Anarchy Moment 0265 – Sent From Karen’s iPhone Episode I: Karen Is Concerned. — 3 Comments

  1. You’re truly spoiling us today, Great One.

    So anyway, I had another $20 here for you to buy beer with, but you didn’t sort out donations yet so I sent it to Clarey.

    He ought to buy you a beer, but we know he’ll just spend it on Irish Spring soap and Lemons.

    Wanna see a list of all the little bitches in the UK calling for the lockdown to be extended?

    When this is all over, every one of these Karens and Karenettes needs beating with a fucking clawhammer.


    • You gave my money to Clarey? You fucker you. He will indeed just use it to stock up on Irish Spring.

      I’m working on the donation situation. Stop being a woman and hold on to your money. Until I get a donate button. Then you should spend all your money to satisfy my womanly cyber begging.

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