fucking sense. It’s either “an ‘istoric” or “a historic”.

    • Stop being rational about this.

      Good lord, if Adam reads this you’re just going to encourage him to make fun of Americans even more than he does already.

      Which I’ve got a response to – not that I’d ever be able to perform it on The Greasy Pole without getting interrupted.

  3. There are still people in England who use pounds and ounces, feet and yards, pints and gallons.

    We call those people “boomers”.

    We do still use miles on the road for distances and speeds, and most bizarrely we still measure fuel consumption in miles per gallon. I honestly don’t know why we never switched over to metric for vehicles, given that the switch to metric was made mandatory in many other areas – it’s actually illegal here to sell food in pounds and ounces.

  4. Always fun to listen to you talk to this christfag. I’m just happy that this time he wasn’t complaining about how if he was different, he wouldn’t have had a divorce. Women shouldn’t be allowed to divorce providers and protectors. And thanks for movie recommendation.

    On a side note about manosphere, I just listened to Undead Chronic about Lauren Southern and I never got in deep about her being a e-thot, but now thanks to him I know and I got fun listening to him slut shaming that tradwhore. That’s why we need content creators like that.

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