The Greasy Pole 0023 – The Manosphere Is Over Episode — 6 Comments

  1. It’s really good to hear Adam sounding positively ebullient again – this said TGOH and this is on you – in doing so, he’s back to being far too hot! If he’s feeling excitable, get him to turn his gain down, or maybe it’s the input volume, or reinstall the (Yeti?) software, or stick a pop-filter in front of it to maintain distance, or, last resort, get him to come in quiet and boast his channel in post… but my poor eardrums can’t take the clipping!

    • I think we finally figured out the levels. Or everyone really is too distracted by Adam getting a dog to complain about his levels.

      I’m slowly (as slow as a woman showing up for work) figuring out the technical side of recording The Greasy Pole. By episode 200 it might suck less.

  2. 11. They acquire idols instead of putting in the work to land a quality woman. When a man gives up in life he buys a god, this is sad…

    • Harsh and valid.

      I do need to do the podcast where I start explaining reasons Christians are essentially women. Not that you can’t figure a bunch of them out on your own.

      It’s likely that Muslims and Hindus are like women as well. I just don’t know enough about those people to do that commentary. I say “know enough about those people” as opposed to saying “know enough about those religions” because as I’ve said about Christianity – there is no one religion. Every Christian invents their own version of Christianity. I’m sure the Muslims and Hindus are no different.

      Buddhist I do know enough about to have commentary as I’ve studied Buddhism in Muh College, and everything I learned must be true!

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