The Greasy Pole 0018 – The Empowering Patriarchal Christian Episode — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t know what Adam was going on about, if I search “adam piggott milo” on both DDG and google I get: Filotto nukes Milo, So apparently Milo isn’t gay now, On Milo, Milo is your own personal humiliation…etc. I also get his amazon page where he sells his books.

    Hmm… methinks Adam has a bit of a Christian persecution complex. Just a smidgen. A hint. A tad.

    • Interesting. When we were podcasting I got nothing for whatever I typed into Google. I forget exactly what it was. I think it was “adam piggott milo” and some other slag for fag. I got nothing.

      Right now I type “adam piggott milo” into Google and the first 6 links that come up all point to Adam’s site. You have a point.

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