Emergency Alert! Panic! Terror! Man-o-sphere Discovers . . . YouTube Censorship! — 3 Comments

  1. I believe it is more a case of: “get woke and you would go broke in a capitalist system, but you won’t because we don’t and the administrative/permanent/deep state will use taxpayer’s money to subsidise you for going woke.”

    In the UK almost all MSM (print or TV) would be bankrupt, or need to radically change their output, if it was not for the state paying them to be a propaganda arm of the state.

    • I remember being in a canteen and BBC was taking a dump on Gay Frogs Man, and all of my coworkers were eating BBC’s shit, some of them literally hitler look like inbred retards. And it’s the same in Eastern Europe also, a lot of things would go broke if not for subsidies from intelligence establishment or dip shits in private sector, who have too much money and smoked too much DMT or some other shit.

      CNN can lie all they need want, but Frog Man cuckservative lies one time, apologises and has to pay one billion.

    • And what you’re saying is . . . no company has gotten woke and gone broke.
      That would be my point.
      You assertion, as I understand it, that they haven’t gone broke due to the State subsidizing them and bailing them out is irrelevant.
      My point is – they don’t go broke when going woke. The reason for this is irrelevant.
      “Get woke, go broke” is not a real thing. It’s something impotent cucks masturbate to on the internet so they don’t have to stand up to their enemies.

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